February Birthdays

February is a crazy busy Barkday Month in Blogville!!
Let's put our paws together for the Romance Month Birthdays!!

February 1st - Wallace over at The Chronicles of Wallace and Samuel
February 3rd - Mayor Emeritus(es) Murphy and Stanley
February 7th - Charlie at Charlie Downunder in Oz 
February 14th - LadyBug at Bichonpawz
February 15th - StellaRose and Angus Mac at The Three Little Pugs 
February 18th - Bertie at Bouncing Bertie's Blog 
February 24th - Buddy at The Gospel of Goose 
February 27th - Ziggy at Ziggy takes on the World 
February 28th - Taffy
Dakota at Dakota's Den


The Blogville Portrait Hall and Administration Page

Hello Blogville!! 
Welcome to the Grand Opening of the Blogville Administration page and the unveiling of the Blogville Portrait Hall!
Before we send you through the Magic Transporter to the Administration Page,  please join us as we unveil these portraits of some of Blogville City Hall's Important Citizens!

 Our first portrait is one of the Founding Fathers of Blogville, and a friend of ours since we started blogging in 2009. Dory and I were thrilled to meet him and his brother Ernie at the BAR last June. We are so very happy he went on to become the first mayor of Blogville in 2010.  Join us in a big round of appaws as we unveil the Portrait of Mayor Emeritus, Frankie Furter!

 Our next portrait needs no introduction, as she is most likely the most famous feline in Blogville! We have also known her since we started blogging in 2009 and are so very happy we got to meet her Mama in the furs last June. 
Please join us in a big round of appaws for 
Mayor Emeritus Madi's Portrait!

 This Mayoral Team put together Blogville's Administration to make it what it is today! They created a wonderful City Council, and Mabel and I can only hope to keep it half as organized as they kept it!  I was lucky enough to meet them both in the furs last June. 
Without them,  I don't think Dory and I would have gotten into Blogville Pawlitics! 
Let's all give a giant paw up for Murphy and Stanley's Portrait!

It is hard to put into words how much Lexi's pawticipation meant in the 2016 Blogville Election and what a big space Lexi left behind when she went to the Bridge. 
Christmas and Oreo have a special dedication speech prepared for Angel Lexi's portrait.  Please transport to 
Chris's Blog HERE and 
to Oreo's Blog  HERE 
to read their dedication speech!

Would you like to sponsor someone in the Blogville City Hall Portrait Gallery?? 
Just obtain the permission, and a picture for the portrait,  from the citizen(or citizen's pawrents) and email it to 
bethblog(at)ebchristians(dot)com. We will notify you of the date of the portrait hanging so you can dedicate it!
If we get enough portraits, we will be moving the Portrait Gallery to its own page.

2017 Blogville Census!
 Would you like your Blog Name and link to appear in the 2017 Blogville Census(or know someone that would) on the Administration Page??
Let us know in your comment and we will add your name!!

Now, click HERE to see the Blogville Administration Page. 
You can also click on the Blogville Administration tab at the top of our Blog!


Dory the Buttie Pillar??

Is it Spring Yet? 

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Silly Saturday

Mama and I are cleaning out my closet and having fun trying on all kinds of silly hats we've collected over the years!


Endangered Species!

We are having such a great time reading about all the 
Endangered Species this week around Blogville!!

Here are the Endangered Species we chose:

Southern Sea Otters used to live way down in Southern California all the way up the California coast and even over into Russia and Japan. Then humans started using their furs to keep them warm and they almost became extinct!
Thankfully humans smartened up a little and the Southern Sea Otter population is growing again! We only have river otters by us, but Mama loves watching the Southern Sea Otters when she visits the coast a little farther south on the California Coastline.

 Western Snowy Plovers are found along the beaches from our area in Humboldt County, California, up the coast to Washington State. They nest right above the high tide area. It is believed that reduced
reproduction rate due to a mix of human and dog foot traffic and inclement weather have kept them on the endangered species list.


