Bunny Funny

 Hey Arty and Rosy...what do you get when you cross the Easter Bunny with Kermit the Frog???

 Ummmmm....we don't know Jakey, what do you get??

Get it??? 

 We are laughing on the inside Jakey, really we are!

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What Day is It?

 What day is it Arty??

 Zzzzzzz....I'm not sure Rosy, all these days are kinda mushing together. 
Do you know what day it is Jakey???

It's Napday Arty, definitely Napday!

Happy Napday everybody!!

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Bee Creeping on Nature Friday

Oh Hi! I was just sitting here on my back deck communing with my fellow bees! Mama calls me the Bee Creeper.  She thinks I am spying on the buzzers, but the truth is, I really just like to watch them buzzing around the backyard.

Another pawsitive thing about all the humans staying home, at least in our neighborhood, is they are sprucing up their yards and planting more flowers and plants for the bees to pollinate!

Here is a short slow motion video Mama made of a bumble bee in our rhodies!! I think Mama may be the bee creeper!

You can watch it HERE on YouTube!
You may want to biggify it to see it better.

 Rosy Bee ready for takeoff!!

Wishing everyone a BEE-autiful Weekend!! 

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Look on the Sunny Side!

Arty here today to tell you about a couple of things we are thankful for in the midst of all the craziness. For instance, Jakey and my groomers are closed. Can I hear a WAHOO?!!! So no groomers for us anytime soon!

I am also thankful the guy on the brown suit is still bringing me packages! Of course now Mama is wiping them all down with funny smelling wipes and letting them dry before I can open them, but check out the package I got from him the other day!
Back off Rosy, this  package is for me!!

Rosy kept trying to tell me something and I kept telling her to leave the box alone, it was MINE!

Funny thing is she said I could have it.
She must have finally learned not to argue with me!

 Stay tuned next week when Daddy helps me put it together. I can't wait to see what it is!!!

(Mama wants to say a big thank you to Kinley, Finley and Brinley's Mama for letting her know these were available at Chewy.com)

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Happy Birthday Jakey!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, Dear Jakey!!
 Happy Birthday to you!!!

Thanks Jakey, for being our forever lover bug,  our coy boy
and for always greeting us with a kiss!

This is 14!

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