Thankful Thursday

 Happy Thankful Thursday efurrybody! Arty here today with Example Number 87 why we are thankful for our Daddy!

Just about every night Daddy has salad for dinner, and guess what he puts on it??? 


 Every night I sit in this same spot and some nights...if I'm very lucky...he gives me a piece or two!!


 After a few minutes...one of my siblings see what's going on...

 I never worry though, Daddy always gives it to me first!
Can we have cheese too Daddy?!?!?!

Thanks for the cheese Daddy!!

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

I'm getting paid extra treats for this, right Mama???

(It seems our ebchristians email is not working, and has been out since Monday evening. If you need to contact us, please use beth(at)llbpups(dot)com. Thank you for your understanding)

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My First Big Girl Collar! #chewyinfluencer

 Hi Efurrybody, Rosy here at the keyboard today to tell you all about the box I got from Chewy.com last week! That's right, Miss Natalie and her crew asked if I wanted to review something special for Chewy.com this month! As a #Chewyinfluencer, I jumped at the chance!  I am quickly learning Chewy.com has tons of things a gal can use! Everything from our foodies to fun bandanas and let's not forget the treats!
We can order just about anything one day and it will be on our doorsteps a couple of days later.
Easy Peasy!!

 Let's see what we have in this box....OMD, it's my very first 
 Red Dingo Vivid PVC Big Girl Dog Collar!!!

Mama picked the Pink Red Dingo Vivid PVC Dog Collar, Size Small for me, but these cool collars come in many different colors and sizes!

 How does it look Mama?? I think bright pink looks good on me and I bet you could even see me when I am hiding from you exploring in the backyard bushes!

 Not only that but I can dig and roll around in the dirt help you with the gardening. This cool collar will just wipe clean and the chrome plated hardware won't rust on my furs!! 
How cool is that?!?!

Mama says the only downside is that it is a buckle mechanism, so I can't wear it around the house when I play with my brothers(she likes something she can get off quickly) but it will be just the thing to wear on my big Blog Paws 2018 Road Trip Adventure(stay tuned Friday to read more about that)!!

Thanks Chewy.com, Mama and I give this collar 4 puppy paws and one human hand up!

As a #chewyinfluencer, I was given a Red Dingo Vivid PVC Dog Collar in exchange for my(and Mama's) true blue opinions!

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Mischief Monday at the Movies

So there I was in the bedroom the other night, when Mama closed her closet door...and OMD, look who showed up!!  

I asked Mama to document the occasion for future investigation with this short movie:

 You can also watch the movie HERE


 Needless to say I was very confused on why this cute puppy was doing in Mama's closet mirror!!

Has anyone else had a run in with one of these shady characters??


Forget the Pot of Gold! #chewyinfluencer

Lepredaug Arty here today with our March  #ChewyInfluencer
review of Canidae Grain-Free PURE  Trout and Pomegranate Chewy Dog Treats! I have asked my lovely assistant Lepredaug Rosy, along with the handsome Lepredaug Jakey to help out with the review!

Thanks Lepredaug Arty! What do you think Leprechaun Jakey, are these treats full of nommi-ness?? 

Well Leprechaun Rosy,  let's see what some of the Key Benefits are:
  • They are grain free so Leprechaun Arty can have them. Plus,  they are trout flavored and this really lowers the chance of him getting the itchies 
  • They are soft which is a good thing for all of us 
  • They only have 26 calories each which Mama seems to like PLUS that means we should be able to get a WHOLE treat instead of just a piece! 
  • Best of all, they are made in the USA by a family owned business!!

WOW, only 26 calories a treat?? Let's see how big they are!

 OMD..they are as big as one of Mama's K-cups! But Jakey....why did Mama break them up?? I sure hope it's because she wants to give us LOTS of them!!

 Speaking of taste testing....
 Mmmmmm, smell that fishy goodness!!

 OMD Rosy, you are right...plus they are easy to chew with my almost 11 year old chompers!

 Totally delish!

 There you have it..Canidae Grain-Free PURE  Trout and Pomegranate Chewy Dog Treats get 12 paws up!!

We don't know why a human would like a pot of gold when they could have Boxes of  Chewy.com Blue at the end of the Rainbow! 

As a #chewyinfluencer, we were given a bag of Canidae Grain-Free PURE  Trout and Pomegranate Chewy Dog Treats in exchange for our(and sometimes Mama's) true blue opinions!

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Chewin' and Sharin' on Thankful Thursday

 Rosy here on Thankful Thursday today to tell you how thankful I am for chewies!

 Nom..Nom..Nom...Sorry, today I am working on a delicious himalayan chew!
OMD, these things are good!

 I took a little break from my chew to go outside and bark at the neighbors for just 87 seconds and imagine my surprise when...
 Ummmm...Hey Arty, isn't that my chewy???
Well Rosy...you left it all alone on the couch and it called my name!!

 MAMAMA....Arty stole my chewy!!
But Rosy, it's nice to share! 
You can have it back when Arty is done with it.

Arty, Are you done with MY chewy yet??
Nom, Nom...Not yet Rosy!
Have I mentioned how thankful I am this week for sharing??

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