What is Autumn Anyway???

Mama says it is getting chillier outside and that means that "Autumn" is coming. We have never seen an "Autumn" outside, we thought it was just another excuse Mama uses to decorate the house!

 Mama took me outside for a walkie on Saturday to 
show me some of the things that happen in Autumn.
First the leaves turn pretty colors and fall from the trees.

Things get browner....

The birdies can see the thornies better...teeheehee

Mama says that where we live not many birdies fly south, but some use our area for a rest stop along the way.

Here are some resting pelicans.....

...and a resting duck

OK Mama let's get going, it is starting to rain again
(.....Mama says that is something else that happens in "Autumn")


Hugs are Fun!!

We are joining in our good friend Benny's hug party today!!!


My Daddy gives the bestest, happiest hugs ever!!!!!!


Big Foot Days

After Arty found that big ole whale, I knew that I needed to find something even BIGGER and SCARIER than that whale.

Mama, who grew up in the olden days of the S-E-V-E-N-T-I-E-S, you know...like prehistoric times, remembered that only a few miles away over the mountain was a town called Willow Creek that has an animal just as scary as a big whale.....BIGFOOT!!! Mama knows ALL about Bigfoot 'cause she watched ALL the movies and shows that were on TV and in the movies when she was a little girl (but if you asked her now she would DENY, DENY, DENY!!!). Anyways...this place over the mountain has a parade EVERY year to celebrate this big guy...so I asked Mama and Daddy to take me there so I could find this guy with the big feet and make Arty be quiet about that silly whale!!

So we made that big drive over the mountain to Willow Creek and when we got there they had a Bigfoot PARADE!!! Come on Daddy, help me look for the Bigfoot guy!!

OH Daddy...THAT furry guy has big feet, is that BIGFOOT???

Sorry Dory....that is Smokey the Bear, he is here to make sure everyone knows not to play with fire!

Look there Dory...that must be BigFoot's Mama and Daddy...he must be around here somewhere!!

 Oh Daddy...WHERE could he be?? Arty is going to laugh at me if I don't find him!!

Princess Willow Creek, do you know where I can find BigFoot??

Daddy...The Willow Creek princess says that we can find a BigFoot over there on that street!!!

YAYAY...here it is Mama, here is the BigFoot!!!!! Wait until Mr. Arty da whale guy sees this!!!! 

From the Mama:

If you want to learn more about Willow Creek and Bigfoot you can press here or click on the picture of their museum above.
It brings back memories of childhood for me, the mid-70s were a big time for the big-guy in the movies, and I think my sister and I saw almost every movie!

Also....Bob Goldthwait has a SCARY independent movie about Bigfoot that hopefully will be in the movies or on Netflix soon
I am looking forward to seeing it, Bobcat has been making appearances in Arcata and Eureka lately so I am hoping that the movie will be out soon...For fellow scary movie lovers (Sasha Mama) it looks to be a lot like Blair Witch...they are calling it a "travel-horror" type. You can click on the movie poster for more info about the movie.

Okey Doke...off my Bigfoot box...