Happy New Year!!

 New Year's Eve is always fun at our place,

After a day of fun, usually involving silly photo shoots, Mama makes us a nice dinner.

 Then there is usually some Netflix watching while we
TRY to stay awake until Midnight....

Some years we even make it to 10:30pm BOL!!


How did you usher in 2019??


Wrapping up the Howlidays

 Happy New Year's Eve Day! This year certainly has had its ups and downs, hasn't it??  We thought the best way to say so long to 2018 would be a slide show of all our Howliday cards. While we have made a lot of new furiends in Blogville, we also treasure all the furiends we have made over the past almost 10 years. 

Here it is:

You can also watch it HERE on YouTube

A big THANK YOU to all of Blogville for following our adventures and sticking with us through good times and bad. 
 We look forward to following everyone's adventures for years to come!


Arty's Rainy Nature Friday FFF

Welcome to that one special day each month where Nature Friday and Final Friday Fiction hosted by YAM Aunty fall on the same Friday!!

Please visit YAM Aunty HERE to read more stories!

Today, my adventure story has excerpts from a book Mama got herself for Christmas called
"Hiking Humboldt"
Page 87
Line 8-Along the beach
Line 12-likely to be lost
Line 16-back along

When I left you last week
I was thinking of someplace else we might see some nature on a rainy day! I told Mama to head south along the beach road towards the marsh...

We passed these two fellas as we drove through the entrance to the park. I asked Mama to pull over so I could ask them for a good place to park and maybe look at some nature!

This guy told me there was a pull out just down the road a ways where we might be able to see a birdy or two. He said it just ahead so we weren't likely to be lost.

His directions were spot on and a few minutes later Mama  pulled in and parked the car.

It was still raining and I wasn't sure we would see anything.
Boy was I wrong!

I sat in the front seat, on Mama's lap so we could look out the window. There, in the middle of the pond, was an American Coot!!  You won't believe what happened next! 

Mama made a short video to show you....

You can watch it HERE on YouTube too!

I couldn't believe the Coot disappeared just like THAT!!
I didn't know WHAT could have happened to him!!

Well, until he popped up a few minutes later! 
"No need to make all that ruckus Mr. Arty, I was looking for a good place bring my sweetie for lunch!"

...and with that, he and his sweetie swam back along the same route to find his underwater cafe!  Coots are fun to watch, but isn't it a little weird to bring your gal to a restaurant under water???

 I told Mama we had enough adventure and coots for one day and it was time to head home!

Where I wrapped up in the towel Mabel gave me and daydreamed about taking her to an above ground sidewalk cafe for bone broth and bacon scones!

The End

 Show us your nature! It can be a picture of your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a walkie! Any kind of nature picture will do(does not have to include a pet)!


Thankful for Santa's Helpers Thursday!

 Today, on Thankful Thursday, we want to say how very thankful we are for the wonderful pressies we got from our Blogville Furiends, right Arty?

 That's right Rosy!! Why don't I I start?! My gal Mabel sent me the most pawesome pressies in this pretty red bag! Guess what was in them???

My new favorite jammies!!! They are toasty warm AND Mama is loves them cause they keep me from scratching my itchies! Plus, I look pretty darn handsome in them, don't you think??

Doesn't Mabel look beautimous on her card??? 
She also got me some nommy Banana Bread cookies! Mama says I need to share these with Rosy and Jakey. We'll see about that Mama!

 Thanks so much Mabel, I love my wonderful pressies!

 Santa also brought me this bandana to wear to the MINI BAR at Bryce this Spring!! He said he was going to be bringing Mabel one almost like it so when we meet in the furs again we will be twinning!


 This Christmas, the elegant Lady Shasta had my name in the Blogville gift exchange! She and her sister Maizie are the Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor

Isn't their card beautimous?? 

 They sent me pawesome pressies too!! The most nommy Zuke's Christmas Trees!! Oh boy, I think they are my most favorite Zukes ever!

 ...and that's not all!! I gots this very cool squeaky Rudy!!

 ....and do you see who else??

 That's right, a squeaky Monkey Elf too!!!

 Thanks so much Lady Shasta, I love all my pressies!!
What about you boyz Jakey, what did you get???

 Well Rosy, we got quite the haul from the Great White North!

 Lee and Phod, from the great country of Canada got our name in the Blogville Gift Exchange this year!

 Look at all this stuff Arty...a couple of cool balls! The black one even giggles and makes noises when you push it around!

 OMD, Look Jakey!!! THREE bags of Zukes AND a water dish Daddy can bring on our walkies so we don't get thirsty!!

 Yeah, yeah Arty...but look at this loofah stuffy...AND a ducky with a squeaker that is calling my name!!

 I see you little loofah dude....

Thanks so much Lee and Phod!! We love all our pressies!!!

We are ever so lucky to have such good furiends like you all in Blogville!

Now...anybody wanna play fetch?

 We are joining Brian for the 
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!