Ever So Thankful Thanksgiving Weekend

Mama has been goofing off doing who knows what and has neglected this award that we got from the Lilly, Carleigh, Piper and Java aka the Rocky Creek Scotties.Thanks y'all we are so happy to have you as friends!

We want everyone who is reading this to know that we think it is such a blessing to have you in our lives. If you have not received this award yet, consider it awarded to you!!


I was a very busy hostess this weekend to my cousins and Uncle Cowboy. There was never a moment when I wasn't watching thei r every move from the comfort of my throne...I mean from my post at the top of the couch! I had to let everypuppy know where I was there in case they needed me!

Plus, if I stepped down on the floor I got swallowed up by a sea of sniffing snooters!!! Being the Princess...I mean the hostess is a big responsibility!!

I had to make sure everyone was aware of Mama's ummm...habit of taking many flashy pictures....

Jenny, I told you to " look away, look away!"

"Dory, she is doing it AGAIN"....Angel was not happy...

"I am saying COOKIE for the camera!!"....Cowboy actually LIKES the flashies!!

I also made sure everyone went outside to do their business so they would not get into trouble!

I gave Hannah fashion advice for Christmas attire...

The weekend was over before I knew it...and let's just say that ummmm....I just woke up a little while ago....

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine!!
I did an interview with Uncle Cowboy yesterday and I will post it later in the week.



Mama says that we are having COMPANY this weekend...I say PAWESOME!!!
I love entertaining the humans!!

What Mama??? It is not JUST humans??? There will be other PUPPIES???



Uh oh....Mama says that all my puppy cousins from Dallas are coming tomorrow...Jenny , Angel...and WHO???
Seems we have a new puppy cousin named HANNAH that is also coming....ANOTHER PUPPY??? Mama says I will like this new puppy because she is like Jack, except she is a she not a he!! This is a picture that my human cousin K took and emailed my Mama today....


Uncle Cowboy will be coming on Sunday....Sheesh....I don't think we will see Bilbo at all this weekend, too many doggies and peoples!

We hope all our friends had pawesome Thanksgivings! Mama celebrated yesterday by seeing her football team squeek through and win their 12th straight game!!
 Hook 'Em Horns!!!


I am Thankful for EVERYTHING!!


I am thankful for so much! I was born a poor white puppy on December 26th 2003 in far away Bryant/College Station, Texas. I never lacked for food when I was a puppy, and would eat whatever I could find. In March of 2004 I left my Doggie Mama and went for a ride in a truck. I was dirty and pretty stinky (Mama says I had not eaten well and had the "runnies"). When my Human Mama and Daddy first saw me (in the parking lot of a Walmart in Bryant) we all knew we were made for each other. Daddy drove and Mama held me in a warm comfy towel ALL the 2 hours back to Austin. I said thank you to her by giving her lots and lots of kisses! Bilbo was in the back seat ignoring me (which he still does pretty good). I was pretty sickies for awhile and had to go to the V-E-T lots when I was a little puppy. I was always happy though because I knew I had found the bestest furrever home EVER!! Here are some puppy pictures Daddy just found of me when I was a baby puppy!

An early doga move.

My very first squeeky toy!

After one of my first baths!

Nap time!

Here are some things I am thankful for this year....

My Backyard, and all the squirrels I can chase!

DADDIES!!! and......

STUFFIES to play tug with!

Walkies in the park!

and finally....
Comfy pillows to nake naps on!

We are especially thankful for all of our new friends we have met here doggiebloggieland in the past few months!

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Users and 
Happy Thankful Thursday to Everyone!!!

I am Thankful Because I have My Mama and Daddy and EVEN Dory....Bilbo's Story UPDATED

It almost seems like I have always been with my human Mama and Daddy, and then again it seems like just yesterday.....when really it was 7 and a half YEARS ago...that is like FOREVER!!


I was born way down in South Austin and had 3 puppy sisters and another bunch of humans. I first remember seeing my Mama and Daddy when they called me over. I trotted over to give them a sniff. Mama loved me at very first sight. They knew they were getting me before they even saw me 'cause I am a big, strong male puppy. Well...that and I was Daddy and Mama's very first dog and they thought they should start with a handsome boy like me!!


I had them charmed from the very beginning and think that I ended up training them to be pretty good parents and they give me lots of loves and snuggles. More than I can handle sometimes!!


I was an only puppy for almost 2 years, it was great!! I got all the attentions from all the humans, I got my own house to share with Mama and Daddy. I even had my own backyard to go out with Mama and Daddy on their strings (there was no fence).

Then way back in March of 2004 we went on a LONG LONG ride ALL the way to BRYANT Texas (Mama says that the Longhorns are playing some team from there today).

BILBO!!!!!! It is MY TURN!!!!!

...to be continued......



Bilbo...time to wake up, it's Tuesday and time to do your blog.....

BILBO!!!! You need to give us 5 things you love to do....come on....WAKE UP!!!


...you're kidding me right???
grumble, grumble...OK, but I am not opening my eyes all the way!

5. Herding Mama up to take NAPS
4. Barking at the TV when people least expect it.
3. Carrying my baby around the house at 3AM whining and looking for a place to bury it
2. Napping by myself and

and #1 Pumpkin in my dinner....night nig.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thanking,Thinking and Awards

Oh...Hi...Silly Mama I was SLEEPING!!! What?? OH YEAH....I have some thank you's, awards and stuff I wanted to tell you about!!

