October Birthdays on Selfie Sunday!

 Today Mama helped us take some Autumn Selfies!

 Autumn is our favorite time of year...

It sure is Arty and Jakey...Zoomies, chewing and bitey-ing are so much more fun in the cooler weather!!

Ooops, we almost forgot;
Help us wish the Blogville pups born in October very Happy Birthdays!!

October 6th - Abby at All Things Collie
October 7th - Sam at Tails Around the Ranch
October 8th - Lady Shasta at Beaglebratz Manor
October 10th - Walter at Bird Brains and Dog Tales
October 17th - Casey at the Legacy Chronicles
October 31st - MaggieMae at The Three Little Pugs

We are  joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday!


Tasting Wild as a #chewyinfluencer

Hi everyone, remember me?? 
Arty...the boy white and black doggy? The little black and white girl puppy with the VERY sharp toofies is taking the day off so I can do my #chewyinfluencer review!
We here at Da DB Boyz, as #chewyinfluencers,  were given a whole CASE of Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula with Bison and Gravy in exchange for our true blue opinion(and sometimes our Mama's opinion too!). 

As I mentioned, today I am reviewing Taste of the Wild's High Prairie Canine Formula with Bison and Gravy! We are currently eating Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula with Bison kibble and thought this would be the perfect addition for my evening dinners!

Let's take a look at the things Mama likes about Taste of the Wild's Bison High Prairie noms!

  • It's grain free, so I can eat it without too much worry about my allergies!
  • It has delicious potatoes...and peas too making it not only delicious, but nutritious too!!
  • It has nommy anti-oxidant fillers like blueberries(NOM!), tomatoes and raspberries!
  • It's made in the USA!!!!

Nom...Taste of the Wild Bison High Prairie flavored kibble on the left and nommy Taste of the Wild Bison High Prairie wet food on the right!! A perfect mix for dinner!!

Let's get this show on the road Mama!!

The perfect mix of smooth AND crunchy!!

Jakey doesn't "do" different things for dinner..and Miss Sharp Tooth Sassy Pants Rosy isn't old enough to try it yet. Not a problem...more for me!!

Needless to say, Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula with Bison get four paws up from me!! Thanks so much to Miss Natalie and the whole chewy.com team for all they do for us!!

We are joining the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop!! 
Thanks to Koru Bear and Oz for hosting!


Flower Friday with Rosy

Wow...so this is Blogville?? It is such a BIG place...I can see you all through your pooters with my itty bitty eyes and I want to say thank you for such a big welcome!!

The Mama lady says today is Friday and we celebrate flowers and all the flowers here today  are Rosies, just like ME! Well, except I am a puppy. Mama lady says I am very beautimous, just like a Rosy!

So here is a question for you....do any of you get little boxes clicking in your face all the time?? Mama lady says she is "documenting my life",  I am not sure what she is doing, but as long as keeps giving me those little puppy cookies...I'll keep letting her click at me. 

Ooooooo...a pretty pink roses! I wonder how roses taste? Dirt doesn't taste too bad...and I caught a fly the other day it WOULD have tasted good, but Mama lady took it away!
She sure is mean sometimes!

Excuse me, while I take a little power nap! I do like to sleep, and last night I slept almost ALL night long!! Daddy man was very excited to get a full night's sleep! I do like my breakfast pretty early in the morning...so I wake the Mama lady up about 5am.
The early puppy gets the kibble right??

I have dreams sometimes too. In some of my dreams,  a beautiful cream color Angel  Lhasa named Dory comes to me and tells me special things to do for the Mama and the Daddy to make them smile. She told me to snuggle them real close to them, give them lots of puppy kisses and make sure to go potty outside...which is weird, because I also dream about a handsome apricot Lhasa Bilbo who told me going potty in the house would be totally forgiven, and not to worry about it because he got away with it for 15 years!  Something told me to listen to Angel Dory and so far I have only had one accident inside!

Dory also told me she was putting me in charge of my two new brothers. I was a little confused, because they are so much bigger than I am. She told me not to worry, in a few months, I would be just as big and strong!  For now, she said to bitey them a little, play lots of zoomies with them and be patient. Pretty soon we would be a happy pack! Angel Dory is one smart Lhasa and I hope to have lots and lots more dreams about her AND handsome Angel Bilbo!

In the meantime,  I can't wait to get to know all of my new friends in Blogville. My brother Arty has told me all about so many of you and has been showing me around Blogville Town Hall! My Uncles Murphy and Stanley have been showing me around the Pawlice Department and telling me all the fun things there are to do!

Time to run...So much puppy trouble to get into
fun stuff  to do, so little time!! 

