Last Call Wednesday

Happy July 1st!! 

We can't believe there are only 8 more days until the Blogville Rodeo!!!

July 1st also means a bunch of dead lions for 
event pictures are today! 

Here are links so you can check to make sure you get your pictures in on time to the events you want to participate in!!

Don't forget, we need your pictures for the Big Square Dance by 11:59pm PST tonight!! Email them to Mama at bethblog(at)ebchristians(dot)com!


We are looking forward to seeing y'all on Thursday, July 9th for a ROOTIN' TOOTIN' GOOD TIME!!


Travel Tuesday - 14 States in 10 Days- Day 10:Homeward Bound

Happy Travel Tuesday!!

Today is all about the final day on our 14 States in 10 Days tour as we drive the last 8 hours home to DADDY!!!!

You sure you don't need me to drive, Mama?? No??
Well let's get going then!!!

Mama being....well, Mama we decided to drive mostly along the ocean for this drive! You may recognize the places in some pictures 'cause we stopped in some of the places Murphy and Stanley just visited along the specific ocean in Oregon!!

We took a nice walkie along the beach in Lincoln City....Boy it was nice to be back by Arty's Ocean!

We met these two silly birds who tried to give us some bad directions!! Go SOUTH Mama, not NORTH where they are pointing their beaks!

We took our next walkie in Otter's Rock, OR.
we never actually found any Otters on any rock and didn't see any rocks that even looked like Otters.

We did find this crazy hole named the Devil's Punchbowl. The water comes in and fills it up through the little tunnel on the far side!

Here I am enjoying the salt air next to lighthouse near Newport, OR

It is called the Yaquina Head Lighthouse!
They also have a lighthouse on Yaquina Bay, but we didn't go to that one.

I know we have said it before, but Oregon is so very beautiful!!

I was starting to get a little impatient after lunch and just couldn't WAIT to get home to Daddy!!

I let Mama make one more scenic stop just north of Brookings, OR and then after my squirrel mischief experience (you can read about that by clicking HERE), I made her drive straight home!!

I was even kinda happy to see my silly brothers too!!!

It was so very nice to take a nap on my own couch that night and sleep in my own bed!!!

Mama and I had a blast on our journey and made bunches of great memories!! Thank so much for joining us as we made our way to Wisconsin and back. If you missed any of the installments or want to read about all of our travels at the same here, click on the Travel Tuesday tab at the top of the page, or click HERE to transport over!!

Stay tuned next week when Me and Mini Me tell you about Mama and Daddy's trip to Texas!!

Meeting the Mayorz

Bettery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, California. This is about 60 miles from where we live!!
Did you hear? Did your Hear???
Last Thursday, Mayorz Murphy and Stanley came to California and we got to meet...IN THE FURS!!!!

Smileys all around!
It was a beautiful day at the specific ocean!

Is that what I think it is???
Here we are saying the Blogville Pledge of Allegiance

Dory: What do you mean you left the treats in the CAR, Mama???
OK, so maybe we were looking at Murphy and Stanley's Mama and Daddy. Their had some totally DELISH treats!!!

We had a blast hanging out together!  It seems no matter where you live in the furs,  when you have Blogville in common you always have something to talk about!!

Hey Mamas, remember us????
Our pawrents also had Blogville in common and even though they hadn't met "in the furs" before, they still had lots...and lots...and lots to talk about!

Dory: Hurry Mama, these rocks are pokey!!
Not to mention all the different ways they had to take photos of us! 
Murphy and Stanley are pawesome rock posers...I'm ok too, but I am much more comfy if I am sitting or laying down on the rocks!

(or maybe...COOKIE!)

Don't worry Ruby, he is not kissing my ear. BOL
What's that Murphy???

Really Ruby, no kissing going on here!!
That sounds like a great idea....let's have a group meeting with Stanley!!

Blogville Executive Meeting
Hmmmm.....Yep....Wow....Great Idea!!!!!

After a short executive meeting, we decided it would be a GREAT idea to have a 
Blogville Retreat next summer for groups of people that live close to each other.

We have made so many friends in Blogville we would just love to meet in the furs, haven't you??  We would love to know what you think about the idea!

I just love Murphy and Stanley's Mama!!!

 Thanks so much for visiting us Murphy and Stanley and thanks to your Mama and Daddy for taking time out of their vacation
to drive you to California!!


BW Selfie Sunday - Photobomb

Arty's back there......isn't he????

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Saturday Question

 Ummmm....Ummmmmm....Miss Mabel.....Ummmmm....Ummmm

 Mabel, I think what Arty's asking is, would like to accompany him to the
Blogville Square Dance?? 

Tell your Daddy not to worry, Mr. Bailey and I will be chaperoning and keepig an eye on them all evening.
Arty wants to go "as friends"...he just loves your "pup-itude" and thinks you might have bossy-ness a bunch in common!!!

Ummm...yeah....that....thanks Dory!
So, what do you say Mabel????

Speaking of the Square Dance, time is running out to get your photo in....here are the dancers we have so far!!
(if you sent your photo and do not see your name on the list, please email our scatterbrained Mama to make sure she has it :-)

Hazel and Oreo
 Dory and Bailey
Madi and Raz
Hootie and Sallie Ann
Sweet William
Jake and Baby
Frankie and Abby
Ernie and Roxy
Andy and Siku
Maggie Mae and Princess Leah
Arty and Mabel 

If you haven't gotten your photo to us yet, send it to bethblog(at)ebchristians(dot)com by July 1st (Wednesday) by 11:59PST.

See you at the dance!!


FFHT Flower Friday

We are joining Mayorz Murphy and Stanley for 
FFHT!! Click HERE to learn more!

Happy Flower Friday Fractured Fryday Hairy Tales Day!!!
Today we have another story based on fact. Today it looks like a certain Mama has some explaining to do!!!

Mama: So Dory, I stopped by Sequoia Gardens today to take some pictures for Flower Friday this week.
Dory: Ummmmm, Mama aren't you supposed to bring ME on your Flower Friday photo shoots???
(Mama (thinking to herself): "I know I need a good excuse" for not bringing Dory along..... )
Mama: But Dory, I was on the way home from the grocery store and just look.....

All the gladiolas are in bloom.....
Dory: They are pretty, Mama...BUT I think they still would have been there an hour later if you would have come home to get me!

Mama: But...just look how pretty the light is on this yellow flower.....

....and on this beautiful dahlia!!!

Dory: Yes Mama, but just look how pretty I look with flowers all around me.....I think I am much more important than the light, don't you???

Mama: But Dory.....I was right there....with these pretty foxglove, tea cup type flowers....

....and these pretty blue/purple-y flowers

Dory: Yes Mama, but if you would have brought me, I might have been able to help you find the signs saying exactly what kind of flowers they are....I mean, you are pawesome at picking out the dahlias, like this pretty pink one, but you need lots of help
with all those other flowers!

Mama: Well Dory, I know these are fuschias...

...and yes, here is a pretty pink dahlia

...and a nice dark pink and white dahlia!

Stellar Jay (whispering to Dory): Ummmm, Dory don't forget who gives out the cookies...

Dory: BOL....It's ok Stellar Jay, Mama knows I am just giving her a hard time!!!!

The End

...Stay tuned on Monday to see who came to California for a very important vacation play date conference!!