This Week in My Backyard

We hope everyone has a pawesome Memorial Day Weekend!!
Bilbo, Jacob and I are going to try control the squirrel population in between naps!

Here is this week's slideshow, we hope you enjoy!

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Flower Friday

We are busy doing this....

...and this.....

trying to get one of these....

So we said Mama could post some of these today

Happy Flower Friday!!


Thoughtful, Thankful Thursday

Today are thoughts are with all of our friends that are not feeling well and those friends who left
to wait for us on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

During these sad times we like to remember these three things....

Live ....each day to the fullest....

Laugh....often and don't sweat the small stuff

Love....as much and as many as you can fit in your heart

It has been an emotional week for so many of our friends this week.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Max's Family, Zip's Mama and Maguire's Family.

We are so very thankful for all of our blog friends. It is so wonderful to see a worldwide extended family bond so close together and be so loving and kind to those in need.



Wordless Wednesday - Almost

Congrats to Mayzie on her 100th Bloggie Post!!

Stop by our good friend Mayzie's bloggie to enter her Dee En Aye contest. For every guess she gets she is donating 50 cents to Mariah's Promise Rescue. So click on Mayzie's Picture (or her name) and go over to say congrats on one hundred posts AND take a guess at her Dee En Ay!!


Tuesday Morning Tunes

Every morning I like to go out on the porch with Mama where we meditate and listen to all the backyard music. Lately our meditations have been interrupted....
Here is a video that may explain it better...

Kids these days.....no respect for the finer things in life!

Honoring Max

Run Free Sweet Boy!

Although we did not know Max well, we have followed all his
days of Grace and want to honor him on this, his first day running 
pain free on the other side of the bridge.

Thank you to his most brave Mama for having the courage and strength
to say goodbye.


This Week in My Backyard

Happy Blog Hop Saturday Evfurrybody!! 

It has been a pretty hot week here is Texas...and HUMID too!! We didn't get a lot of storms, but On Monday there were some pretty dark clouds on the horizon.



and I have had another busy week in our backyard!!

Just look and see!!

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Thursday Thanks!

Happy Thursday!! Time is just FLYING by this week. It must be all the fun times Jacob and I are having chasing squirrels. There are an awful lot of those pesky things this year so we all need to be vigilant in keeping our yards free from these bird food eating critters!! This week we are thankful for our ability to hunt squirrels!

This week I want to say a big thank you to two of my new friends. Maggie Mae, who is the most awesome boxer and is such a fun friend and Chewy, the cutest little Shih Tzu with a little bit of attitude that is also Anna the GSD's boyfriend!! If you haven't met these two yet, go over and say hi!! They both gave me the most cool new award!!!

 Of course.....there are rules...always the rules....
1. Thank the puppy, kitty or person who gave it to you. - Check

2. Share 7 things about yourself. I have decided to share this with Bilbo, Jacob and Mama. All us puppies will take 2 things and Mama can have the last extra thing.

1. I am on that four letter word that starts with D and ends with T and has an i-e in the middle. Mama thinks I may be overdoing the cookies, of course SHE is the one that gives them to ME.

2.  I may not ALWAYS get along with my new brother Jacob, I am having a little bit of trouble sharing my Daddy with him. But we are all adjusting together.

3. I have a small eating disorder that we are trying to control. I binge when I can...but then I don't eat for a day or two, Mama says we will be "talking to the V-E-T" during my good boy visit next month. I am looking for a good hiding place now....any ideas??

4. I secretly like my little big brother Jacob. I have only had to raise my voice to him once in the past 6 days and he pretty much keeps his nose out of my butt. Dory is right, we are all adjusting .

 5. I like to wander. My new hoomas have to watch me very carefully cause if I am not connected to my string or in our backyard I will just wander off and pretend I cannot hear anybody calling me. Mama said something about training...does anyone know what that is??? Should I be scared???

6. I L-O-V-E my new pack. My big sister is like the BESTEST squirrel huntress EVER!!! My big brother is teaching me how to snoopervise the humans and let me tell you  we have the biggest, comfiest pack bed EVER (Mama says it is KING size and does anyone know if there is a bigger size cause her and Daddy can hardly fit in it anymore)!!!

The Mama
7. I am getting ready to jump in and get my college degree after 25+ years of procrastinating.
I am so looking forward to the learning...but am concerned about spending 3-6 hours 2-3 days a week with 18-22 year olds...Should I be scared???

3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic!! 
OK....only 15, REALLY???
We are going to be rebels here cause:
a-looks like alot of our friends already received this award
b-I can't just pick 15 out of all my friends

So please take this award and know that we are so very thankful to have you as friends!

Mama says this is a "Cop -Out" but I say phewy to Mama!! 
I, Dory, say I am part Sibe like Khyra and Sibes do not HAVE to follow rules!
Mama is giggling for some reason, I have floof on my tail like Khyra Mama, I must be part Sibe!!


We are also thankful for SHOPPING this week!!
We got to take a trip to my favorite store this week so that we could finish our shopping for our paw it forward gifts!! We want to apologize to Abby and Jack...Mama has been busy doing...ummmm, what HAVE you been doing Mama??? Anyway....as you can see we are putting thing together in boxes and will put them in the mail by Monday!!

