Sepia Saturday

Mama thinks this looks good in Sepia...

I think I look good in Sepia too!!


Happy Sepia Saturday!!
Thanks to Ruckus for hosting Sepia Saturday for us in Blogville!

Clean and Pretty Friday

Dory here to let you know that we had a WONDERFUL time at the spa yesterday!!!

Jakey: But Dory, they stole all my furs!!!

Arty: Yeah Dory, plus we had to take BATHS!!!


Dory: OK...so maybe it was just ME that had a wonderful time...plus, just look how BEAUTIMOUS I am we are!!


Thoughtless Thursday - Dirty???

Arty: Jakey...did you hear that?? Mama says we are dirty doggies....

Arty: Didn't I just get a bath, like a month ago? It is not my fault that the rain is making my favorite toy...MUD!!

Arty: Uh Oh.....

Jakey and Bilbo: What are we doing here Mama???

Jakey and Bilbo: But MAAAAMAAAAA we didn't play with the MUD, Arty did!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY do we have to go???

Dory: It's ok Mama,  
I will ignore take care of them and I we will have fun making new friends while we getting all beautimous!!

From the Mama: Dory actually loves going to the groomer and meeting new friends and having fun...the boys.....welll not so much.

This week we are participating in Ruckus's Thoughtless Thursday!

Thanks so much for hosting Ruckus!!


A Biscuit Picnic

To celebrate International Dog Biscuit Day yesterday, Mama took me on a long walkie AND picnic!!

It was a beautiful day....although Mama says it was chilly, I was very comfy and cozy (Mama says probably cause I need a haircut).

We passed some birdies taking an afternoon swim.

Let's go Mama....we need to find a place to have my picnic!!

Spring is springing here on the North Coast of California and there were lots of pretty flowers!

We  found a nice bench where I could spread my blankie and have my cookie picnic!!  Mama brought a whole BUCKET of cookies for me....of course I am a lady (and Mama said something about MOST of the cookies being for show) and I only was allowed had two or three biscuits.

We had this beautiful view of Arty's ocean while we ate.

We also saw this big tree that fell over...Imagine all the pee-mail there must be on it!

We had a most wonderful time on our picnic...we hope you all had a nice International Dog Biscuit Day too!!

Speaking of special occasions....have you all met Enid??? She is a very cool little gal and is holding a costume contest!! 

I sent her a picture of me in my pretty pink dress.
You can read more about the contest here, she has extended the deadline until this Friday, so make sure you get your entries in soon!!


Black and White Sunday - Arty Leaves It

If I don't see them, they aren't there...Right???

Thanks go to the Beautiful Nola and Sugar for hosting 
the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop


Sepia Saturday - Arty's Ocean

Mine, all mine!!

Boats on my ocean...

Happy Sepia Saturday!!

Thanks to Ruckus for hosting the Sepia Saturday
Blog Hop!


Mini Me Squirrel Olympics

When we last saw our Mini's.....

The boys were hot on the tail of a Sochi squirrel!!!

While Mini Dory was getting ummmm a stern talking to by Big Dory....

Big Dory: Go out right now and find the boys Little D...I will come find you when I get there!
Mini Me Dory: OK Dory, last time I saw them they were on the ski trail, I'll look there first.

Thank goodness Air Fiona had a super fast jet ready to fly Dory to Sochi in record time!!

Meanwhile....on the ski slope...

Bilbo: Jakey I do NOT think making this big jump was a good idea!
Jakey: But the Sochi Squirrel is SOOOO close Bilbo
Arty: Don't listen to Bilbo Jakey....let's go FASTER!!!!!
Bilbo: Sheesh.....kids

Little Dory: WHAT HAPPENED BOYS?????
Little Jakey: We may have overshot that last jump a little
Little Bilbo: I told you we shouldn't have done it!
Little Arty: SOCHI SQUIRREL!!!!!

Sochi Squirrel: TeeHeeHee....

 Big Dory: Oh My Dog....is efurrypuppy ok???
 Little Dory: They are fine Miss Dory, but the squirrel is getting away!!!!
Big Dory: No worries, I will get that Sochi Squirrel!!!

You better stay up there Mr. Squirrel, or I will have to give you what for!!! 

OH NO!!! how did Big Dory get all the way to Sochi!!! 
I will go away for now but......



Tasty Tuesday - Sojo's

Today we are joining the beautiful Miss Sugar for her Tasty Tuesday blog hop!

We gots a box from Chewy last Friday....
Mama said that in exchange for our honest review, Chewy.com would send us some treats!

Dory: What are we reviewing this month Jakey??

Jakey: Well Dory and Arty this month we are going to review Sojo's Lamb and Sweet Potato flavored Treats!

Dory: Mmmmmmmmmn, they smell nommy!!
Arty: Are they good for us Mama??

Mama: Well Arty, they are grain and gluten free which is good for everyfurry, but especially good for you! Plus...they have nothing artificial AND no preservatives. What do you guys think???

Dory: These are DELISH Mama!!

Jakey: I second that....these are pretty darn good!!

Arty: Don't drop it Mama!!

Now for the pickiest taste tester.....

Bilbo: Nom...NomNom....NomNom...

That is the best review Bilbo has ever given!!

We give these all paws up!!

They are 13 calories each, so they aren't so much for training but they make a great morning treat OR and anytime Bilbo treat!
(Bilbo is the only one in the house that doesn't have to worry about calories)