Nature Friday at Red Canyon - Arty

Hi everybuddy and welcome to Nature Friday!  In real life, I am still on the road and making memories with Mama and Daddy. But, through the magicals of the internet, I can be here with you too!

 I am wrapping up the Bryce Canyon Mini BAR posts with my favorite nature moments from our Mini BAR trip. 

I narrowed it down, and decided my most favorite part of the Mini BAR was the hike we went on Sunday morning at Red Canyon!!

It was my favorite mostly because I was with my beautimous, best gal Mabel!
(ok, maybe Rosy and Jakey were there too)

I have to admit tho, the scenery was pretty spectacular too!

Beautiful blue, blue skies against the colorful red rocks!

The rock faces were pretty magnificent...

...and there were hoodoos everywhere!
A hoodoo (also called a tent rock, fairy chimney, or earth pyramid) is a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badland.

It was amazing, and a bit scary, walking along this trail because the hoodoos looked like they could fall over at any moment!

I wonder how Mother Nature formed an almost perfect circular top to the hoodoo above!

It was really nice to have lots of trees on this hike too. It was very sunny and the trees provided lots of shade along the trails and kept us from getting too warm!

Plus....we could catch up on all the wild life pee mail, BOL!!!

Thanks so much for joining us during the past few weeks as we recapped our Mini BAR adventures. 

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Thankful Thursday at the Movies

Tomorrow, I(Arty) will be wrapping up the last of the posts about Bryce Canyon. I want to thank the pawrents who brought us together, and while I'm
 at it, I want to thank all Pawrents for all they do for us and all the places they take us!

Now...Mama took the rest of her pictures and little videos of us and threw them into iMovie. She says it's mostly for her, and she knows it runs a little long, so don't feel bad if you can't watch the whole thing!

Plus, you can always watch it later over at YouTube

Friends always make a good time even better!

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Wordless Wednesday - Mabel and Me

Join me, Arty, this Friday for a Utah Nature Wrap Up!

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Tongue Out TeePee Tuesday

When we were hiking around in Bryce Canyon, I found this cool TeePee!

I thought it would be a fun place to stay the night and I almost had Daddy talked into 
moving everybody's sleeping bags in for a fun night...

Until Mama said it was going to be freezy cold that night, there was no way we could sleep in there with no heat!

We could have snuggled to stay warm, even if it was 30 degrees(F) outside!! 



On the Road

Mama and I have hit the road for a fun adventure down the California coast! 

Although we have a few post set to go and I made sure to get my Nature Friday post ready, we may not be commenting as much as usual over the next week or so.

Don't worry, I'll make sure Mama takes lots of pictures to share when I get back and,  if you want to follow along with us before then,  I'll be posting pictures on 
Instagram HERE
Facebook HERE.


Wearing Orange for Crockett

Today we are remembering Crockett... very special kitty brother to Travis and Angelique from Lone Star Cats
and kitty brother to our Westie furiends Kinley, Finley and Brinley

We will remember Crockett as a sweet ginger boy who loved his bacon...

...and who's human sissy loved the Texas Longhorns. We loved seeing him in his a Longhorn bandana!

But most of all, we will miss his raspberries. 
We will always think of Crockett when Rosy's
little tongue peeks out.

We are sending virtual hugs, snuggles and head bumps to all of Crockett's family, both human and furry!

Click HERE to learn more about Wear Orange for Crockett Day.


Nature Friday in Utah - Jakey

Welcome to the second installment of Nature Friday from Bryce Canyon!

Before I get started, I want to let you know(or remind you) tomorrow we will be honoring the life of Brinley, Kinley and Finley's(Travis and Angelique's too) kitty brother Crockett. Crockett went to the rainbow bridge earlier this week, it was unexpected and has left his family heartbroken. Crockett was a handsome Ginger Boy, and we are going to celebrate his life by wearing orange! Click HERE to visit Kinley, Finley and Brinley and learn more.

Now...back to Nature Friday...
Jakey here today to tell you some of my favorite things about our recent trip to the Mini BAR at Bryce Canyon!

 I was really happy get to know Arty's gal Mabel better during this trip! She and I became really good friends and hiking buddies! She sure is strong! Even when Arty took the afternoon off from hiking, Mabel still went with us!

I know Rosy said it last week, and it's hard to  see just through pictures,but the views were
so very pawesome!

You might not believe it, but there are bunches of trees covering the canyon. In fact, the Dixie National Forest is right next door to Bryce Canyon!

You can see the trees a bit better in this photo!

One afternoon, we went with Mabel and her pawrents on a walk to Bryce Canyon City, right next to the park!

We took silly pictures...

...Mama and Daddy sure do love to embarrass us!

But, my most favorite part of our days at the Mini BAR came after dinner. Everypuppy(and pawrent) gathered around a campfire built by 
Mabel's Daddy to share the days adventures...

....while I snuggled with Daddy!

Make sure to join Arty next Friday with some beautiful 
nature from Red Canyon, a part of Dixie National Forest!

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Thankful for the Bestest Brother and Sister!

 Today, I want to share how very thankful I am for Jakey, Rosy and the pawesome early birthday present they gave me!

I knew they were up to something when I saw them whispering outside together then having secret talks with Mama and Daddy.

 Yesterday, they finally took me outside and surprised me with the bestest gift ever!

They are sending me on a Mama, Daddy and Arty trip down the Pacific Coast Highway!
Next week, Mama and I will be driving down the coast and meeting Daddy in the mythical land of Sandy Eggo***. Then, after a few days enjoying the sights, Mama, Daddy and I will be heading back home! 

Needless to say that today, I am ever so thankful I have the bestest brother and sister ever!!

***Angel Dennis (the Viszla) originally introduced me to the mythical land of Sandy Eggo

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