Thankful Thursday!

Rosy here today to let you know how much we are thankful for our freshly mowed green, green grass!

 It almost smells like Summer! It's nice to be outside with my brothers, Mama even comes to hang out with us...

She brought the treats out didn't she?  We don't work for free!

Did Mama just say we are going to eat dinner sooner, Rosy??
Ummmm...boyz....Quick,  go hide!!!

I'm pretty sure she says she's thankful she's taking us to the groomer!

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Tongue Out Tuesday - Pack Style

 Rosy: Arty, you know my tongue is the longest!
 Jakey: Oh man...I don't even have a chance!
Arty: I don't know...My tongue is pretty long!

Who do you think wins the longest tongue award??

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A Whirlwind Tour of Napa Valley

Arty here today to tell you about my whirlwind visit to Napa Valley last weekend! It all started when I told Daddy he had been working too hard and needed to get away for a relaxing day away from the house! 

This is the surprised look on my face when Mama said, since it was my idea, I could come along while Jakey and Rosy went to camp for the day!  

(...or maybe it was because I do better with the pawrents, than I do at camp...whichever)

I must say, I picked the pawfect weekend! The sun was out in full force when we made the 5 hour trip from our place to Wine Country! We even stopped at a nice rest area to stretch our paws. These itsy bitsy daisies were everywhere! 

We arrived at the winery just in time for our wine tasting reservation.

I changed into my fancy winery cap and tie, then found us a table on the tasting room porch. I brought my own bottle of Rose wine to squeak drink and before I knew it, I found a new friend!

This is Fitzy, she was also there helping her pawrents pick up their wine. She was a very friendly girl and kept flirting with me!  I told her about  my best gal Mabel, and how I was going to be seeing her soon. I think she finally got the message, and went back to wine tasting with her pawrents :-)

As we all know Shih Tzus are master sommeliers!  I snoofered lots of delicious notey smells coming from this full bodied red wine....

Just kidding!!!
I don't anything about wine but, I sure had my pawrents fooled! 

We headed for the hotel after our afternoon of wine tasting, and relaxed, watched TV and I had a nice little walk before bedtime.

...and left early Sunday morning for a nice uneventful and sleepy ride home!

I had such a fun afternoon at the winery, and hope Mama and Daddy take me back there again soon!

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Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter, Happy Passover.....


 A very happy

 end to the dreaded...



A Visit to Napa for Nature Friday

Arty here today to share some of the nature I saw on my trip to Napa Valley last weekend!

We went to the St. Supery Winery, where Mama and Daddy have their wine club. We picked up their wine order, did a bit of wine tasting, and then took a walkie around the winery!

St. Supery is a medium size winery and has two vineyards. 

We visited the Rutherford Estate, where the winery is located. 

The leaves are just starting to pop out on some of the grapevines.

One good thing about all the rain California had this winter is everything is blooming and the hills are so very green! I found this Wisteria just starting to bloom!
The skies were so very blue!!

Here I am sitting in the front garden of the winery.

The flowers look a bit like wine and sunsets, don't you think?

Some of you asked what the statue I was posing in front of on Monday was. I know Aunty Sandra and a few others guessed correctly when they said it was a cork screw! Those round things to the left are wine corks! 
Pretty cool, huh??

Thanks for joining me for my winery nature stroll! Join me Monday when I tell you more about my fun day with Mama and Daddy!

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Thankful Thursday

Today we are thankful it is almost time to put away our bunny ears....

 Although Mama says we are very patient and understanding as she goes in search of the "perfect shot"

 ...and we doooooo get paid well...

 These ears are pretty silly looking!

Only a few more photo shoots left...and the ears go back in the closet!

We are also very thankful for
Sand Dollar Dog Company for the great job they did
on our Easter Bandanas and all the bandanas we get from them!
(We weren't compensated for this mention, we just love their products) 


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