The LLB Gang - About Us

The LLB Gang

Three small dogs living on the Lost Coast of California in the USA. We Live each day to the fullest, Laugh at each other and our pawrents and Bark about our adventures as we travel around this great country of ours!

 Jacob(aka Jakey)
 Birthday: 03/31/06
I am a happy go lucky poodle/lhasa/terrier mix. My pawrents rescued me back in May of 2010.  I am the oldest of the LLB Gang. I love cuddles and napping. Don't think it's all down time though,  I love a nice long walk and have been known to take on  my brother and baby sister in a good game of bitey face every now and then!

Birthday: May 31, 2012
The family snoopervisor, I am a mostly Shih Tzu mix who is Mama and Daddy's first foster failure. They rescued me back in September 2012. I am the serious one of the Gang and always make sure to keep everyone in line. I suffer from severe environmental allergies and you may see me in my cone of silence at times, don't worry tho...I don't mind it, as long as Mama keeps the treats coming!

Birthday: July 20, 2017
The baby of the family, I am a Lhasa Apso girl, making me the cutest of the Gang. Don't confuse me with a girly girl, I love to rough house with Arty and my Daddy and I am NOT fond of dresses! I do love to dress up in a nice bandana along with a bow or hat.  Mama and Daddy call me their Blogville baby because without our furiendsin Blogville, Mama and Daddy may never have found me!