Last Day with Uncle Puppy

Tonight Bilbo and I told Uncle Puppy that he gets to go meet his Mommy and Daddy Humans tomorrow!!! Grandma and Grandpa are feeling better, so we will be taking UP home!! The boys got distracted...Boys are so silly!

Uncle Puppy is resting up so he has lots of energy to play at his new house tomorrow!

The Mama says she will take lots of pictures, plus document UP stay with us after he leaves tomorrow. The Mama says she is "whooptydoodles". I am not sure what that means, but she is looking pretty worn out. I think Uncle Puppy thinks his name is either "No Sir" or "That is not a chew toy".

She promises to catch up with all our friends bloggies in the next couple of days!

Sleep Tight Everyone!


Uncle Full of Energy Puppy is here!!


Puppies are hard work y'all!!

We thought we were ready....

Mommy even stopped at the green and white place that gives me cookies...and gives her wake up juice!

Then we were off to W-A-C-O to meet Uncle Puppy..

Are we there yet mommy??

After like a million hours we finally got there and......

Met Uncle Puppy...
Here he is with Cousin KJ...

Align Center

and Cousin M AND Cousin KJ....

Before we knew it we were home in Austin (of course I slept ALL the way home!),

this is our house Uncle Puppy....

Bilbo this is Uncle Puppy
...better make that a quick sniff

Uncle Puppy says.....

WOW....Dory's Backyard...I have heard SO MUCH about it....

It smells ever so good!!

Miss Beth says GOOD BOY!!!! I am a "Quick learner" maybe???

Miss Beth keeps says...make your butt fly Uncle Puppy
like Belle....Who IS Belle???

I am being a good boy....

This is my toy right Dory????

am I allowed up here???

I am cute right Dory???

Dory says I AM CUTE!!!!!

From Mama....
To all you who have raised BIG puppies...I salute you, I am WORN OUT!!! But I must say I can see your attraction to the big breeds...they are too adorable!!


Friday Night Lights..I Mean Awards!

Hi everybody! It Bilbo AND Dory here tonight to share a couple of awards we got....

First, Lily and Benson over at Doggy Days bestowed us with this wonderful award:

I, Dory, have already told you a story and Mommy says it's time Bilbo told his. Bilbo lives by his own rules, and he is going to tell you his story and let everyone who hasn't received this award take it and tell their story!

I wasn't always the stately looking, snappy dressing man in charge I am now. I was once just a small little tike. Although I did never develop a taste of the finer puppy foodables (you know like Scout...he enjoys litter box treats!) , I did, being the refined pup that I was, develop a certain love of leather....Mmmmmmmm, the memories.

You may not know this, but my Daddy has foot "issues", and can't wear shoes that are not "quality" made ( EXPENSIVE). Since I was the FIRST puppy that my Daddy and Mommy had in the house for a LONG time, they didn't know that, along with my bones, I may want to chew on other things (silly humans). They really did not pay attention to me one evening while they were probabaly watching some silly vampire or sci fi show on the talky box. I was very quiet about it, but I chewed a smiley in the back of Daddy's everday "quality" shoes. OH, and then, there was the time Mommy left her leather wallet on TOP of her purse, and I nibbled off a corner of it. They tried to get mad at me, but sheesh...How could you get mad at this face???

I had them trained at a very early age....

Now...back to Dory....

My very cool friends Fiona and Jazzi have given me this wonderful award,

This award originated on Daisy's blog and was made by the Purple Hatter. For those of you who haven't visited Mr. Hatter...he is a pawesome award and graphic designer dude.
The only rule I saw for this one was to pass it on to 5 friends that blog at least once a week.
Since I can't, of course, just pick five of you. Please feel free to take this award if you blog at least once a week. Because all my friends are PAWESOME
(and blog much more than once a week...;-))!!

Happy Furiday!

Dory - 1 year


VPKC(Vampire Puppy and Kitty Club) Friday!

Hi Everybody!! This week it is all me, Dory, and I want to talk to about getting a new puppy!! Nope, not me...well not yet. Mama and Daddy promised me that this Spring we will have a little sister or brother Lhasa for me!

What IS happening to us this week is that "due to circumstances beyond Mama's control", we will be "Uncle-Sitting" for a few days. We will be going up to WACO to meet my human uncle and pick up "Uncle Puppy".

Anyways, this got me and Mama thinking about preparing to have a puppy in the house. Here are a few things that we will be doing:

First and foremost, make sure that we get the same food he is eating now I know that I tummy gets upset if Mommy changes my food...so of course, she hasn't changed our food in a very long time! We will also get him some new food dishes! This way he will have his very own food and food place!

Mama is going to pick a very special blankie for him to call his own, and put it in his sleepy room (Mommy calls this a CRATE). I know I loved having a special fuzzy blankie in my sleepy room when I was little. I will make sure and tell him about when he grows up to be a big puppy he will be able to sleep in a big bed with Grandma and Grandpa, but it is much safer for him FOR NOW, to be in a sleepy room!

What other advice do you have for new puppy owners???

