Wordless Wednesday - 09-30-09


Bilbo Tuesday

Mama says I get to take a turn posting today since it is Tuesday and this is the day I am SUPPOSE to get to talk.

Dory is NOT happy 'cause she wanted to show off her new outfit and collar. I told her she could put ONE picture up....

Align Center
I told her she may be a bit "fluffy" for that outfit and she may want to go on some more walks with the Mama....she did NOT take that well.

I wanted to put everyone's mind at rest who worries about me when I don't go on all the adventures that Dory goes on. I am most happy when I am in my house.

I have a comfy bed to sleep in....

I have lots of sunny spots to nap in..

...and not to worry I am a Mama's boy so I am ever so spoiled...

...Bilbo Bye Bye.......Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Trip to Grandma and Grandpa's!

......but first, my good friend Daisy asked her friends to give a heads up to the Noah's Wish Organization, here is Daisy's Post about it. Please click on the awesome Purple Hatter button on my sidebar to find out more about it.

Okey Dokey, on to my very cool Saturday!!!

Mommy and me went to see Grandma and Grandpa!!!!

and UNCLE Cowboy PUPPY!!!
He is doing fine and my human Uncle and cousins AND my DOGGIE cousins came to visit him!!

Align Center
This is Jilly she is Cowboys sister. My Grandma and Grandpa
found her on the land next to their old house and they
have been together ever since.

This is Uncle Cowboy Puppy resting under Grandma's feet
he has been very busy entertaining. I told him it was hard work, but he could sleep lots
when we all left.

This is Angel, she is my doggie cousin and she is waiting for her Daddy to get back from the store.

This is my doggie cousin Jenny, she is a 1 year old Rottie. She got too close to my Mama and I had to growl at her to tell her to stay away.
( Note from the Mama; Dory was very protective of me, and really tried
to go after Jenny. I made a point of loving on Jenny and letting Dory know that Jenny was a "good girl". Lucky for us, Jenny was very understanding, and now is actually a bit scared of my viscous 20 pound Lhasa)

Mama, I am NOT vicious! I was being a good companion dog!!
Can I go to Mousey Land now??? No...??? Be a good girl?? **SIGH**

This is Uncle puppy he is now resting under Grandpa.
Mama says he is young and needs lots of rest.

He likes to chew on Mama's tennis shoes

"No Dory, I like to chew on your Mama's ShoeLACES!!!"

This is my human cousin KJ with Uncle Cowboy Puppy.

All and all a good time was had by all!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend. Mama is happy because all of her football teams won by lots!!! We all know when Mama is happy everyone is happy right??


Happy VPKC Friday!!!

Hi Efurrybody!!
So I confronted the Mama about those "companion dogs" she took pictures of and how come they could go to the Mickey Mouse Park and I couldn't. She so surprised me and did NOT take my t-shirt away! Instead she sat me down and said that we should look through the innernets and see why companion dogs are sooooo special! This is what we found out (you can clickie where it is bold and EYE TALI SIZED to see where we found out things)!

First of all there is the companion type dog breed. The Mama says that Lhasa's are definitely a companion breed along with doggies like Lexi and Bentley, Brutus, Riley and Star and most of the other doggies we know. Our main job is to keep our humans company and to protect them. OK, so mostly the only thing I protect them from is my brother on his bad days...but you never know!! Unfortunately , these kind of companion dogs are not the ones that can go to Mousey Land...

There is a special kind of dog, I think it they are the ones with the BIGGEST hearts (they must be pretty big hearts cause me and all my friends have some BIG hearts!), anyway these are Service Dogs, Facility Dogs, Skilled Companions and Hearing Dogs. They all have special skills that are used to help, assist or help make their humans more happy! THESE are the kind of dogs they let in the Mousey Land Parks. Just click on the type of doggie to read more about them. Mama knows there are probably lots more types of companion doggies. Do you all know anypuppy that is a Companion Dog?

Today we also want to point you over to a couple other friends of ours. Scout and Freyja over at Loving for a Living have a FANTASTIC post about National Dog Week. If you haven't stopped by already, take a minute to go over and read it. You won't be sorry!!

