Final Nature Friday Fiction featuring Arty the Great

 Happy Friday and welcome to the first of my monthly installments of Arty's Adventures where I will do my best to mix together Nature Friday with...

...the page 87 fun of Final Friday Fiction with adventures starring Moi, Arty!
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 This week's page 87 is from The Immortalists, written by Chloe Benjamin. Mama says she recommends this book highly!

-line 8 ~ muscle groups no one else has ever heard of - but
-line 12 ~ it should calm him but it doesn't: he feels like he
-line 16 ~ someone else scrawled at the bottom of the flier in

 Now...on with my tail~
 It was a windy morning when Mama and I started out our morning walkie.  I was enjoying the sun on my face when suddenly I there was a LOUD clap of thunder!!

 It was the loudest sound I ever heard  on one of my walkies! I scanned the horizon and yep...there, heading right for Mama and I was a big rainy thunder storm!

 I was trying to figure out how I would navigate back to the safety of the car,  when I met Seamore the seagull! Seamore assured me he could get me(and Mama) back to the park entrance before the storm reached us!!

I kept an eye on Seamore and made sure Mama kept up with me as we navigated the dangerous trails!

 Feels like the rain is right behind us Mama, hurry up before Seamore flies away!!

What's that Seamore? The parking lot is beyond the next building but,  we need to run? 

RUN MAMA, RUN before the ghosties get us! 
It's a haunted building!!

 Whew...thanks for the warning, Seamore! Someone else, might have walked by the haunted building and gotten attacked by ghosties for sure!!

I can see the car from here Seamore! Thanks again for getting us back to the park entrance with a few minutes of sun to spare!!

The End....until my next adventure!


Thankful for Jakey Walkies

 Today, I am thankful for cloudy day walkies...

...with my Jakey!
(don't worry, Arty is home napping after his morning walkie!)

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Tongue Out Tuesday with Arty and Mini Mabel!

 On Valentine's Day, my Best Gal Mabel sent me the most wonderful pressies!!! Do you see the bestest part of the pressies?? Yep, that's right...it's a MINI-MABEL!!
Even though MM(MiniMabel) isn't half as beautiful as the RL(real-life) Mabel, I know she will be great company...We already have lots in common!!

 Mama made us pose for pictures...

 All we could think about was when the heck was Mama going to be done clicking, so we could taste some of those nommy smelling Smooches!

That's when "IT" happened, and I KNEW we were going to be great furiends!
We BOTH gave Mama raspberries at the same time!!!

 Thanks so much for my pressies, Mabel!
MM is going to be great company, but I can't wait to spend time with the RL you this Spring!!

Now MM, how about we have a couple more of these Smooches!!


Monday 'Minders


Jakey here today, with a couple of reminders about some fun events coming soon here in Blogville(and the Catosphere)!

 First up, get ready for some Seuss-y fun on March 2nd!

Molly and Chimera will be hosting this year's
Dr. Seuss Day!

I, also known as Jakey in the Hat on Dr. Suess Day,  want to make sure both Blogville and the Catosphere get to hop around and visit all the Dr. Seuss 
fun going on across both communities and will be putting together a Seuss-ical  Bloghop!

On February 25th, I'll be opening the Blog Hop(for early posters) and it will be remain open
until the evening of March 2nd. Make sure to save the date!
We can't wait to hop around and see how you celebrate Dr. Seuss!!

Next...it seems the month of February is ZOOOOOMING by!! Make sure to join Blogville this Friday, February 22nd,  for Final Friday Fiction!! 

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 Make sure to join Arty this Friday as he spins a tail and celebrates Nature Friday at the same time!!

I hope to see you all at both these fun events!!


A Peek of Spring on Nature Friday

I thought we should advantage of our sunny morning and head to Arcata Marsh to celebrate
Nature Friday this week!  If we look close we can see peeks of Spring in between all the 
rainy, chilly days!

Here is a shot of blue skies!! We haven't seen too many days like this, so it must mean Spring is coming....right?

Look over there!!!

These yellow flowers are starting to make an appearance!!

The asters are blooming brightly, too!!

The flowers would come out unless Spring wasn't far behind, would they??

Oh my dog, look at this!

An egret, a sure sign of...
Oh wait,  Mama says they are around all year at the marsh. He still looks warm tho! 

Warmer temperatures mean Spring, right??

Oooooooo, a Great Heron looking for breakfast in the warm, ok, maybe chilly water.

Here is another Great Heron, he sure is strutting his stuff! He's probably looking for a girlfriend.
That's a sign of Spring for sure, right Mama?!

Truthfully, it might have been in the 40s when we took our walk, but I bet Spring will be here in no time!

In the meantime, I have my furs to keep me warm!

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walk! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


Thankful for My Valentine Mabel!

Today, I want to make sure to wish my bestest gal Mabel a very 
Happy Valentine's Day!! 

She was always right beside lending moral(and organizational) support as my Vice Mayor!

She makes my Howlidays so much merrier!

When I need a hand decorating, she is always there

She even puts up with me stepping on her paws when we dance!

I adored getting to meet her in the furs a few years ago and hope to see her again this Spring!

She puts together the bestest picnicky baskets!!

She is a pawtastic Hula Dancer!

Best of all, we love each other just the way we are!

I am so very lucky to call this smart and beautimous gal mine!
Happy Valentine's Day, Mabel,
I can't wait to go on more adventures
with you!!

 We are joining Brian for the 
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!