A Very Happy Blogville New Year!!

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Wishing all of Blogville and beyond a Safe, Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2018!

Happy New Year

...meanwhile, on the dance floor....
Big brothers commiserate, while boyfriends appreciate!

Ruby and Murphy enjoy one of Ruby's delicious creations!

The suave Pierre and the glamorous Bailie share a special moment!

Phenny is ready for a Beer-y Pawsome 2018!

Looks like poor Tegan didn't make it, and fell asleep before the ball dropped...

Bella and Sweet William are enjoying a romantic toast!

River and Pocket are wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Zaphod and Hailey are hoping efurryone has a Pawsome

Only a minute left...let's head out to watch the ball drop!

Wyatt and Crew are ready to keep on partying!

The kids are all ready to show off their big dance number...but everyone seems to have disappeared!

Funnest After Pawty EVER!!!

Thanks so much for joining us for such an epic evening of fun and dancing!! Make sure to meet us on the steps of the Blogville Town Hall tomorrow morning(New Year's Day) for the Blogville Group Picture!!

Dancing the Night Away at the Blogville NYE Bash(Post 2)

We thought we would take a peek at what the kids we up to! Looks like YAM Aunty is holding story time!!

 BBFB Newscaster Bentley and his beautiful gal, Emma pose nicey for the Mamaparrazzi!

These three sisters look like they are ready to paint the town pink!

Abby and Frankie take a break from the food truck and join the fun!

You can tell be the look on her face, Lucy is missing Riley. Gentleman Matt is doing his best to cheer her up!

Hailey shows the rest what Disco Dancin' is all about!

Dougie is ready to celebrate when the clock strikes Midnight!

Fenris is practicing for the big ball drop!

Hazel and Oreo are looking snuggly this evening!

Madi found a beautiful red dress to watch the clock strike midnight!

As it get's closer to midnight, let's take another break and head out for more refreshments!

Click HERE to head over to Ruby's Margarita Truck

Click HERE to head over to Abby Lab's Food Truck!


Welcome to the Blogville New Year's Eve Bash!

We can't believe it's New Year's Eve of 2017 already!! It's been quite a year here in Blogville!! We are looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for us!!

Now let's join the Mamaparrazzi as our first guests are arriving!!

Ooooo...It is YAM-Aunty who has graciously agreed to spend some time with Blogville's up and coming youth,
Xena, Rosy and Timber!

Chester and Princess Leah are looking maaah-velous this evening!

OMD, Jessie looks gawgeous in her beautimous red dress!! We bet Stanley won't be able to take his eyes off of her all night!

Looks like Walter is giving Baby New Year a lift! He and his lovely gal, Tuiren look ready to dance the night away!

Speaking of dancing; Let's peak in the the ballroom:
Looks like love is in the air this evening, as the dancing gets underway with a slow song! We sure hope Phod finds that game of fetch he is looking for!

Madi enters the room in style(as usual)!

Misty and Lightning are enjoying the freezy cold that has descended on parts of Blogville this week!

Ralphie and Marty graciously escorted the beautiful Matilda down the red carpet!

Bertie stopped by and picked up Addi on his way, they are both looking dashing this evening!

Looks like the dancing has taken a disco turn with Frankie and Abby enjoying the hustle and Madi burning up the dance floor to Disco Inferno!

Alex and Bentley are dressed to the nines for their very first Blogville Pawty!!

Roxy and Ernie are ready to start the night off right with a bottle of bubbly!!

Jakey is thankful YAM-Aunty agreed to snoopervise the little ones this evening so he could enjoy a night off with his gal Abbe. Don't they look snazzy?!

Speaking of the little ones...I wonder what they are up to???
WOW...Looks like YAM-Aunty is even better than Mary Poppins and brought a bouncy house for the kids to enjoy!!

We want to give everyone a chance to take a break and enjoy some refreshments!
Make sure you stop by Ruby's Margarita truck and pick up a tasty beverage...Click HERE to transport over!

...and after you have your favorite beverage...
Make sure to stop by Abby Lab's food truck where she has her best guy Frankie helping her put together all kinds of delicious foodables!! Click HERE to transport over to Abby's!

We'll be back in a couple(2) of hours to continue the 
Blogville New Year's Eve Bash FUN!!



Pressies from Mabel!!

Today I wanted to thank my thoughtful and beautimous, Best Gal Mabel for the pawsome pressies she sent me for Christmas!!

 She sent me some very delicious snack stix that have wabbit and venison!!
Not only are they good for my itchies they taste nommy too!!

 She is such a good shopper! She must have known I needed some new walkie bandaners, she picked out a couple of very snazzy ones!

 Wait a minute....did those bandaners say L-O-V-E on them???

 Then I noticed on the next gift tag, it said
LOVE, Mabel....What a wonderful girl I have!!
I love you too, Mabel!!!

I am giving my little sis the stink eye...She was getting a bit too close to MY pressie!

OMD...It's a tuggy ball, and look, it says
L-O-V-E on it too!!!

 Thanks Mabel, for the wonderful and loving pressies!!

Wait...what time is it??

OH NO....I need to go meet Mabel over to the Blogville Dance Hall and start decorating for the big pawty tomorrow!!
I'm sorry we haven't been around much this week, Mama has been busy helping Mabel and I decorate!!