Tasty Tuesday with #AlpoDogBiscuits

I was given the opportunity to review this product because I am part of the BlogPaws Professional Network. The Alpo Dog Biscuits were provided by Nestle Purina. Dory's Backyard only shares information we feel is relevant to our reader. The opinions in this post are my own.

Dory here! Have you heard that #PurinaAlpo has developed a nommy chicken flavored treat? Their new #Alpo Wholesome Biscuits are now available in local grocery stores! Wait a minute.....

.....Mama can pick up these delicious biscuits whenever she goes to the grocery store?? That is so pawesome!!  Now, I just need let Mama know that, not only do they taste like nommy chicken,  #AlpoWholesome Biscuits are good for us too!

Look Mama, they have 23 vitamins and minerals!! Plus, they come in three different sizes for different size doggies!

This is the small size since we are small doggies,  but they have medium and large dog biscuits too!!

OMD....they also help make our teeth and bones strong!!! 
How cool is that!!
If you want to find out more about #AlpoWholesomeBiscuits click

Plus...they will be great for our holiday celebrating right???
So Mama....can I try them??? 

Here is a video of Mama MAKING me work for my treat!!!

It was difficult,  but I was able to "Leave It" for a few seconds!
You can watch the video by clicking HERE if it is easier!

I think #AlpoWholesomeDogBiscuits are tablecloth lickin' good!!! 

We are joining The Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop Today!!
Thanks Sugar and Kolchak at Kol's Notes for Hosting!


My Birthday "Day"

Before I tell you about my Birthday-day, here is a reminder from Arty:

Why: to celebrate the inauguration of Murphy and Stanley as 
The 2015 Blogville Mayorz!
When: January 9th!
Where: Right here at Dory's Backyard!
What should I wear: Some furries are wearing jammies, some  are wearing bandaners and some are going to sleep in their furs...also, Mama wants to know if maybe you can have your human ALSO email a picture of you sleeping...that would be pawesome (not a problem if you can't)!

JANUARY 6TH at the latest!
(beth (at) ebchristians (dot) com)

Now...back to Dory!
As most of you know Friday was my Eleventh birthday!! 
You may wonder what I did while my brothers were getting the house ready
for the big party.

When I woke up from my post night time nap Mama showed me the cool card Miss Madi and her Mama sent 
just for ME!

Miss Madi and I has bee my BFFF since 2009 and I love her sooooo much!!
Thanks so VERY much for the card Madi!!!

Marty the Manx also sent me this very cool card....
He is such a cute kitty handsome mancat isn't he??

Then Mama and I had a girls' morning and went BYE BYE!!! Bye bye is my most favorite thing to do, especially when we go shopping!!! We stopped by the pet store and got me a couple of things (including a new sweater that I will model later this week!)...

Mama, we better get home and make sure the boyz have everything ready for the pawty!!

Before you know it the pawty had come and gone.....Mama said I may have had one too many of Ruby's signature martini's...this is how she found me once everyone had gone!!!

Thanks to effuryone for making my Eleventh Birthday SO MUCH FUN!!!!


Let Christmas Continue!!

Today I, Dory, WAS going to tell you about the pressies Jakey and Arty got for Christmas from their 
Gift Exchange buddies Mona and Prissy..BUT it seems that Bilbo might have tried to go see a certain fluffy Shih Tzu and Mama is sending ME to go get him.....

Before I leave,  click HERE (or on their name anywhere in this post) go visit Mona and Prissy...they have posted a Smileybox of the pawty!!!!
Thanks so much to them and their Mama for their time and effort putting this together!!!

Here is Jakey to fill you in the cool pressies he got...wish me luck finding Bilbo!!

Hi efurrybody it is me, Jakey!!!  You are not going to believe the cool stuff that Arty and I got from Mona and Prissy!!!

Is that a squeaky toy I see in there Mama???

Mona and Prissy got us not one, but TWO squeaky toys!! One for Arty until he gets tired of it and then both one for me!!

OMD...and look treats AND a treat jar!!! Just for ME...ok Mama, maybe for Arty too!

Mama says you have to share little dude!!

Here is a little video showing us playing with our toys!!
(You can click HERE to go see the video at YouTube)


#Merrick's Holiday Dinner and #Chewy

We interrupt our Christmas Reporting with....

Just in time for Christmas Dinner,  #Chewy came to visit!

For December we decided that #Merrick's Forever Home Holiday Recipe would be just the thing to try!!

Mama and us both love the fact deboned beef is the very first ingredient!! The Forever Home Holiday Recipe has taters and carrots and apple and more!!!

Mama mixed it with our kibble....Doesn't it look delish??!!

These are the new bowls that Santa brought us. Did you know that Santa got things from #Chewy too?? 

Santa left us a note saying even though some Mama waited until the LAST minute to send in our list,  we were ever so lucky  #Chewy has a new distribution center in Reno (which is not only closer to us in NorCal, but closer to the North Pole too!)!!
 He received the bowls in plenty of time to deliver them to us!!!

 Believe it or not Jakey does not eat if he isn't hungry.
What's up with that???


Clean Bowl Club #1....

Chew, snort, nom, nom.....gobble

 Clean Bowl #2

 Mama....you know I do not do anything on command!!

We used a hidden camera to get a few seconds of Bilbo actually munching
on it...this is a rave Bilbo review!!!
Click HERE to go to YouTube and watch) 

We gave it 12 out of 16 paws....we will let you 
know what Jakey thinks next time we try it!!

Tomorrow morning we will return to our regularly scheduled
Christmas Pressies from Mona and Prissy post!!

Christmas Morning!

Arty here to tell you about our Christmas morning!!
We got up nice and early and saw that Santa brought us things 
we needed like new bowls for our foodies, new leashes and Dory even got a new vest for walkies and car rides! 

Thank goodness we were lucky enough to be part of Angel Jazzi's gift exchange(with Zaphod and Hayley AND
Mona and Prissy), so we still gots some fun stuff too! 

Today I am going to tell you about 
the pressies from Hayley and Zaphod that came all the way
from Canada!!!

Dory isn't much of a morning girl, but wanted to say thank you
for this very special sweater that is HAND MADE...we wanted to let Lee and Phod know although it doesn't get freezy cold here, the temperatures stay between 50 and 65 most of the year so these will come in handy!!

Here is Jakey modeling his new sweater!!

See that blue ball-y?? It is full of TREATS!!! Mama says it is called a treat ball.....and to be honest, I don't remember much more of the morning because I was busy getting the treats out of it..boy was it FUN!!!

Thank goodness there were two of them because Dory also spent most of the morning trying to get the treats out!!

Needless to say Mama loves them because they keep us quiet and busy and out from under her feet because we love them!

Ummmmm, Jakey just LOVED the squeaky duck in the package....He loved on it A LOT

What??? I am performing a squeak-ektamy Mama!!

We just loved the video they made for us of Phod and Lee playing with their toys that we made one for them!! I am a bit camera shy, so I let Dory star in it with Jakey!

 (You can click HERE to view the video at the You Tube site :-) 

 Here is all the loot that 
Zaphod and Hayley sent us.... 
We told Mama she could hang the pretty plaque in her our office so we can see it every day!

 After all those calories that excitement, Mama and Daddy thought Dory and I should get out for a walkie before opening any other pressies!

Stay tuned tomorrow as I, Dory, will tell you about the stuff Arty and Jakey got from Mona and Prissy!!!