Happy Birthday to ME on Final Fiction Nature Friday!

Today all the stars have aligned and not only do Nature Friday and Final Friday Fiction fall on the same day this month, it is also MY BIRTHDAY!! To celebrate, I wrote a special birthday reflection using pictures from my ocean! Of course, Mama and Daddy also mentioned there will be cookies and vanilla yogurt later this evening!

For my birthday "page 87"  Mama picked lines from the cult classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas written by Hunter S. Thompson.
-line 8 ~ to avoid a nasty scene
-line 12 ~ It was his idea
-line 16 ~ You'd better take care

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As I get older, I am learning to appreciate the pawsitive things in life and to avoid getting caught up in negative things...

I try my best not to sweat the small stuff

I try to take an idea an make it a reality...

Enjoy the company of others is something I'm working on

 I appreciate the angels I have had in my life...

....and do my best to enjoy the family I have...
(even my bratty little sister)

I always try to be a shining star...

....but take care to respect others and their opinions...

But the most important thing I have learned is to live each day to the fullest and enjoy everything it has to offer!

The End

Thanks for joining me for my birthday reflections!!!

 Thanks to Dougie and Zoey for my pawsome birthday card!

I got a special package from my gal Mabel 

But Mama won't let me open it until tonight, so stay tuned Monday and I'll let you know what was in it!!

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Thankful for Souvenirs!

 Arty came back from his birthday vacation on Monday, and guess what?? 

He brought us SOUVENIRS!! 

His new furiend Declan(from Sand Dollar Dog Company) gave him all these pawesome bandanas to pass on to us and then Arty found Rosy and I a couple of very cool hats!!

 This hat is going to be pawesome for summer!!

 Plus, it matches our new pawtriotic bandanas pawfectly!!

 I'm so glad you like everything!

 Hey Rosy....how do you like the hat and bandana I picked out especially for you??

I love it Arty!!!

Thanks so much for bringing us the cool souvenirs Arty!!!

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Happy Tongue Out Lupine Tuesday

Every year, Mama and I(Arty) head out during my birthday month and search for pretty purple lupines. This year, we found some really beautimous lupines...but guess what??

Mama left the treats for our photoshoot..IN...THE...CAR!!!

So, although we saw some lovely, sunshine-y flowers...

 There were no sunshine-y smileys from me!

Can't fool me, Mama, I know where you are pointing that camera...no smiles for you if you don't have the treats!

I sure hope you learned your lesson Mama.
Now..let's hike back to the car and get those Zuke's!

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Nature Friday at Red Canyon - Arty

Hi everybuddy and welcome to Nature Friday!  In real life, I am still on the road and making memories with Mama and Daddy. But, through the magicals of the internet, I can be here with you too!

 I am wrapping up the Bryce Canyon Mini BAR posts with my favorite nature moments from our Mini BAR trip. 

I narrowed it down, and decided my most favorite part of the Mini BAR was the hike we went on Sunday morning at Red Canyon!!

It was my favorite mostly because I was with my beautimous, best gal Mabel!
(ok, maybe Rosy and Jakey were there too)

I have to admit tho, the scenery was pretty spectacular too!

Beautiful blue, blue skies against the colorful red rocks!

The rock faces were pretty magnificent...

...and there were hoodoos everywhere!
A hoodoo (also called a tent rock, fairy chimney, or earth pyramid) is a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badland.

It was amazing, and a bit scary, walking along this trail because the hoodoos looked like they could fall over at any moment!

I wonder how Mother Nature formed an almost perfect circular top to the hoodoo above!

It was really nice to have lots of trees on this hike too. It was very sunny and the trees provided lots of shade along the trails and kept us from getting too warm!

Plus....we could catch up on all the wild life pee mail, BOL!!!

Thanks so much for joining us during the past few weeks as we recapped our Mini BAR adventures. 

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