Let's Go to the Maze!!! (Pawty Three)

 All aboard for the Hayride over to the
Blogville Maze!!

We may have to make a few trips, but no worries, we will get you there right as the sun goes down!!

I might be a little spooky, but we guarantee it will be fun...

..and maybe a bit romantic!!

 We brought the leftover food, so just follow your nose to the exit!

 Uh oh...Looks like Noodles and Christmas got separated!

 ...and Oreo too??? Where have those two wandered off to?

Arty and Mabel seemed to have wandered off too!!

Uh Oh....Looks like we may have a situation here....

Will the Candy Dates ever find there way out???
 Tune in this week to follow their adventures on:

Thank you Blogville  for joining us for this pawsome Halloween Pawty and we hope you have a safe and fun Halloween Night!!!

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Pawty Like It's Halloween! (Pawty Two)

Is everyone having a good time???  Lily sure can sing, can't she?!

Don't forget to try Bobbing for Dog Bones!! They are freshly picked Milk Bones that Frankie canned!!

YAYAY!!! More guests!!
Super Princess Leah and Moon Man Chester are ready to pawty!

Christmas can't keep his eyes off of Noodles!

Dory and Mr. Baily are enjoying a bit of fun Under the Sea as Princess Ariel and Prince Eric!

Astro and his friends are looking for the pawfect gal this evening!

Jakey and Bilbo are wearing their best hats tonight!

Kori and Ryder are looking sharp!

Elliot...I would watch out for Cricket...he is looking a bit "demonish" this evening!!

Lily Monroe/Gaga and her Lil' Punkin' Edward have arrived

Amber and Brudder Max stoppping by to wish everyone a 
Happy Halloweenie!

 Make sure you visit the dessert buffet!!

YAY, more guests!!

Sweet William and Bella brought their Magical Jack-O-Lantern!!

OMD...Is that Jessie and Buzz from Toy Story Two?? Wait...it's Jessie and Stanley, they sure had me fooled!!

Looks like Tuiren, the rock star, hired Fenris to be her Manager!

Lady Shasta and Dougie are looking so very glamorous  
this evening!

Uh Oh Millie, looks like you've been busted by Walter!!

Witch in Training, Misty, isn't quite sure what to make of King Lightning!

What do you smell Moth???

Could it be Raz and Madi?? They look good enough to eat!!

...and rounding out the group it's Yin and Yang along with their packmates Chimera, Scylla and Socks!!

Everyone is having a blast on the dance floor!

Watch Out, Madi has put on her dancing shoes and anything is possible!! 

Grab some warm, homemade pumpkin cookies

and some ghostly hot chocolate and let's head outside to wait for the hayride to take us to the 
Blogville Halloween Maze!!

We'll see you in a little bit!!

Let's Pawty!! Halloween Pawty (Pawty One)

Welcome to the Blogville Halloween Pawty!The pawty will last throughout the day, this post will be followed by two more posts!!


YAYAY here come the Trick or Treaters and Pawty Guests !!

Here is Louis Armstrong looking pretty spiffy! With those ears,  make sure not to whisper anything you don't want him to hear!!

It's the Dynamic Duo, Murphy and Ruby!!!

and look, the "Great Casey-ini" is here to entertain us!!

Whoah...Bertie and Addi must have taken a trip in the 1970's, "Way Back Machine"!

Looks like Arty and Mabel's Monkey Circus is coming to town!

Finley brought her sisters to enjoy their first Blogville Pawty

Gracie is looking sweet in her candy corn neckwear!

The pawty can really start now, here is King Budvig, Eathos and their Merry Band of Pawtyers!!

Sugar, the Wonder Girl is here to keep the Pawty Safe!

Sam is ready to Rock!!

Angel Lexi didn't want to miss out on the extra treats tonight,  and is stopping by from the Rainbow Bridge!

Here come the Lone Star Cats, I sure hope the bacon is finished cooking!!

Jake, the strong and powerful, is looking very regal this evening!

Shelby and Piper seem to be enjoying their first date!

It's "Sarge, Sarge Bond", with his posse!!!

Hazel is the cutest spider we've ever seen. Better watch out Oreo,
she may sting you with her beauty!

Looks like Maggie Mae is looking to have some mischief tonight! Thank goodness Stella the Good and Super Gussie are here to try and keep her in line!!

  Come on in everybody and make yourself at home!!
Help yourself to a Mummy Dog! 

and pick up one of Ruby's special Vampire-tini!

We'll be checking your ID's little ones, 
so we have some punch for you all!

The Great Casey-ini has taken the floor and is about to
start his magic show!! Enjoy the show and we'll be back with more Pawty-ing AND dessert in our next post!!