The Pittie Pack was waiting to see who their new mailman will be and now that they known I can go to my favorite store AGAIN to go shopping for pressies!! Hurrah!! We will also get Jacob a I.D. taggie why we are out!

Mama made a video (Surprise!!!)

Pittie Pack, we will have your pressies on their way next week!!


WWWW - Wednesday

Wanting a Furrever Home
Please  go over and see Franklin (by clicking his picture). 
What a cutie pie!!!

      Wicked Bilbo

Wondering Dory

Watchful Jacob


Happy Belated Birthday to ME!!

With all the hub bub with Jacob joining the family,  everyone forgot that Monday was my NINTH BIRTHDAY!! I made Mama feel pretty guilty, so I am getting extra pumpkin in my crunchies tonight!

As a tribute to moi, I thought I would show you all the hair torture my Mama has put me through!!

 My cute puppy days when I didn't have to be tortured at the Groomer!

Here I am at 6 months. Oh yes...I have always had this awesome attitude!

This is me during my teen hippy days (I was almost 2)

 This is my fluffy look...and yes, it is true, I can get just about anything with this look!

My long ear phase...Mama put that silly bandanna on I am sure!

My Redneck Look....

The "Mama Did It" Look....I am sooooo wishing that I was a short haired dog that didn't need his furs messed with!!



Interview with a New Brother

Mama and I have been trying to think of a way to tell you all about Jacob, and finally we thought that I could interview him! Maybe Star could feature the article in the  "Pretty Kitty and Buffy Puppy Magazine".

First a little background :

Mama and Daddy have been in cahoots to get me and Bilbo a sibling for like the past year. They were planning on getting a little puppy lhasa, but the timing never seemed right. Then Found Frankie Puppy changed everything...Mama and Daddy saw how much fun I was having with Frankie and how Bilbo didn't mind TOO much. So as soon as they found Frankie's family they knew that the best thing they could do was look at Petfinder and see if they could find a puppy that needed a furrever home. 
When they looked, they saw a cute little Lhasa/Shitzu mix that was only 4 months old and emailed the rescue place where he was staying right away. The rescue place sent out the home visit lady and Mama, Daddy, Bilbo and Me were all approved and we could go and meet this puppy on Saturday (last Saturday).

 This is Bodie...and he was almost my brother. He was friendly, outgoing, and we were VERY close to bringing him home.

  and then we met Buddy who is now Jacob. The rescue lady suggested we just take him for a walk. Daddy walked him over to the grass and the first thing he did was start giving Daddy kisses....it was all over from there.....Don't tell him, but Jacob is a pretty cool little brother. He is more relaxed than Bodie cause he is three years old and not a little puppy, he doesn't sniff me all the time and he does some great zoomies!! Mama says he is totally house broken (that means he doesn't "go" in the house like my OTHER brother).

But on to the interview!!!

Dory: First things first Jacob. Why Jacob???  Why not Spot or Freckles or maybe another dog name??
Jacob: Oh Dory...you know our humans...anything movie or TV. In this case I believe they think I have touched them and changed their lives just like my namesake Jacob on Lost.
Dory: Well at least you weren't name after a FISH
Bilbo: or a HOBBIT!!
Dory: This is my interview Bilbo...go eat your dinner!! So...Jacob, how did you end up staying with your friends at Mixed Breed Rescue??
Jacob; Well Dory, for some reason my last family said there was something wrong with my personality. Frankly, I think I was just too well behaved for them!
Dory: Jacob...how did you know how to win over Daddy's heart with the kisses and letting him rub your tummy??
Jacob: Like you Dory, I could just feel what Daddy needed. That is why I am here!
Dory: What about Mama??

**Dory and Jacob break out in doggy giggles**

Jacob: Do I really need to answer that??? She is like such a pushover!!!

Dory: I know...I don't know why I even asked...that was a good giggle tho!! What do you think of your new house??
Jacob: A big couch to sleep in, a real bed to snuggle with you, Mr. B and humans in and a BIG BACKYARD to chase sqirr....
Dory: JACOB...you do know it is MY Backyard RIGHT??
Jacob: Yeah but Mama says you have to share
Dory:Yeah but you are scaring all the.....
The Mama: I interrupt this interview because a time out was needed on both sides. I just want to say that having Jacob in our home is like he has always been here. He and Dory really get along and Bilbo is adjusting...slowly but surely.



Well....you all were pretty much spot on about the whole home visit thing. We will tell you the whole story on Monday, but for now I am pleased (I think) to introduce

(drumroll please......)

Ummm....Mama...that is not the right Jacob.....

This is the right Jacob!! Jacob is a 3 year old Lhasa mix that is now my little brother!! 

He has been following me around, but he doesn't sniff me lots so I don't mind. Bilbo has been tolerable and no blood has been shed so Mama says it is a win/win day!!

Mama and me will be back on Monday to tell you ALLLLLL about it 'cause Mama says it has been a long day, it's late and we need to go to bed.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.