Family Time on Nature Friday

Today, on Nature Friday, we thought we would take you on one of our recent family walkies!

It's wonderful to get out and have some nice family time while walking along some of our local trails.

We are seeing lots of green as the leaves start to fill out!

Even though the time change was hard to get use to, we are glad the sun is staying out a little longer each day.

All the shore birds are starting to arrive...

Halfway through the walkie we spotted this long billed curlew!

After we looked at the curlew for awhile, we hurried back to the car....

Before the rain caught up to us!

We hope everyone gets a chance to see some nature this weekend!

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walk! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


Thankful for Road Trip Season

Happy Thankful Thursday!!
Today I'm thankful "Road Trip Season"will be kicking off  for us soon! Mama and Daddy said that we will be taking some long weekends over the next few months to explore different places!

I'm also thankful that I get to be the first pup to tag along with Mama and Daddy!! Seems we'll be heading to points south soon for a long weekend to celebrate a friends barkday! I'll even get to visit with my pal Koru Bear and bunches of his Golden Pals!

I think Road Trip season might be my most favorite season of the year!!

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Tasty, Even with Medicine,Tuesday - #ChewyInfluencer

Arty here today with a special #chewyinfluencer review of a very product that I am so very thankful for, Pill Pouches!

We were given a container of 
Dr. Lyon's Beef Flavored Pill Pouches from Chewy.com in exchange for our(and maybe Mama's) honest to goodness, true blue opinion. 

This month, I am reviewing Dr. Lyon's Pill Pouches! Dr. Lyon's Pill Pockets come in a few different flavors including peanut butter and chicken. I chose the beef flavor because, well, I loves me some beef!!

As you might be aware, I suffer from major itchies and, as a result, I usually take a little pink pill almost every day, especially this time of year! There in absolutely NO WAY, I would take this without a bit of motivation(of the nommy kind). 

I made sure to read the ingredients and check out all the key benefits of Dr. Lyon's Pill Pouches first. 
1-Soft and tasty
2- Built in compartment for pills of just about every size
3- Easy to use
4-Nommy beef flavor 
5- Available in 30 count or 60 count containers!

I had Mama take the lid off so I could get a closer look. WOW...they sure smell good!! Mama mentioned they are pretty big so she would be cutting them in half or even quarters. Mean ole Mama!

Is it medicine time yet, Mama??

OMD...The beefy flavor was divine! They are a bit chewier than I am used to, but Mama hid the little pink pill in there and I let her think she had pulled one over on me. Truth is, I don't mind taking medicine as long as I get it wrapped in morsels of deliciousness!

Four paws up for sure!

Thanks to Chewy.com and their great customer service and humungous selection of products for pets of all shapes and sizes!!

Thanks so much to Koru Bear and Pawsitively Pets for hosting the #ChewyInfluencer Blog Hop!


New Bunnies!!!

 Hey Arty and Jakey!!!!! 

Look what Mama brought home for us...

 They are cute Rosy...

 ...but I'm a little worried...

 I'm with you Arty.
Although these cuties might make nice lunch appetizer

Mama usually also put us in....

Oooops, too late, just as I expected....
 Geez Louise,
Bunny ears ALREADY?!

 Yep Rosy, every year at this time...

 ...Mama starts her annual bunny ear obsession! 

This year it looks like not only did she buy us bunnies but, she got us some humungous bunny ears to go with them!!


I say we put our paws down this year Blogville

Who's with me??


Happy St. Patrick's Day

 Look effurypawdy!!
 I caught a Leprechaun and he pawmised to take us to his pot of gold!!!

You tell her Arty, I can't do it...

 Rosy, that is not a leprechaun, it is a
SQUIRREL in disguise!!

You are in big trouble Mr. Leprechaun Squirrel!!

May your pockets be heavy
and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you
each morning and night! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


A Walk in the Forest on Nature Friday

Welcome to the second part of my Nature Friday Day Trip in the Redwood Forest!
(Part one is HERE for those who may have missed it)

When I left you last week, we had just finished our drive through the forest to see all the water the big rains had left.
This week, I thought I'd show you some of the sights Mama and I saw along our forest walk!

Over there, was a stream that wound through the forest!

All the water has made everything greener than green just on time for St. Patrick's Day!

I made Mama happy and stopped so she could take a few pictures and listen to the babbling and gurgling of the stream....

Over there is something really cool!

A tree must have fallen during the storms...I wonder if anybody heard it fall?

...and finally, in the spirit of the howliday, I found this pretty shamrock for Mama! 

Yes...I am the bestest fur-son ever, don't you think?

We hope you get out and find some greenery this fine St. Patrick's Day weekend!

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walk! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


Thankful Thursday - Bench Buddies

Last weekend, Daddy and Mama took me for a nice walkie along the bay front in our little town.

I loved seeing all the crabby traps

The smells were delectable! Fishies...and crabbies and other nommy sea foods!
After awhile, my little pawsies were getting tired...luckily, Daddy found a place for me to relax for awhile...and guess what??

I met a couple of new furiends!
Meet Sally the sea lion, and her pup Sammy! Sally and Sammy didn't say much....

Sally did teach me how to reach my snooter up real high to get even better sea foods sniffs!

This week, I am thankful for my brand new bench buddies!!

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