Happy Birthday Jakey!!


Happy Birthday Jakey, thanks for always coming over and helping me finish my dinner!! I love you!!

 I love you Jakey, you are the bestest white and tan brother a gal could have!!
You also rock as a co-big bed snuggle buddy!!

 I love you too Jake, you make a great zoomie partner!!!

 Wow, I got a bear from Arty and Bilbo, and a cool squeaky sneaker from Dory!!! Not only that, I get Daddy ALL TO MYSELF  (except for Bilbo) while Arty and Dory are on their road trip tonight!!

 Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to grab a Greenie on the way out!!

I'm going to "play" with my birthday presents!!


A Final Thumbs Up for Holistic Blend - #ChewyInfluencer

 We wanted to stop by and let you know our final thoughts on 
Holistic Blends Lamb and Rice All Life Stages Dog Food.
We have been trying is out  for the past 30 days or so as #ChewyInfluencers !  
If you missed our first two post click on the links below to catch up:

 Mama loves it because it covers all "Life Stages".  We here at Dory's Backyard cover a range of ages from 3 to almost 14, so it really helps to have a food that all of us can eat!! We definitely recommend Holistic Blends All Life Stages to households with dogs in different age groups!

 We all like it because it is small and crunchy, just right for our little mouths! Not to mention the Lamb and Rice tastes totally DELISH!!!

 Even Bilbo likes it....which makes everydoggy (and pawrent)

Since we are all in agreement, we have asked Mama to keep this as our new kibble. She will schedule a new Chewy  Autoship as soon as she figures out how long it takes us to go through a whole bag of food.  We just love Chewy.com's Autoship program.  Mama has our kibble, Greenies and even our hip medicine autoshipped!! This way we never run out!  Read more about Chewy's Autoship Program over at Chewy.com

As you might have guessed already, we give Holistic Blends Lamb and Rice All Stages Dog Food 16 paws up and would definitely recommend this to our friends in Blogville!!

We are joining the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop on the 3rd Tuesday of March!! Thanks Sugar and Oz for hosting!

We were not compensated for this review. We received a 30 day supply of Holistic Blend Lamb and Rice All Life Stages Dog Food in exchange for our (and Mama's) honest opinions.


Monday Minders

 I can't believe it is the last week of March already!!
2016 sure is flying by!

Mama finally sent our pictures over to Hailey and Phod's for Phod's No Fooling 5th Birthday Bash, have you gotten your pictures in yet??

 We are going to help Phod celebrate by having our first Flower Friday Blog Hop this Friday!

 Mama bought me a new dress and hat especially for the occasion!

 Our Jakey is celebrating his 9th Barkday this Thursday! We are having a small celebration for him Thursday morning, before Arty and I leave on our "practice" road trip.  
Make sure to stop by and get a slice of Greenie cake!

 Arty and I hit the road on Thursday for our road trip!!
 Mama says we will be going over the mountains, then heading north, and then heading west until we see Arty's ocean!! It should be a very F-U-N ride and Arty and I have promised to be on our best behavior! 

Then Flower Friday will be here, ZOOM,  this week is going to FLY BY!!!  This year we will be having a Flower Friday Blog Hop, so make sure to show us your flowers (real or imaginary) and link on up!!


Hippity Hoppity Shmoppity

 This is what I think of Bunny Ears!!

Don't forget to stop by and wish Sarge
Very Happy Birthday!!!


The Odd Couple

Smile pretty for the camera Arty!
 Mama calls us the Odd Couple...because we are so alike but at the same time VERY different. 

Both of us Mama? Does that mean I will get to stay in a #ho-tel??? HURRAY!!!
We both like to dress up and we both like ADVENTURE!!
That is why Mama wants to take us BOTH to the B(logville)A(wesome)R(etreat).

I don't know Mama, that Arty can be LOTS of work!!
 Mama wants to make sure we get along AND make sure she can handle both of us on the two week journey...

Ummmm... Are you sure, Mama???
So next week we are hitting the road for a two day Road Trip!

This is going to be GREAT!!!!

Arty and I have promised to be on our best behavior because we REALLY want to meet some our furiends in the FURS!!!


#HolisticBlend gets a thumbs up so far! #ChewyInfluencerGroup

As you might remember, way back at the beginning of the month, we began our review of Holistic Blend Lamb and Rice Dog Food!
If you missed our first post, you can click HERE to transport over and read it.

 We wanted to let you know how we were enjoying it so far.

 We must say, we love these bite size pieces of deliciousness!

 Mama says it is making my fur a bit more silky

 Jakey and Arty both love the taste! Mama doesn't know how it is
effecting Arty's itchies because, well...it's Spring and Arty gets VERY itchy in the Spring.....

 But here is what Mama likes best...BILBO loves this food!!! It is just the right size and consistency for his little mouth!

So far, we are giving Holistic Blend Lamb and Rice Dog Food 16 paws up! 

Join us at the end of the month when we give you a wrap up
of our 30 Day Review!

We are joining the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop on the 3rd Tuesday of March!! Thanks Sugar and Oz for hosting! 


Spring, huh??

 So, yesterday was the first day of a new season.

 *Sniff, sniff* What do you think Arty, does it smell any different??

 *Sniff, sniff* Nope Dory, smells just like it did last week.

 Hmmmmm, see any new birdies???

 Nope Dory, same birdies as last week.

 Hmmmmmm....I don't know Mama

Are you SURE it's Spring???