Skies on Nature Friday

Rosy here today for Nature Friday to show you all some of the pretty skies I got to see while I was on my Texas Road Trip!

 Mama and I love watching the skies along our walkies. Here are some rain clouds blowing through in Arizona.

 A morning sky in New Mexico...

 Here are some happy skies Mama took pictures of from the car(when Daddy was driving)

Look at the white fluffy clouds

 Looks like these clouds might have had some rain in them!

 A few wind turbines line the bottom of this sky!

 There were a few dramattic sky pictures too!

 A distant storm cloud

Layered clouds...

 An evening Texas sky after a rainy day...

...and to close things out, a wispy evening sky!

I hope you enjoyed our sky collection today, Mother Nature sure does know how to decorate, doesn't she?!

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walkie! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


Thankful for New Fur-iends!

Rosy here to say how thankful I am to have made my very first(in the furs) kitty friend when I went to Texas! Sorrell is my Uncle Kitty!

I didn't even know I had an Uncle Kitty for the first whole day we were at Gramma's. Then I noticed him in the window!

Isn't he a handsome fella?? Well, handsome for a kitty anyway.

I really wanted to be furiends, but Sorell was a little skittish at first.

I caught him watching me a few times

We held a few staring contests too...

....I never knew how good kitties were at staring contests,
Sorrell won every single time!

Just when I thought he didn't like me, Sorrell said we could be furiends!

He even gave me a kiss on my nose!!

Of course, Mama made a video of us getting to know each other!


You can also watch it HERE on YouTube!

 I'm so thankful I got to spend time with my Uncle Kitty Sorrell!

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Big Dog Fun in Rainy Texas

When we got to Texas, I was a little worried about meeting my Uncles Cowboy and Rocky. Arty told me all about them...and said they were pretty big! 

  Mama said she was sure my Uncles were going to love me and I would love them! 
(Mama apologizes for the dark fuzzy pictures.  It rained or was cloudy every day we were in Texas)

Here are my Uncles waiting to meet me!! Some of you may remember Uncle Puppy Cowboy, he stayed with Dory and the Boyz when he was a wee lad!  The big guy in the back is my Uncle Rocky, he's a three year old Labradoodle!

Mama brought me out into the living room and let me say hello to Uncle Cowboy. 

He was very gentle around me!

 I guess my head smelled good, cause he kept sniffing it!

Mama couldn't get many pictures of me and Uncle Rocky...cause we were always moving! Mama made a little video of us playing....

You can also watch it HERE on YouTube

Needless to say, we all had a blast hanging out together!!

 I even wore out Uncle Rocky!!

Uncle Cowboy Puppy doesn't play much anymore, but he has the bestest Smiley!!

Tune in later this week when I tell you about the other Uncle I made furiends with...he was more my size!


Monday Moments with Jakey

 Mama thought it would be nice to do do a howliday photo shoot on the front porch...

I don't understand why I have to wear this hat and scarf...it's 60 degrees out here!

I do look pretty handsome tho, don't ya think?


Nature Friday Flashback - Rosy in da Rosies

Rosy here today with some pictures of some flowers I saw during my October trip to Texas. 

These were some miniature rose bushes we found at a rest area in west Texas.  Mama got all kinds of excited about taking pictures of "Rosy in the Rosies"
But guess what??

Angel Dory ALWAYS whispers in my ear when Mama forgets the treats..
Well, Angel Dory does know best soooooooo

While Mama did get some nice pictures....

...of some pretty roses...

This is the best picture she got of Rosy with da Rosies...

You have to be strict when training the Mamas...Right???

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Thankful for Family Time Thursday

 Jakey here today to tell you about our Family Christmas Card Photo Shoot...it all started with snuggles on the back porch!

 As you can see...it is difficult for me to get everyone to focus on the camera

 In fact, it is nearly impossible!

 ...and some days I kinda wish I was an only dog...

I tried to keep everyone on task...but it was impossible!

Finally, I just relaxed, enjoyed the sights and was thankful we had all the family together!

 Sometimes, it's just better to keep the pawrents out of your pictures!

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