If I were King

King Arty

The top 10 things I would do if I was King Arty for the Day

10.  I would put the the walking string on Mama and take her for 3 walks a day!
(with Jakey and Dory if they are being good doggies)

9. Cookies would be given out upon demand!
(and be kept within my reach just
 in case I needed more!)

8. Bilbo would be happy and not get mad when I wanted to play with him.

7. Squirrels would move to our part of Northern California so Dory and I could chase them!

6. I would make Daddy buy me my own house on the ocean so I could go play in the sand efurryday.

5. Afternoon naps with snuggle time in the big bed with Mama and Daddy would be mandatory.

4. Opposable thumbs for ALL doggies!! 
No more waiting for our assistants for visiting bloggie friends

3.  Three Meals a Day for all doggies!!

2.  Three words...NO MORE BATHS!!

and the number one thing I would do is

1. Make sure all doggies in all shelters would find their furrever pawrents right away!


Black and White Sunday - Rain, Rain Go Away

....come back another day
Little Dory wants to play

Thanks to Sugar and Nola for hosting
the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop!


Thoughtless Thursday - Treats!

The UPS man brought our Chewy.com box awhile ago...but while INDY was visiting we didn't have time to do a proper review. Mama took pictures here and there and we finally got her to sit down and put the pictures together. 

Sheesh, it is true what they say about finding good help!

This month we reviewed
Newman's Own Chicken and Rice 
Snack Sticks!

Mama likes them 'cause they are made from natural ingredients!

I, Dory, got to review them first....I think they are delicious!!

Plus...just look how big they are!!

Arty got to review them next

Arty likes them lots too, plus he liked that you could break them into
little pieces so he could eat lots of them!
(Mama says that is pawesome for training too!)

Indy was here when we were doing the reivew....

He REALLY liked the way the box tasted!!

Thanks to the wonderful Chewy.com for letting us give our honest review of this product in return for these nommy treats!

Thanks also to Ruckus and Love is being owned by a Husky for hosting Thoughtless Thursday


Playing Hide and Seek

AAAAHHH A Puppy Faced Bush
I think they forgot about me.....

Denied Access

MAMAMAMA, we were just PLAYING....we didn't think he would REALLY count to a billion!!

(but it did keep him busy for awhile, teeheeheehee)



Sepia Saturday

Here's to Pretty Days

and Smooth Sailing
all weekend!

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Sepia Saturday blog hop!


Friday Frenemies

Usually I am a very friendly young pup...

I love to romp and play with my brother Jakey, and Dory is training me to take over the alpha role when she retires.

But I am not quite sure what to make of this guy.

He is pretty big....but he trips over his feeties when we play zoomies, and sometimes he swats me like a buggie. 

I am NOT a buggie, big guy...I am an ALPHA in training.....

We are taking it day by day and right now we are buddies.....but that could change at any moment!

We are sorry we haven't been visiting as much this week, but Mr. Indy puppy is taking up most of all of our energy. Only four more sleeps until his Mama and Daddy get home, and things should get back so what passes as normal around here :-)


Happy St. Patrick and Jakey Day!!

Jakey here to wish efurry a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope you are all wearing your green so you don't get pinched!!

Jakey's Mama here to let efurryone know that Saturday was also Jakey's 7th Barkday!!
He got lots of loving and his most favorite dessert, GREENIES!!!

....and I didn't even have to share them!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day 
Happy Barkday Jakey!!!!


Black and White Smiley Sunday

Dory here wishing you all a Sunny, Smiley Sunday!!

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Thoughtless Thursday - Sun Lake

You can't see me...

I found the perfect sun lake and I don't wanna share

It is so very warm and toasty....and it's ALL mine!!!

Right Mama???


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Thoughtless Thursday
Blog Hop