In honor of our puppy guest, this week we will be sending $20 green papers to the GRRH in the name of my new Uncle...whom we call "Uncle Puppy" until my Grandma and Grandpa get all better (they have the flu) and we deliver him. I have a feeling you will be seeing a BUNCH of pictures of him over the next few days so I will have Mom make him a card!

Mom says she will be back next week!

Would some puppy like to tell Bilbo that he is having
to babysit this weekend. He is so not going to be

I will do my best to play with and protect
Uncle Puppy while he is here!

Thanks to Zoolantry for the VPC Logo and Bilbo/Dory Pictures!!

Happy Weekend!!!


New Kitty Friend

I have a problem....

On our morning walks Mommy and I pass some kitty cats that live outside and inside. We pass one that stays close to the bushes when we walk by. I try to make friends with her, but she won't let me come close.

The other morning we were walking accross the street and I think she was in trouble...

Does anyone out there know kitty morse code???

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday Twist - Bilbo's Inside!

Hi my name is Bilbo and I am the Alpha of the Norte Pack and this is my house!

My sister Dory has relented and is letting me have Tuesdays on her Blog (or maybe she is just out in her yard squirrel hunting and I accidentally closed our door to the outside...ummmm, whoops).

I wanted to put to rest all of the rumors saying that I am a Growley puppy and not a Smiley puppy like Dory. Sure...I can be stern...

Bilbo Stern
Someone has to rule over the house right?

But I have a softer side. I really do. Like last night, after I put Mommy and Dory to bed and Daddy was downstairs doing Daddy stuff with his little talky box, I went upstairs and snuggled RIGHT NEXT to Mama. I could of layed ANYWHERE on that big bed, but I wanted to make sure Mama felt safe and warm so I snuggled up WAY CLOSE.

I also sometimes LET Dory have my cookies. She thinks she is stealing them, but I really don't want them anyway so I let her have them. I also let her have my food sometimes...The Mama worries when I don't eat ALL THE TIME like Dory does, so sometimes I let Dory eat some of my food if the Mama and Daddy don't pick it up before going out. Of course, I also make sure to take it back out of her bowl sometimes...just sometimes tho.

Bilbo Shy

So really...I am just a shy little dude who doesn't like his schedule changed. I like laying in sunny spots and staying within seeing or hearing distance of the Mama when she is home. I think my Mama and Daddy appreciate someone keeping them on schedule...Don't you??

Oh please! Dory
Oh, PLEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE.......(What do you mean ~HUSH ~Mama??)
Mumble, Mumble..Mama's Boy...Mumble, Mumble


I got a Award!!

Thanks to the awesome Riley and Star for this pawesome award! If you haven't visited these cute Maltese head on over and say hi!

Now here are the rules to this award:

"When accepting this award, you must blog about the food you have stolen when your humans were not watching. If you have never stolen any food, you must have been a really good pup! You can accept this yummy tray of cookies as your reward! Next add the logo of this award to your blog (optional), then nominate at least 5 other furry blogs and let them know by leaving a message on their blogs."

Ok...so here's the scoop...I am soooooo NOT allowed people food. Mama is like the People Food CZAR. So, unless I am mushing something unknown off the floor, Mama can't write 'bout anything I have stolen because in her eyes..I have never stolen anything...I am an ANGEL as far as Mama and people food are concerned...BUT....I do steal Boney Bilbo's cookies...I have even gotten TIME OUTS for doing it ( I know...can you believe it?? ME in a time OUT).

Then there was this one time...I was in living room (yes on the CARPET) chewin' away...Mama and Daddy thought I was chewin' on a bone until Mama thought it was a bit STINKY in the living room..so Mama came in and saw I was really chewin on something VERY ICKY (so she says) and I should DROP IT. I mean, it wasn't like I had killed the birdy...I thought it was a treat someone left in my backyard for me.....Mama made Daddy take my TREAT and THROW IT AWAY...sheesh...Needless to say there have been no more of "that" kind of treat in the house since. Mama and Daddy are definitely not Doggy FOODIES types are they???

Hmmmm now...to give this to 5 friends...and please forgive the MAMA if this is your second time getting this award....she is on loopy cold meds! How about Sasha, The Bully Brats (Woodrow, MJ and Sweetie), Lucy, Teddy and Stella...and anyone else that wants to play!

In other awards...A friend of Dennis the Adventuring Vizla ~ the Purple Hatter ~ made awards for us puppy bloggers and gave them to Dennis to hand out...so,

Cause I LOVE Cookies!!!


Cause some of my best friends are Stuffies!!

The Mama is home today in between narrating I am out protecting the house from squirrels...

I am Happy, Happy!

Bilbo is sleepy, sleepy!!


Sleepy Sunday

We interrupt the Sunday napping.....

Dory - Who is that Mommy???

Mama - That's Lucy, this week's winner of the VPKC trivia question. We are donating 20 green papers in her name to the Lifelong Friends in Lago Vista.

Dory - What does the card say Mama??

Mama - It just tells them to put the 20 green papers to good use helping to keep the puppies that don't have homes comfy until they find furr-ever homes.

Dory - I hope all the puppies find furr-ever homes soon Mama

Mama - Me too Dory...Me too...

Now back to our regulary scheduled Sunday...

Sooooo Sleeepy...



I am sleeping Daddy...

Quite Flashing me!