Thankful for Biggest Brothers

 Rosy here today to tell you how very thankful I am to have such a pawsome Biggest Brother!

 Not only is Jakey my biggest and eldest brother BUT, he is also my mentor!

 Under Jakey's tutoring, I am learning the delicate art of de-squeaking and destuffing surgery

He says I need lots of practice, but he thinks I am up for the challenge!

Here is a video of me observing, and assisting in a couple of his recent operations!

You can also view it HERE on YouTube

 He is always so very precise with his patients!

I hope one day I can be as pawfessional at my de-stuffing as Jakey is with his!
What a lucky girl I am to have such a pawsome teacher!

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A #ChewyInfluencer Workout on Tasty Tuesday

 The LLB Gang here for a nommy #ChewyInfluencer review!! 

One of our goals in 2019 is to stay in good shape so we can keep up with the Murphy and Stanley when we go hiking with them in Bryce Canyon! This month, while looking over our Chewy Influencer Newsletter, we saw the Wellness  Petite Treats Soft Mini-Bites we knew they would be the pawfect training treat!

We were given a bag of Wellness Petite Treats Soft Mini Bites with Lamb, Apples and Cinnamon from Chewy.com in exchange for our(and maybe Mama's) honest to goodness, true blue opinion.

 Petite Treats Soft Mini-Bites are made especially for us smaller dogs! They are grain free, and have whole-food ingredients, they even have flaxseed to help our coats stay healthy and shiny!  We chose the Lamb, Apples and Cinnamon Flavor. I love me some lambies and cinnamon, when you add in the apples you have a whole bunch of goodness in a treat that's bite size and easy to chew! 

This makes Wellness Petite Treats Soft Mini-Bites the pawfect treat for everypawdy here in the LLB Gang!


But Rosy,
at only 4kcal per treat, we don't have to feel guilty about having a treat or two during a work out!!

In fact, I think we should do a little taste test now!




Needless to say, they were a BIG hit!! 12 paws up and we're ready to storm that bag for more treats!!

We can never say enough good things about all the peeps at Chewy.com. Not only to they have award winning customer service, pawesome and reasonably priced products BUT they go above and beyond for both their #ChewyInfluencers and Customers!

Mama ran out of room to write in her very favorite Chewy.com notebook she received at Blogpaws last year, and Natalie tracked one down and sent it to her along with MY(Rosy) very own bandana!!

Then,  last week, she got a wonderful thank you goodie box from Chewy.com to celebrate 2019!

Thanks  Chewy.com for all you do!!


National Dress Up Your Dog Day

Today is National Dress Your Dog Up Day, bet you know what happened when Mama found out.

*les sigh*

 I would REALLY like to find out who started this silly day!

 Me too Jakey!! 
We did tell Mama that, if she WAS going to dress us up, we would get to use our 'maginations to go somewhere really cool!!

 I, Arty, get to be a Viking King!!
I am sailing out in search of dragons to slay!!

 I am Jurassic Jakey, leader of allll dinosaurs!!

I'm going to be Rosy, Queen of the Jungle Monkeys!!

I guess it could have been worse...but
we sure hope your Peeps didn't find out it was 
National Dress Up Your Dog Day!!



Jakey Walks in the Forest on Nature Friday

 Hi there, it's me Jakey!! This week I thought I would take you along on a little walk through Eureka's Sequoia Park
where Mama, Daddy and I went for a nice hike!

 Are you ready?? Let's go!

 It's so quiet and peaceful here and just look at all the trees!

 This old tree trunk looks like a crown, don't you think??

 Wait a minute Daddy, what's that??

 Over there...on the pond....
Could it be??? 
IT IS!!!

DUCKS! Look at them all...they must be hanging out here for the winter!

 I just love letting my tail blow in the breeze as we walk along the trails, don't you?

Make sure to look up every now and then. Walking through these big tall trees makes 
you realize how small we really are(and not just because I am a small dog, BOL)! 

 Also take time to breathe in the fresh air! There are such amazing scents(and peemails) from so many different kinds of animals!

Thanks so much for joining me today for a walk through the trees,
now let's head back to the car where hopefully Mama and Daddy have some treats waiting!

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walkie! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


Thankful for Grooming Thursday?

Rosy here today to tell you how thankful I am a good spa day! Nothing is as fun as going to play with all my friends while Lynne pampers me and cuts my furs so very pawfectly! She sure does make grooming fun and, if I can't go to Xena's Mama, she is the next best thing!

I do believe it may be time for my brothers to go see their groomer too!
Speak for yourself Rosy....we like our furs JUST THE WAY THEY ARE!!

WAIT, who is this Lynne pawson...James is our Groomer?!

Everyone knows girls goes to a stylist, Arty. You boyz go to barbers! In fact, I heard Mama say you were going to the barber this morning!

No way! Mama said we were going on a road trip today.....

 ...Later that day
Ummmmm, Arty, Mama has a strange definition of Road Trip
...AND I think that barber stole ALL our furs!!!

...How was that "Road Trip" Boyz???

Very funny Rosy!!

We do look pretty handsome tho, don't you think Jakey???
Not only that, but Mama pawmised us a REAL old fashion family Road Trip at the end of the month!!

What do you wanna bet there will be lighthouses involved.....

Are you thankful for Spa Days?

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