The Rocky Creek Scotties (and Java) are hosting a bake sale to help raise money to help with the cost Woodrow's medicine. Stop over and browse the nummies and make sure to send prayers and paw power Woodrow's way. Mama is going over to buy 20 greenpapers worth of cyber nummys in Tank and Sierra Rose's name for their paw it forward gifts!!

We hope everyone has a pawesome VPKC Friday!!!


Mini Spies


Bilbo and I put little cameras in our Mini Mees to keep an eye on Mama and Daddy while she was gone and make sure there REALLY were no other puppies in Mouseyland and guess what they saw....


and this one too...


I am thinking about being very mad at them...but I am afraid I would have to give my T-Shirt back.


Mama's Home!!!!

So Mama came home yesterday from that Mouse place...but guess what she forgot????


Really Mama...No Daddy???

She SAYS Daddy had to go to a meeting for WORK in California wherever that is...she says I can go with her to pick him up at the airport tonight!!

I am thinking about forgiving her 'cause she brought me PRESSIES!!!

A Minnie Mouse T Shirt....

She also got us some new food and water bowls!!!

She says she missed us very, very much and played with our Mini Mees lots and lots..We will get more pictures up very soon!!


More Football....sigh


Really Mom?? I have to watch this game too??? You are missing the NY Giants play the Dallas Cowboys???
Uncle G is SO going to make fun of you if NY loses....Someone didn't look at the football schedule before going away this weekend.....



Hook "Em Horns!

Mama is off playin' with the "Mouse" and left Bilbo and I home to watch one of the most important games the Longhorns will have all season.....well, Bilbo is already upstairs...and Nanny Ree is out somewhere (getting tailgating food I hope!)...and I do NOT know how to turn on the TV....uh oh....

Oh well, I am all ready with Bevo, my Colt McCoy Gameface (that means the cute game face) and my Longhorn Blankie......


Hook 'Em Horns!!!!!
Beat Tech!!!!!

can someone please tell me what channel the game is on....


VPKC Friday!!

Happy VPKC Friday!!!!

As you know, Mama and Daddy have gone to see that MOUSE in Florida and has left Bilbo and I here at home with Nanny Ree. I know Mama will be bringing me LOTS of pressies when she gets home, so I am going to FORGIVE her for not bringing me when some of my good friends say that the MOUSE has GOOFY dog friends at the park and I probably could have gone!!

Anyway...in the spirit of Travel, today we are going to tell you why we have Nanny Ree come stay with us, instead of going to a "K_E_N_N_E_L". I have to spell it 'cause Bilbo gets VERY upset when he sees or hears the word.

My Mama and Daddy travel around scuber divin' and going to that other Disneyplace for adults...V_E_G_A_S...and they noticed that Bilbo REALLY gets stressed out being away from home, in one of those places starting with a K, he doesn't eat, and becomes even more anti social than usual. We were lucky so to get Nanny Ree. She used to help Mama with the cleaning so we knew her already and Bilbo was used to her. Plus, don't tell Mama, but she spoils us ROTTEN!!
In order to lessen the stress in Bilbo's life they decided to just let Nanny Ree babysit us when they are away.

ME?? I don't mind those places starting with a K, but I was always a bit weary of them, and I don't know how to tell Mama which ones I like or didn't like.

Here are a couple of links that Mama found before she left to help your humans decide what to do when they travel...

Things to know about Boarding your Pet

Pet Friendly Hotels

Before I was a twinkle in Mama's eyes Mama and Daddy took Bilbo on a tour of the Southwest.
He visited Phoenix, Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon..There are MANY pet friendly hotels out there ( and even some say they aren't can be if you approach them the right way)!!

But I am hoping that Fiona and Brutus kick in and buy me a house with wheels for Christmas, that way Mama and Daddy can just take me with them EVERYWHERE!!!

May your weekend bring lots of sun to lay in and squirrels to chase!


Going to see a MOUSE??

This morning the Mama sat Bilbo and I down and broke the news that her and Daddy were going away for a lonnnnngggggg weekend and Nanny Ree would be coming to take care of us.
I said I do not mind Mama, I like Nanny Ree BUT where are you GOING???

