It's Nice to Share

 What do you mean, "What am I doing?" Mama?
I am getting ready to take a nap in the fuzzy bed.

 No...I did not ask Jakey.  He is sleeping on the big bed...IN MY PLACE!

So I am going to nap in his fuzzy bed...
and no, I am not going to move!

You always say how we are suppose to share, right Mama?

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Sepia Snuggles

Rainy day brother snuggles...

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Winter is Here on Nature Friday

Rosy here today to let you know Winter has definitely arrived here on the Northy North Coast of California!  You also may have noticed that some brother decided that, as a result of the 49ers winning last weekend, I had to dress up as a San Francisco 49er for the Nature Friday Post today.
Luckily, I look adorable in red!

Anyway, back to Winter. Although our temperatures don't get below 32 degrees very often, we do get our share of rain...LOTS of rain. We are on a roll this Winter and, as of today, it has rained  for 7 days straight!  Mama stopped by Sequoia Park Gardens in between raindrops to capture a few pictures of what Winter is looking like in our corner of Blogville.

Here is a palm tree blowing in the wind. Some of the storms that blow in from the Pacific Ocean bring lots of wind with them.

All the pretty dahlia plants have been cut back...

They cover them with mulch to make sure they don't get too cold! Mama thought the stems sticking up looked like straws.

Oh Mama do you HAVE to show me dressed up again...let's show everyone the color you found at Sequoia Park Gardens instead, ok??

She found this beautimous yellow flower...it sure looks like one of the dahlias snuck out, doesn't it??

Here is a lonely little purple bloom...

...and finally this cute little yellow flower.  A type of gerbera daisy, perhaps??

We sure hope you find a bit of color during your winter day!

Oh yeah...Arty says I have to say

I don't know, I do like cheese, maybe I should route for that cheese-y Packer team from the cheesy state of Wisconsin instead. 
 What do you all think?

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Lucky Sister on Thankful Thursday

 Rosy here today to let you know how thankful I am to be able to have my pick of walking buddies! Jakey and I always have fun walks filled with pee-mail reading and a bit of dilly-dallying....

But when I want a nice, fast paced see who can win
walk, Arty is the perfect brother to walk with!

I am so very thankful to have such fun and unique walking buddies!

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Playoff Season Fun

Here in the USA, it's the time of year for the NFL(American Football) Playoffs! Last weekend got pretty heated here at our house during one of the games.

 As you may remember, Arty is a big San Francisco 49ers fan. This year Jakey was even routing for the Niners(mostly because they were favored to win)!

 Rosy decided, since her NY Giants didn't even come close to being playoff worthy,  she would route for the Minnesota Vikings. That way she could support her friends Madison, Olivia and Bailie over at My GBGV Life (who live in Minnesota and are Viking fans).

 There might have even been a little wager between Arty and Rosy...

 After the first half, Arty was tasting the feeling of victory....

...and, by the end of the game, Rosy was experiencing the agony of defeat! 

Stay tuned this Friday to see what Rosy has to do since she lost her bet with Arty!

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