Thankful for Sunny Walkies Thursday!

Aaahhhhh...I love to feel the sun against my furs!! 
 I am so very thankful the sun came out for my walkie today!

Mama was thankful we could go for walkies without getting muddy paws!

The sun felt sooooo good on my face!

I can almost smell the sunbeams!

Oh wait...those are the cookies Mama has in her pockets!

Keep those cookies coming Mama!!

We hope the sun is out warming everything up where you live!

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Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


Stay Warm Furiends

It seems somebody let a Polar Bear out of the Artic and it is heading toward....
What's that Mama???

A Polar Vortex?? NOT a Polar Bear??
Whats a Polar Vortex??

 The temperature is MINUS WHAT???
Sending warm thoughts to our furiends in the North, Midwest and Northeast!!
(except for a few of our GBGV and Husky furiends that we know like it cold)
Stay safe effurybody, we hope it warms up for you soon!


Tongue Out Tuesday with Una

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday! 
Today, I am channeling my inner Madonna.
Mama says this big bow reminds her of Madonna some movie called,
Who's That Girl.  
Whatever, I like the fact it's pink and matches my new unicorn bandana

Speaking of unicorns, this is Una. Mama has a "thing" for unicorns, and thought Una would look good in the photoshoot.

 What's that Una?
No, No....I don't think so

 Una thinks my Unicorn ears would be the pawfect addition to this ensemble. I think Mama needs to interview stuffies before adopting them....

 I don't think so Una, my pink bow is just fine.
I kinda like looking like a rock star

 I gave Una a big raspberry after Una told me she had already sent Mama to get my Unicorn.
Not cool, Una!

Sometimes Being the Unicorn isn't all rainbows...

Weekend Bloopers

 Hi everypawdy, can you believe the weekend is over already?? We had a such a pawesome time!! Mama and Daddy took us all for a nice walkie along the bay yesterday, and wouldn't you know it, Mama made us STOP in the middle our walkie for a photo shoot!!!

 At first, I refused..and, I'm ashamed to admit, I through a little tantrum...

 Then Jakey said he smelled something nommy....

 I thought maybe it was the nommy smell of the dead fishy we had passed on our walkie...


 So, I did what any pup would do...
I looked at Mama and smiled!!

We hope you had a fun weekend filled with cookies too!


Nature Friday Tails on FFF

Howdy effurypawdy and welcome to that magical Friday where nature and tails come together!! That's right, YAM-Aunty is gracious hostessing another wonderful
year of Final Friday Fiction! Please click HERE to read how you can take part in this fun adventure of tail-telling!

 This week I took the phrases from a book Mama is re-re-re reading:

Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz
Page 87
   Line 8 - those sounds
   Line12 - transported from
   Line 16 -  in the laws

Now...on to our tail!
Once upon a time, there was a beautimous Princess named Rosy and her handsome Prince Daddy.  Princess Rosy loved visiting new places and when Prince Daddy volunteered to accompany her on a walkie in the land of Texas, she graciously accepted!  The first thing they admired was a cowboy who seemed to be transported from a time long ago. At first Princess Rosy was frightened, but then Daddy explained that this was a "country singer" and although sometimes depressing, most country music is not scary.

 Princess Rosy and Prince Daddy strolled along the park trail for a bit and then something caught the princess's attention.

"Look Prince Daddy, what a secluded little creek!"
Prince Daddy agreed, and then asked the Princess,
"Do you hear that?"

Then she heard it....she had never heard anything
quite like those sounds before in her castle!

Prince Daddy explained how these were goosies...and they don't quack like ducks...but they have more of a honk, when they speak!

The Prince and Princess were heading back towards her carriage when Princess Rosy saw something that defied everything in the laws of nature.

"OMD Prince Daddy, what kind of birdy is this??"
and Prince Daddy answered,
"I don't know Princess, but just because it's different, doesn't mean its not beautiful."

Princess Rosy agreed and gave her Prince Daddy
a big hug before climbing into her carriage and riding into the sunset and living happily ever after!

The End

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walk! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


Thankful for Flying Treats!

Remember the Petcube Bites thingy I got for my brothers for Christmas??
 You are not going to believe the fun I've been having with it!

I found out if we are all good puppies while Mama and Daddy aren't around, it comes alive!!

I've been trying to get my brothers to join in the fun...Jakey wants nothing to do with it. He thinks Mama and Daddy are home when he hears it!

But I know better....
When I hear the magical shakey shake, I start looking for those flying treats!

Arty still isn't sure they are safe to eat, but is nice enough to tell me when I've missed one. What a good brother!

I still make sure to gobble them up as soon as possible. You never know when the boyz will change their minds and take my share of the treats!!

I've pretty much have those flying treats under my control.

Even my brothers are amazed I know exactly when it's flying treat time!!

I've asked it three times Arty....where are da treats??

I don't know why it never gives treats when Mama is home!

Mama's Note: My husband and I are having a ball with our Petcube Bites Camera/Treat Dispenser, and it's true, Rosy will come running from the other side of the house when she hears the machine "come alive". We have tried talking through it, which works, but makes Jakey nervous. I really do recommend this device for those who may work during the day and want to keep an eye on their pet or even folks like us who like to fling them treats while we are out and about!
 This is not a review, just a follow up kudos for such a wonderful and fun product! You can find Petcube Bites at Chewy.com


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Winter Wordless Wednesday

Sending warm thoughts to all our furiends experiencing freezy temps this week!