She said something about a big mouse named Mickey and meeting some family for
some fun! I asked Mommy why couldn't I go...and you know what???
For a park that is run BY A MOUSE...they do not let doggies in unless they
are "companion doggies" (these are not to be confused with dogs that just keep their humans company...I asked).

ANYWAY....Mommy said she was taking our mini mees with us...


They will let Doggy STUFFIES in, but not the real cuddly warm kind???

I am in denial...there is no mini Dory stuffie...
there is no mini Dory stuffie

Bilbo says "Have fun Mini Bilbo stuffie...
I do not like adventure, and I like Nanny Ree ok"

That Mini Dory Stuffie better sleep with one eye open...
she may be missing some stuffing in the morning!!

Mama and Daddy are leaving on Thursday, and Mama says I am NOT allowed on the computer while they are gone. We will catch up on your bloggies next Monday night and Tuesday. Mama is going to try to "schedule" a couple of posts but is NOT going to mention any football game scores 'cause this weekend there will be NO JINXIES!


Wordless Wednesday - Almost

"Dory, think they will pack us if we stay here???
and WHAT is that on Mamas clothes? Dory you are SO going to get in trouble"


I am Shy...By Bilbo

OK...so maybe not real shy...

Hi All, Bilbo here...I just wanted to thank those that were asking "Where was I on Sunday?"

Thank you so much for asking! I am a shy and recluse little gentleman
and am not much for the little rugrat human little ones. I let Dory
be the star of the show and went upstairs to lounge in the snuggleness
of my king size bed until I heard ALL the noise go away!!
I do not know WHY the Mama and Daddy enjoy having strangers in my

As long as we are going there...What is it with this loud yelling
every fall at the TV set??? Hook 'Em Horns....GO Giants...
Why does Mama have to be SO LOUD!!! Once again I have to try and
escape to my happy place upstairs in my king size bed.


...Yeah, yeah Mama, I know get used to it....

It's FOOTBALL Season...no rest for the Bilbo....

Wish me luck for the next few months...Football games, Thanksgiving, Christmas Parties...a family of Birthdays...Oy.....I won't get my house back until next February after the Superbowl Party!!


Lake Clean Up and the After Party

Yesterday Mama and Daddy got up WAY EARLY to go clean up underwater
in my lake! Mama says that since they get to dive in it all summer and this is
there way of giving back a little. I say they just like going underwater in my lake.

Daddy thinks it is EYE RON ICK that a beer company sponsors this event
because mostly what they pick up off the bottom of my lake is BEER
cans and bottles!!

There were dark cloudies in the sky, but only drizzle in the morning.
Mama and Daddy rode on a boat over to the place they would do the
diving and cleaning.

They scuber dived in and Mama held the bags underwater while Daddy filled
them up. Then Daddy would throw them up on the shore. Mommy and Daddy
filled up SEVEN bags and said they could have filled up many, MANY more
but the boat was leaving...Please make sure your humans do not litter in the
lakes, or my humans will never have time to spend with me cause they
will be cleaning up under the water in the lakes like FOREVER....

Mama and Daddy saw my friend Raven's humans and they saw
This is very exciting because Pepper's Family moved to England
and he has been having KWAR-UN-TEEN blood work done.
Pepper will be starting his

Align CenterWhere was I during all this boating and playing in the water???
I was waiting PATIENT like at home preparing for the "After Party"

I think someone is here Mama..."Ding Dong"


Mama had a talk with me before they left and said that since this was an
"After"noon party and there would be little ones all around and it was my job to
keep them entertained! This is not a job...this is FUN!!!

These are the little ones that are still baking in Jesse's Mom and
Zoey's Mom I am making sure they are entertained by snuggling
close and letting their Mama's pet me!

Here is Pepper's Daddy Josh and AVERY, who has not seen Pepper
in a very long time. I think Avery's Daddy is
making sure that she remembers how fun dogs are!

I get lots of tummy rubs from my friends!

I am making sure everyone is doing ok...

This is Austin...Are you ok Austin, shall I entertain you?!

Time for everyone to go home...I get kisses goodbye from Avery...

...and kisses goodbye from Austin


It is rough work entertaining little humans!!!

Hope everyone else had a fun, fun FUN weekend!