Where's the Kitty???

Mama says there is a kitty out here Dory, where could it be???

Maybe over here in the flowerpot Jacob???

Doesn't look like it...He isn't on top of the hose either...hmmmmm

Maybe he is over here in the tree...what do you think Dory??

I don't smell anything....

Or SEE anything either!!

You know what I think Jacob...I think Mama is pulling our paw...Let's GET HER!!!

Just because we saw a kitty out here last night she thinks that we will fall for the old fake kitty alert...
Mamas sure can be silly!!


The Floors are CLEAN!!

It took Mama a few sessions....but it looks like she finally cleaned up her mess!!

Good Job Mama!!

From the Mama: I am trying and trying to help Dory,Jacob and Bilbo get to your blogs but with school and work the time just gets away from me. I am going to keep trying!!


Forget Saturday Football...

How about a game of Saturday TUG???


 /hey Bilbo...get your butt out of the way!!

Fiona taught me that ear flappage is very important!

I think it is a tie Mama!!

Hope you all are having a tuggy weekend!!


Vampire Puppy (and Kitty) Club Friday!!


This week we are honoring the Houston Pittie Pack over at Kissa-Bull for all the kindness they have shown for Shelby and Shelby's puppies!!

Since we were gone most of the summer, we didn't learn about Shelby, and how she came to live with the Pittie Pack until recently, you can read all about Shelby's puppies here
there is even a link where you can donate green papers!!
Since Mama didn't give out any green papers last Friday, she will be donating $20 to Shelby this week.
Thanks to the Pittie Pack for being such an inspiration!!


Thinking, Thankful, Thursday

Yeah it is Thursday...a time to celebrate our furends!!! Plus...there is only a couple of days left before the weekend!

Today we want to thank Miley and Roscoe for this great award. We got it awhile ago..but Mama has gotten way behind on awards and stuff. Thank you so much Miley!! and Roscoe

Of course there are rules to this game...first you have to thank the doggies that gave it to us...Thanks Roscoe and Miley!!!

Then you need to tell things about yourself...It says 7, so we will do 9..that's 3 things each!

Dory -
1. I am still the alpha puppy and yes...I am the winner of all bitey face matches.
2. I really like sitting on Mamas lap while she looks at your bloggies...ESPECIALLY when we can watch one of you in a video
3. I love playing tug with Jacob..but not as much as I love playing with Daddy

1. I am still the alpha puppy (but I let Dory think she is in charge).
2. I (still) get to eat upstairs...I SO have my humans trained!
3. I do not like to sleep on the big bed with the rest of the family. I like my own comfy bed. BUT I will take naps with Mama on the big bed if I can be the only dog on the bed!

1. I am the Alpha puppy (BOL...no way, just kidding Dory and Bilbo...REALLY)
2. I make Mama take breaks when she is studying so she can love on me. Breaks are very important you know!
3. I cannot tell a lie, it was me who made all those muddy prints last Saturday...but Mama didn't yell or anything...she says it was her own fault for leaving the door open (cause that is what Bilbo told her).

Thanks again to all our friends! Please know that we are reading your bloggies, but since Mama has that whole work AND school thing we may not be able to comment as much as we like :-(.


Wordless Wednesday - It's all about ME!

The Case of the Muddy Floor

 It was early Saturday morning when we woke up and look what was all over the floor!!! Mama was not too happy to say the least, and wanted to know just how all of this happened.

So I leaped out of bed and started the investigation....

Here I am looking for clues...

Hmmmmmm...... here is a clear footprint. Now  whose could it be????

I interrogated Jacob, but he denied knowing ANYTHING...Hmmmmmmm, his feet look a little muddy to me.

 DORY, is that MUD on your paws???

Wait...what is this????
MAMA...did you leave the doggy door open??? When it RAINED yesterday????

Silly Mama, you have no puppy to blame...you were SUPPOSE to close the door...
Looks like MAMA is the culprit!


Mama got a new JOB!!!

Happy Monday Efurrybody!! This is the look on my (Jacob's) face when Mama told us that she would have to leave us alone ALL DAY!! Seems she has to go to this far away place called W-O-R-K?? I am not sure about this at all. Mama has been home with us lots and lots since I came to live here and now all of a sudden she has to go away for th whole DAY???
Not to worry Jacob, I love when Mama goes back to work! We get back to a regular ROUTINE!! HURRAY!! We will get up and go for walkies in the morning, get our cookies ON TIME for a change and then can do whatever we want during the day!! Then there is happy dancing when Mama gets home and dinner...ooooo this is going to be GREAT!!

(Dory) Don't worry Jacob....we can just take one long nap and then she'll be home!

Well.....if you guys SAY it will be ok...I think I'll just wait and see.


Vampire Puppy/Kitty Club Friday!!!

This week we wanted to part of a very important campaign that is happening.

Jacob here, and I know what it is like to be an older doggie that has no humans. I was lucky enough to meet my new Mama and  Daddy not to mention Bilbo and my BFF Dory. We are so glad to support Pedigree's Adoption Drive, and think what they are doing so pawesome!!

Go visit Life with Dogs to read more and add your blog link!


If it's Tuesday it must be Bilbo

It's football season again...

Time to hibernate upstairs in the big comfy bed from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday Morning to escape all the noise and yelling!

Keep it down Mama and Daddy I am trying to get some sleep up here!!!