Happy Tuesday

After last week's sharky theme you'd think we'd be sick of underwater stuff, right?
Well the only thing that makes Mama happier than Rosy and I
is the water.  So we sent her to the Aquarium yesterday and had her put together a video of what she saw! 

You can watch it on out YouTube Channel HERE, too.

 Can you tell what Mama's favorite part of the aquarium is?
We promise we didn't send Mama out so we could avoid any further shark shenanigans or so we could catch up on our naps, we just wanted to make her happy!

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Monday?? Already??


 Weekends are too short, just wake me up when it's Tuesday, ok Mama???


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FFF-The Sea and Me

Welcome to the wonderful Friday each month where Nature Friday comes together with YAM Aunty's FFF!!  Make sure to visit YAM Aunty HERE to get the Rulez and join the FFF fun!!

The Sea and Me
by Rosy

We have an understanding, the sea and me,
For it is one place I'll never be.
I'll appreciate its beauty, there is no doubt
But I'll do it from the comfort of my comfy couch.

I do love fishies, I must say
but I take them stuffed, and mostly for play
Sometimes I utter a little bark
When Daddy and I play with my squeaky shark.

You see the sea is wet, and this may sound smug,
but it reminds me of sitting in a bath tub!
In closing I'll say, although some won't agree
Until the sea is dry, it will never see me.

Show us your nature! It can be flowers, your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a vacation, walk or other journey! Any kind of nature picture will do! If you don't see a link below, click HERE  to go to our Hoppity Page.


Shark Week Through the Years

This time of year, Mama likes to go through her underwater pictures and go back through the years to reminisce about Shark Weeks past....

Angels Dory and Bilbo were lucky enough  didn't get the chance to participate in any Shark Weeks, but their Mini Me's did get to go on an underwater adventure to find Mama and Daddy.
(read about their fun adventure HERE)

Angel Arty LOVED dressing up for Shark Week, which made him Mama's favorite Shark. He was always thrilled to dive under the sea.  Click HERE or one of his shark week ocean adventures.

Angel Jakey was so very tolerant of Mama's Shark Week mischief and, as long as he was paid well, he went along with anything she wanted to do(even getting harassed by Baby Shark, Sunny).

Sunny and I are resigned proud to continue our family Shark Week tradition and we are so thankful for all the Sharks that came before us.....

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Shark Week Begins

It's Mama's most favorite week of the Summer....SHARK WEEK!!
Although she has been watching Sharkfest on the National Geographic for the past couple of weeks, this week starts the official Shark Week on The Discovery Channel.

Needless to say, Mama may be obsessed with sharks.

Stay tuned this week for a whole bunch of Sharky Picture Fun 
(mostly at our expense BOL)!

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Our Angel Fire Nature Walk

 Here we are, the final day of my Birthday Week,  the week sure went fast. Maybe I should talk to Mama about having a birthday month next year!! 
OK, so maybe Sunny would get a little miffed at that....
Today, as pawmised last week, Sunny and I are going to show you the favorite part of our Angel Fire trip, the nature trail!
 We walked this once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Something about "wearing the puppies out" and the pawrents "getting their steps in".  Whatever, it was a beautiful trail with lots of good smells for us and pretty sights for the pawrents.
Daddy and I always walk together because we both like to go faster than fast!
 Mama and Sunny like to take their time. Wellllll, Mama likes to take her time and Sunny NEEDS to take her time so she doesn't hurt those long leggies of hers.
 They had bunches of these big red poppies lining the trail!!
 OH, thank you Sunny, and thanks again for the pretty pink Doggy Parton hat!

Now where was I.....
Oh yes, along with the pretty flowers, there were beautiful views of the tree covered mountains from the trail too!
We believe these beauties are Prairiebreak flowers, but they look a bunch like the ice flowers we used to see by Arty's Ocean in California!!

 We'll wrap up our walk with these Burgundy Lupines, aren't they beautiful?!
Thank you for joining us to look at our trail walk today, we definitely will be back to this park one day!

 Also, thank you for joining me in celebrating my birthday all week!
I've had a pawsome birthday week this year, and can't wait until next year!!

We sure hope you all get out and enjoy some nature this weekend!
Show us your nature! It can be flowers, your current weather, a scene out of your window, or maybe a picture from a vacation, walk or other journey! Any kind of nature picture will do! If you don't see a link below, click HERE  to go to our Hoppity Page.


Happy Birthday Rosy

Happy Birthday to ME!!
 Today, I am thankful for the wonderful life I have had so far!

Here I am on my 1st birthday. Remember when the pawrents gave me this stuffed sister with a promise of a real sister. I DID get a real sister and, although it took some time, now Sunny and I are best friends!

Here I am on my 2nd birthday, when I was lucky enough to go see Angel Arty's Ocean!

My 3rd birthday I spent among some Rosy roses at the Humboldt Botanical Garden!
 I went to visit the Dahlias on my 4th Birthday. I am glad I did because this turned out to be my final birthday in California, and the one flower we have not seen here in New Mexico is the Dahlia.

Last year, on my 5th birthday, I had a flamingo birthday pawty.
We also learned that it is way too hot here in our part of New Mexico for day trips. Hopefully next year, we can take a trip in CeCe somewhere cooler.

This year, it's a rainbow fairy birthday pawty in the air conditioning!!!
 (Because it's way too hot to go outside)

I am so thankful to have had another year visiting my friends in Blogville and the Catosphere!
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Rosy Parton

You may have noticed my cute new hat in some of my pictures yesterday.
 It is a Doggy Parton hat, an early birthday present from Sunny.  
Dolly designed it herself!

 It makes me look a lot like Dolly, don't you think?

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Virtual Birthday Travel Tuesday - Minnesota

On Day 2 of my Birthday Week. Today, in exchange for some extra birthday treats, I am letting Mama show you some of her Minnesota pictures. Of course, I have been "virtually" inserted into most of them.

These are all only snappy shots of the few places the pawrents went, and where their family reunion was held. If you want to see some fun pictures of Minnesota make sure to follow Bailie, Madison, Olivia and Nelson over at  My GBGV Life. They get to live in the beautiful state of Minnesota!

 The folks had some extra time in Minneapolis before heading north and so they stopped by The Mall of America to get their steps in. They have every store you could imagine(and 2 or 3 of the more famous "mall" stores). But it's not just stores, they have whole amusement park AND an aquarium!!
After their mall visit, the pawrents headed north for about 3 hours to a town called Park Rapids where they found their home for the week.
 This is the house where the pawrents stayed with Daddy's family! It had a million rooms(or maybe 8) along with a theater room and a BIG backyard. 

 The backyard led to Fish Hook River.  The younger cousins played here a bunch. There was swimming, kayaking and even paddle boarding!
The adults rented a pontoon boat for one day and had a blast riding around the river and even onto Fish Hook Lake!

 Mama and Daddy took a trip one afternoon to a place called Bimidji where Mama was excited to find Paul Bunyon and his pal Blue! We know from Bailie, Madison, Olivia and Nelson that Paul really gets around Minnesota. We have seen Paul in California too. He must really like to travel!
Can you believe this is the Mississippi?? That's right, the mighty Mississippi starts right up in Northern Minnesota! We went to Itasca State Park, where the Mississippi Headwaters are located.
 The cousins had a blast swimming in the river and climbing trees.
(That's G at the top, N on the right and A with the hoodie)

Mostly the pawrents spent a week reconnecting with family by playing games, sitting around the campfire and just being together.

 The pawrents really enjoyed their stay in Minnesota 
and we're hoping one day they'll take us to see it!

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