Hop aboard and show us the flowers blooming in your corner of the world (If you don't see the link here, please click HERE to go to our Hoppity page)!!


Thankful Thursday

 Mama here today to tell you a bit about the magical way Rosy came into our lives. It all started about two months ago when my husband and I decided it was time to let another baby girl into our hearts.

 We had a long talk about what breed of baby girl to go with and decided another Lhasa Apso puppy was both, what we both really wanted, plus it would be the best fit for Jakey and Arty. 

 We started our search and were amazed how few Lhasa breeders were in our area, or the whole Pacific Northwest for that matter! We were almost to the point of thinking we would have to wait until next Spring or Summer to restart our search. As a last chance effort, my hubby and I decided to broaden our search a bit to include Idaho, Utah and Nevada.  I mentioned this to The Idaho Pug Ranch Mama(Mom to Arty's gal Mabel and Angel Dory's Guy, Angel Bailey), and asked her if she could keep an eye out for me(this was 2 weeks ago).  What happened next was amazing and I'm sure, not only Angel Dory, but Angel Bailey also had a hand in things that followed.

 I received an email back from Mabel's Mom with a few places in her area I could explore to find a new pup. She also forwarded me a link of litter of Lhasa's that were going to be ready for their furr-ever homes the following week in Utah. Needless to say, one of them was Miss Rosy. With an ease that is almost uncanny, my husband and I made travel plans to pick up our new addition. With the help of Angel Dory, everything fell into place! I drove to Utah, picked up my hubby(who flew in) and we drove down to get Rosy. We saw where she was born, we met her pawrents and her remaining sister. Rosy traveled like a pro with no car sickness and she even found her peepee pads and had very few accidents in the hotel rooms.


Although words don't ever seem enough, thanks to Mabel's Mama for finding the article(maybe with help from Angel Bailey) and thanks to Blogville for connecting us to so many amazing friends that have helped us in so many different ways over the years!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Rosy's debut, as she hosts Flower Friday and make sure join her next Tuesday as we hear her Travel Story and find out who else from  Blogville came to visit her!

 We are joining Brian for the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop this week!


Mostly Silent Travel Tuesday

 Mama here today! As you probably have guessed by now(or if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram), we have added a new pup to the pack!  We promise to get you all the details over the next few days! In the meantime here are a few snaps of our trip down to pick up our sweet girl!

 Rosy promises to tell you all about her travel adventures next Tuesday!


Blogville Barn Dance

 We hope everyone had a great time at the picnic today! Mabel and I have decorated the Blogville Barn and hope everyone is ready to dance the night away!!

We start the night off with a slow dance
(The word bubbles came out a bit blurry so you can see the closed captioning below the picture)
 Arty-Don't look now, but there is a kitty in the rafters, Mabel!!
Mabel - I think there is a puppy up there too Arty!
Bonnie - Mr. Jack Freckles is totally adorable!
da Phenny - Just one little kiss, Hailey??
Hailey - Let's just dance for now, Phenny!

 After the slow dance, we livened things up a bit with some KC and the Sunshine Band's,
Shake Your Booty!
 MaggieMae - OMD, Phod sure can shake it!
Princess Leah - My guy Chester has some great moves!
Stellarose(looking at Christmas) think - WOW, what a nice tushy!
Oreo - Let's show them our moves, Hazel!
Christmas - Would you like to dance, Stellarose?
Stanley - Let's hit the dance floor Jessie!
Brian - Shall we show them our smooth feline moves, Scylla?

Now on to some good ole Country Music!
Murphy - YeeHaw!!
Ruby - Slurp! Boy those Abby snacks were nommy!
Addi - I bet those rafters would be fun to climb, Bertie!
Bertie - I'll race you to the top!!
Pierre -  I just love the Two-Step, don't you Bailie?
Wyatt -Let's see who can jump higher, Jakey!
Casey - Has anyone seen Jessie and Stanley??
Gussie- I am one wild and crazy pawty animal!

Next, a nice little Gaelic tune!
Timber - Blogville Dances are pawsome!! 
Misty - Wait until you taste Abby's foodables, Timber
Wyatt - You dance divinely, YAM-Aunty!
Fenris - I sure could go for a Rubyrita, dancing makes a pup thirsty!
Yin - Look at Tuiren dance!
Raz - Are you ready Madi? The DJ says we're next!

 ...and for the grand finale Madi has prepared a SUPER TWERK!! It's true, you are only as old as you feel!
 Raz - My Gal Madi might be 15, but she has kitten-like moves!

 Looks like another fun Blogville Event!!!

Mabel and I want to thank everyone for joining us, we hope you had half the fun we did!!

 Make sure to check out all of todays events!