Did you know you can read all the Endangered Species posts in one place? Check out Louis's Department of Arts and Entertainment page! Click HERE and check it out if you haven't already!!


Happening around Blogville!

Mabel and I here at Blogville City Hall to fill you in on a couple of things happening around Blogville in the next couple of weeks!!

First up, don't forget to stop by this Monday, January 30th,  for the unveiling of the Portrait Hall on the new Blogville Administration Page! Join us in paying tribute to Mayor Emeritis Frankie Furter, Madison D. Cat and Murphy and Stanley with a special speech by Chris and Oreo to honor former Mayoral Candy Date Lexi.

Don't miss Blogville's first Coffee Morning Blog Hop on Monday, February 6th!  Let Blogville's Executive Office Manager/Barista, Princess Leah,  make you a nice puppachino as you head out to tour the offices of Blogville's Directors and Emergency Service Managers!

Guess we better get back to it Mabel, 
so much to do....so little time!


Jakey has a Question...

When Murphy and Stanley asked who I was going to the K-oss pawty with,  I told them I was going stag...

Then I saw her...
Her name is Abbe and she is Marty the Manx's Beautiful Woofie Sister!

I asked Mama to tie my Black Tie and help me with my invitation...
Abbe, would you like to go to the K-oss Pawty with me???

I hope she says yes...


Top Secret K-oss Youth Fun!

The big K-oss Pawty is coming up quick!! Have you sent your pictures to Murphy and Stanley yet??  Click here to find out more about the K-oss Pawty!!

Maybe you are still a bit young and think a "grown up" dance might be a bit stuffy??
Well come join Mabel and I at the K-oss Kid's Room!!
We will be having some top secret fun for the young AND the young at heart!!  From a Bouncy House, to a game of Spin the Bone, we might even stop by Madi's Dance Lessons
 for an Intro to Twerking lesson, anything is possible!!!

 But don't worry.....

If you would like to be in the Kid's Room and have not already submitted your pictures to 
Murphy and Stanley, email them to us here at
bethblog (at) ebchristians (dot) com before February 5th!! 
 You can come in the furs or dress up, your choice!!

We'll see you there!!


BW Sunday Selfie Smileys

 Before cookie...

After cookie!!

Looks like Mama is finally learning how it works! 

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Silly Sepia Saturday

 What's it going to be today Jakey,  Birdy TV or Mole TV??

TV is boring...who wants to snuggle??!!

We hope you put some silliness into your Saturday!!


January Flowers!

Welcome to a new year of Flower Fridays!!We bet with all the rain and snow this winter, this Spring is going to be gorgeous!! In the meantime, here are some flowers we have seen in the past month!!

Mama brought home this pretty Holiday Bouquet for Christmas week!!

We have seen a BUNCH of rain lately, so when the sun comes out for a couple of days even the magnolias get confused and start blooming!

....sigh...Mama and Daddy went on a drive up the coast last weekend and I told her she could show you a couple of pictures she took of flowers she saw on the road...

Here is a daisy she saw by a lighthouse...and look, I bet everyone is surprised at the Lighthouse she saw....Sheesh, that woman is obsessed with lighthouses!!

Look at this azalea she found blooming at one of the beautiful Oregon rest stops

But out of all the flowers we saw this month here is our favorite!!

Daddy wennt out to get our mail over the Christmas holiday week and found this little bouquet on our front porch!! Someone in our neighborhood left it as a Random Act of Kindness!!
We don't know where it came from but it really made Mama smile!!

We hope you enjoyed our flowers this month!! 
Post pictures of your flowers and hop aboard the Winter Flower Friday Blog Hop! They can be flowers blooming in your area now or your favorite pictures of flowers from a Spring or Summer memory!!
(click HERE if the hope link doesn't show up to be transported to our Hoppity Page)


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

 January Showers bring.....

February Flowers???
...and cookies too, right Mama??

 Don't forget, tomorrow is January's Flower Friday!!


Wordless Wednesday - A Professional

Why yes Mama, I can be pawfessional when I need to!

We are joining  BlogPaws for Wordless Wednesday this week!