About Rosy and Sunny


July 23, 2017
Rosy came into our lives with the help of a village, a Blogville village to be exact. Friends in Idaho had seen Rosy's litter and forwarded the information to us. After looking at her cute little white tipped paws, Ed and I fell in love and made arrangements to travel to Utah to pick her up. We haven't looked back since!
She loves being outside, and since we moved to New Mexico, she will spend hours in the backyard soaking up the sun. Her other loves include walks with her Daddy, camping(mostly because of the many hikes with Daddy) and snuggling on crocheted blankets that her Mama is currently working on! We believe our Angel Dory helped us in both finding Rosy and sending us the perfect pup to follow in her footsteps.

April 25, 2020
When looking to add another pup to the pack, we came across Sunny's breeder near Tacoma, Washington. Sunny is our Covid puppy and has added excitement to our lives to say the least. She was a bundle of cuteness when we picked her up. She grew into a tall, and oh so independent gal.  She has had her share of issues including some aggression and anxiety. With proper medication and the semi-repair of some wonky patella(knee) issues though, she is a new, happy girl.
Sunny loves to be outside and can be found chasing bunnies or eating bunny "snacks".  She is as smart as a whip and loves the structure of training. She is a great model, and takes her modeling jobs seriously. She also loves to be in CeCe and explore the great outdoors. She secretly wishes we could "beam" to the camping destination instead of drive though, because she tends to get car sick. We believe Angel Bilbo may have had a hand in sending Sunny to us to ensure we knew patience and understanding is needed with special pups like he and Sunny.