Earlier I was thinking how lucky I have to have so many wonderful furriends here in Doggiebloggieland!! The way that we work paw power in our community is just pawesome!!! We are so glad MAX is feeling better, and we hope that Snickers had an easy crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. We did not know her well but we do know she was very loved.

Thanks to everyone who is voting for me in the DWB contest!! You guys are the BESTEST!!


I got a couple of awards that I want to pass on! The first one is from Dennis the Viszla if you have not visited Dennis stop reading RIGHT NOW...and go visit him. He will keep your Mamas and Daddys laughing for hours!! This award was also given to me by Dip Dip, Bridget and their new baby brother Elliot! They are keeping me in the know about having a younger sibling cause Mama and Daddy keep threatening to get me one this spring!

The only rule is to pass it on to ummmm...either 13 or 15 people...Mama says 13 'cause  she needs the compooter for some HOLIDAY stuff and I am time limited! I think she just need to get  grip over this HOLIDAY stuff and we will COMPROMISE at 14!!

1. Sassy Sasha who is sooooo Bilbo's soulmate!!
2. Tank the ever so handsome
3. Fiona our goldiedoodle friend who is traveling in her house on wheels
4. Brutus our Frenchie football friend
5. Jack who has a missing TG who we hope he has found
6. Mollie Jo and Bobo and maybe their new brother Jackson
7. All the piappies at Piappies World
8. Our Fluffy American Eskimo friend Teddy
9. Cloud, who chases squirrels even better than I do
10. Our good Kitty Friend Madi
11. Our other good kitty friend Ginger Jasper who lives across the big pond
12. Our new friend Frankie furter
13. Our other new friend Anna the GSD
14. Our good friend Hero in Malaysia!

Next Bilbo's soulmate Sassy Sasha gave us BOTH this award. Since Bilbo is busy ummmm SLEEPING, I will let him accept his tomorrow on my day off and I will do mine today! Thank you so much Sasha!!

Here are the rules:
1. Publish it on your blog, referring the friend who passed it on to you.
2. Share 5 things you like to do.
3. Pass it along to keep the circle growing. I am passing it along to five friends, but PLEASE feel free to take this award and pass it on if you do not have it!

Here are five things I love to do...
1. Chase squirrels in my backyard
2. Go for walkies
3. Go Bye Bye
4. Snuggle with my Mama
5. Play tug with my Daddy

1. Lilly, Carleigh, Java and Piper over at Rocky Creek Scotties

2. Our cutesy friend Olive

4. Buster who is a puppy of few words..and also an artist!

5. The cute Audrey who is a photographer!

Please..if you do not have either of these awards, feel free to take them and pass them on!!

OK....time to let Mama get back to her HOLIDAY stuff...and me???

Back to my regularly scheduled nap!



Vote for Me!!!

So everyone MUST remember my most humiliating moment this year when my Mama made me dress as a SQUIRREL for Halloween dress up!! Somepuppy was nice enough to nominate that post for "Post of the Month" at DWB. I am so very HAPPY that SOMETHING has come of this degradation! I am very honored to just have been nominated...and winning would be great to! So if you have a moment go here and vote for me. You have to be logged in to vote...Also Sunday 11-22-09 is the last day to sign up for the DWB Card Exchange so if you haven't signed up yet...go sign up now!!!

I hope everyone is having loads of fun this weekend. I am bored cause Mama had been doing CRAFTIES all day, and it was rainy wet outside!

Here is a remember me as a squirrel picture!

Am I Cute


The Misconceptions of being a Mama's Boy

I am not sure when it happened, but at some point in time being a "Mama's Boy" became somedog to be made fun of, to jest...like being a Mama's Boy is a BAD thing...

I am here to tell you that I am PROUD to be a Mama's Boy!!

Being a Mama's Boy means that istead of having to POSE for a Christmas picture like some puppies, I pick the time and place and Mama follows  ME around...Me pose??? HA!! I just find my favorite sunbeam and let her do what she wants!! (from Mama: or this could be because he is a grumpy butt and won't sit next to his sister)

Being a Mama's Boy means if I don't eat my dinner, I don't go hungry, Mama just puts some pumpkin in my food to make it much more appealing to me!! Some puppies in this house do not GET pumpkin cause Dory SHE would get FATTER!! (from Mama: or it could be because we need to regulate the poop machine inside of him, Dory has a very well behaved digestive system)

Being a Mama's boy means NOT  getting shaved like SOME puppies, because Mama know I get chilled very easily!!(from Mama: or it could be ...well, ok..this one is true)

So next time you call some puppy a Mama's Boy, remember that it just means that we have our Mama's trained very, very well!!


But it is not even Thanksgiving YET!!!

I was in the middle of my Saturday Squirrel Patrol when Mama called me inside....

A little busy here Mama!!

What Mama??? You want to take CHRISTMAS PICTURES??!! Mama it is not even
THANKSGIVING YET!! Mama says that we need to take pictures for Christmas
and Holiday cards so I agreed that maybe for "special treats" we could
have a SHORT photo shoot

Can I have the treat now??? I think I should probably have more than one for wearing this silly hat!!

I expect to be WELL REWARDED for this one!

I am soooo not standin next to her with that scary hat on!!!

Mama, I do not think you are paying Bilbo enough.

Tomorrow, Mama is going to try OUTSIDE...
Good Luck with that Mama!
TeeHeeHee.... bring lots and lots of treats