Almost Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes even the Mayor just needs to be silly!!

Thanks so much for all the great advice about my itchy issues on Monday's post. We'll make sure to keep you updated!

March Birthdays

Wow...Look at all the special furr-iends born in March!!
Make sure to take a minute to stop by and wish them a very Happy March Birthday!!

March 1st - Rusty - Jan's Funny Farm
March 3rd - Molly - Mackie and Molly
March 11 - Madi - Madi and Mom Down Home in NC
March 15th - Dui - Down Under Daisy
 March 15th - Ranger - The Adventures of Ranger
March 20th - Crockett - Lone Star Cats
March 25th - Sarge - Sarge Speaks Out
March - 26th - Shiloh - Team Beaglebratz
March 31st - Jakey - Dory's Backyard

Also make sure to visit the, newly updated and redecorated, BAR page!!
Click HERE to transport over!
(A special thanks to Zoolatry  for the remodeling and badges!!)

Happy Shrove Tuesday!!


A Fungus Among Us!

 Today I want to talk to you about something that I have been dealing with the past few years. Fungus. Mama and I are nearing the end of our ropes trying to control it.

 I am taking Apoquel every other day for the itchies and just finished a round of antibiotics.  I can go on another round of fungal medications(like I did about 6 months ago), but they can be very bad for my kidneys.

 What Mama is doing is bathing me 2 times a week with Malaseb Medicated Anti-Fungal Shampoo.

Not only do I have to take baths, but I have to let the shampoo sit on my skin for 5 minutes on all my itchy spots! Mama keeps me calm with puppy massages,  treats, and sometimes we sing silly bath songs. As fun as all that sounds, I'm wondering if we are going to have to do this furr-ever and ever?? I mean, I can only put up with Mama singing for so long!

Have any of you all had to deal with yeast or fungal infections??
How did you treat it? 


Black and White Eye See You Selfies

This week, I decided to take my own selfie

My paws don't reach very far....

Eye See you!!!

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Construction Friday

 Things have been pretty topsy turvy here for the past week or so because we gots new cabinets in the kitchen!!

 We had plumbers and cabinet guys in and out!

 I was there to snoopervise of course!

 How does the plumbing look, Dory??

 Don't worry Mama, we have everything under control!

 Finally today it was all done, and things can get back to normal!!

Time to play now Mama, right?!?!


Special Blogville Announcements!

 Hello everypuppy!! Mayor Arty here today to tell you about two things going on around Blogville!!

 First, and Foremost, I am honored to announce the director of our newest Blogville Department.
Dougie Dog has graciously volunteered his (and his Ann from Zoolatry's) services as
the Director of Rainbow Bridge Tributes.  Dougie and Ann will be available to design memorials for our furiends who leave for the Rainbow Bridge. 
Here are a few words from Dougie and Ann:
We are honored to create Rainbow Bridge images for our friends who cross the Rainbow Bridge.  When you learn of any pet that has crossed the bridge, whether your own or a fellow blogger's pet, please let us know at once.  An image will be designed in both post and sidebar size and distributed to the widest possible audience so that all may visit and share their condolences.  We need only the pet's name, and a link to their blog and if available, the owners name and email. 
Designing Rainbow Bridge Memory images has been our privilege for many, many years and we always do our best to create personalized
pictures that say something special about the beloved pet.  We cannot visit all blogs ~ so please remember to let us know about any pet who has crossed over ~ all deserve to be remembered.  Thank you.  Contact Ann, zoolatry(at)gmail(dot)com
We have also placed these directions HERE  

Next, Mama, Terry Dactil and  I want to talk a bit about a Mini BAR...

 NO Mama, not THAT Mini Bar.

 This is a Mini Blogville Awesome Retreat!! 
Now, you or your peeps may be asking:
What IS a Mini BAR??
Well, a Mini Bar is a get together that starts when 2 or more Blogville residents want to get together and socialize! Anyone can put together a Mini BAR anywhere in the WORLD!! It doesn't take any organizing, just tell peeps where you'll be and when. If you live in the area, or want to travel to see some new furiends, you can just show up and say HI!

 The idea for this Mini BAR started when Murphy and Stanley and Me and Dory talked about getting us and our peeps together in 2017!
Then we decided, "Hey, why don't we see who else wants to come!"
Mini BARS aren't an organized, structured event like the National BAR was last year, but more of a Vacation with benefits! In our case,
benefits like meeting friends in the furs and running on the beach!!

Here are the deets on this Mini BAR!

When: August 24th thru August 27th (2017)
Where: Tillamook County , Oregon
Some of us will be in Wheelie Houses at the Bar View Campgrounds. Click HERE to read more about Bar View and see the Camping/RV/Trailer info!!

No Wheelie House?? No Problemo!!
Click HERE to see a list of hotels in the Tillamook County Area

Want to make it a Vacation ?? 
Tillamook County is located under 2 hours west of the Portland(OR) Airport
and 4 hours south of the Seattle-Tacoma(WA) Airport. 

There are TONS of things to see in Tillamook County! 
 Lighthouses, an ICE CREAM FACTORY, a Cheese factory, waterfalls and MORE! Click HERE to see Trip Advisors top 25 things to do in the area! 

We would love to meet YOU at this Mini BAR!!


Sunshine on a Rainy Day as a #ChewyInfluencer

Hi everybody, #ChewyInfluencer Dory here today to tell you about a product that is very near and dear to myself and my brothers' hearts!  Before I tell you about it I wanted to tell you that this product is one that our Mama has Autoshipped  to our house on a set time frame EVERY MONTH to make sure we NEVER EVER EVER run out. Because if we did....well, let's just say Mama would be in our doghouse for sure!!  We are so thankful to Chewy.com for having not only this very important feature, but for being there with 24/7 customer service and zippy fast shipping!!!

Now where was I...OH YES...our monthly #Chewyinfluencer product...

ARTY...you are suppose to be PAWFESSIONAL when we do our #Chewyinfluencer review!!
Yes, this month we are reviewing Greenies Grain Free dental chews!

I mean, eh-hem...
That's right Dory,  just in time for Dental Care Month, we are trying the Petite size Greenie! Greenies come in four different sizes for all dog shapes!!

Look at all of these benefits for keeping your teefies clean, naturally! 

Plus...they make all of us smile on all these cloudy and rainy days we have been experiencing this Winter!!

Very good Arty!! Now...lets go to the taste test portion of our review!

Daddy is in charge of giving us greenies. We always make sure he knows when it is time! Mama says we must have a bit of some pup named Pavlov in us because we KNOW, when Dad's phone beeps it's "time"!

We have put together a short video to show you just how much we LOVE Greenies!!

You can visit HERE to watch it on YouTube

 Nommmmm...nom, nom, nom!!!
12 paws up here...

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!!
Bilbo says as soon as they start making soft Pumpkin Greenies he'll give them a try BOLBOL!!

Thanks Chewy.com for making sure we always get our favorite treats and foodies on time!!

We were given a bag of  Grain Free Greenies to try in exchange for ours (and sometimes Mama's) honest review. We were not compensated for this review.  These are our very own opinions!!

We are joining the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop!! Thanks Sugar and Oz for hosting!