Black and White VET Result Selfies

Black and White Vet Selfies
Hi all, Dory here to let you know about our VET visit on Friday!! Bilbo has severe dry eye and has to have an ointment rubbed on his eyes everyday and the dogtur also gave him Metecam for his hip owies!  Over all, he is doing pretty darn good for a soon to be 14 year old!! Thanks for all your good vibes and POTP for him!

Mama dragged me along with Bilbo to get my "pre-BAR" check up! I am a pretty healthy girl too! My heart is doing well and Mama had them check a couple of lumpy bumpies that turned out to just be fatty cysts, hurray!! After a quick flu vaccine, I was cleared for our roadtrip!! 

The dogtur stole some of our bloods and peepee for testing, but she thought we were in GREAT shape for Senior Pups!!

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!
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Also...Make sure to STAY TUNED tomorrow for a VERY FUN AND EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!


Cesar Classics - #Chewyinfluencer


 Whew, just in the nick of time Mama,  you almost missed the dead lion for our April #Chewyinfluencer review!! Through no fault of Chewy.com of course. They sent this month's selection of Cesar Classis from all the way across the country in record time!!

 That's right this month Arty and I are reviewing Cesar Classic wet food!! With our big road trip coming up, we needed something that was small and easily stored as well as nutritious and delicious to mix in with our kibble. Cesar Classics fit all our needs!!

Just to be clear, we think Mama should give us wet food EVERYDAY!! Unfortunately, she doesn't think so. Luckily, during road trips Dory won't eat her kibbles unless she has a bit of wet food deliciousness mixed in!

 Tonight, we are trying the Cesar Classic Filet Mignon Flavor!

 OMD....Filet Mignon...NOMMY!!!!

 Show us the foodies, Mama!!!

She mixed in about a quarter of the container in with out kibbles...
A bit stingy don't you think???

We couldn't put into words how much we enjoyed it, so Mama made a short video to show you how much we liked it!

 Click HERE to view it on YouTube

In case you didn't guess, we gave it 8 out of 8 paws!!
Mama says she will be ordering some to take with us on our trip to the B.A.R.!! HURRAY!!

Don't worry about Jakey or Bilbo, neither of them likes wet food...Can you believe it???? Mama did give Bilbo extra pumpkin cookies and Jakey an extra greenie so they wouldn't feel left out!

 We are joining the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop!! Thanks Sugar and Oz for hosting!

We were not compensated for this review. We received Cesar Classics samples in exchange for our (and Mama's) honest opinions.

 OH...and before we forget, Mama is going to visit Grandma and Grandpa in our home state of Texas for a few days. We will be staying with Nanny Ally and having LOTS OF FUN.
Mama says we can have the computer password but we probably won't be around as much as usual.


Flower Friday by the Sea

Welcome to the last Flower Friday of April!! 
Today  I am letting Mama post flowers she saw on a recent hike she took
by Arty's ocean.

It's a really pretty hike but there are lots of stairs and stuff she says are too steep for me.

...and we ALL know how Mama loves being by the ocean...

OK Mama...show us the flowers already!!
We are going to let you absorb the beauty with no subtitles
(and this has NOTHING to do with the fact that Mama doesn't know the name of most of these

Don't the flowers look twice as pretty with the ocean in the background!

We hope everyone has a pawsome weekend!!

What flowers have you found this week??
Show us and join up to the Flower Friday Blog Hop!!


Walkies with Conditions...

Lately, Mama has been obsessed with taking her camera out on walkies WITHOUT US!
Finally, Arty and I but our paws down and told her she needed to take us for walkies too!! After all, Arty needs to get out and kiss puppies and we both need to practice walking together for our big walkies during our upcoming BAR Roadtrip!!

So Mama and I compromised. We would get to go with her IF she could bring her big camera too!!
You know what that meant...

Yup, Lots of pawsing during our walkies for impromptu photo shoots!!

Here I am practicing my rock climbing skills. I just know Murphy and Stanley will want to pose on rocks during the B.A.R. and I want to be up to the challenge! That's right, we will be talking lots of walkies at the B.A.R. and the pupparrazzi will be out n full force!

Mama will be holding a short photo tutorial at the BAR. 
In fact, I just talked about it over on the B.A.R. Blog.,
click HERE to transport over!!

I don't mind the walkies with Arty...but it is nice when Mama and I get out by ourselves too!!
Mama says I am her bestest walking buddy!

For some reason, Mama says this is the bestest part of taking Photo Walks!!

We all sleep VERY well at night!

Make sure to keep your eye on the B.A.R. Blog as we get closer to the event, we get more and more exciting new posts up!!


Debate Tuesday

Here we are again with Debate Tuesday, Week 2. Lexi has asked the questions this week and is hoping for some revealing answers to help you make an informed decision in November.

For more information on us, the Candy Dates, you are invited to visit our blogs:
Lexi at Lexi the Schnauzer
Arty at Dory’s Backyard
Christmas at Paw Province

Now, let the debate begin!

1. If you could wish for any one thing for Blogville and have it come true, what would it be?
Lexi: There’s been a lot of medical problems lately. I would wish for perfect health for everyone throughout their lives.
Arty: My wish for Blogville and every-ville is that all our friends in shelters and roaming the streets find furr-ever homes real soon!!
Christmas: I know it isn't possible, but I wish EVERY SINGLE Blogville peep could be in the same place all in one time and everyone would get a chance to talk about their experiences and meet the people and pets who they've loved from a distance for so many years.

2. Blogville includes anipals and peeps from all around the world. What experience do you have with foreign dignitaries that would help in your role as mayor, if elected?
Lexi: Let’s see. I had the French to my house one evening for an American meal served in the French tradition. Then I took them all for a walk around my neighborhood to observe and admire our American way of life. I hope they returned to France with stories of our American hospitality. Before a stressful production of Home for the Holidays I offered my therapy services backstage to the Chattanooga Symphony Director Kayoko Dan, originally from Japan. I went on to do therapy with several of the performers. Miss Dan was so appreciative that she sent me a Christmas card. I hope she lets the Japanese know of the kindness of Americans.
Arty: Hmmmm, well I love french fries and would love to try Chinese food someday. Other than that, I will be meeting with dogs from all over the world (well, from the USA and Canada) in June, when I attend the B.A.R. and hope to use this time to help refine my foreign policy!
Christmas: Well, because dog shows are full with top dogs from all over the world, I've met dogs from all sorts of places. I've met a Standard Schnauzer from Croatia and some other dogs I've met have probably been from 87 different places, too. Us Dachshunds are German dogs (wiener schnitzel, anyone?) so I'm part German! I am actually very fluent in German, but it's a shame that my
mommy is a human and can't understand my German.

3. What is, or would be, your choice for a volunteer service and why?
Lexi: Since 2007 I do monthly therapy with children of all ages at the local children’s hospital. My times onstage at the theatre were also volunteer work, besides being my very favorite thing in the whole world. Putting a smile on a sick or hurting child’s face and making people happy keeps me in touch with my purpose in life, to bring joy to others.
Arty: If given the chance, I would love to be a spokesdog for our anipals that need homes. Coming off the streets myself (when I was only 7 months old), I feel I would do a great job telling the humans out there Rescue Doggies Rock!!
Christmas: My mommy is thinking of training me specifically to be a therapy dog within the next couple of years. I love peeps and I'm very sweet and well behaved. I work well in public and I love to make peeps happy. My long body and longing eyes usually earn me lots of attention on my walks.

4. What is the hardest decision you ever had to make and how did it turn out?
Lexi: Mom and I play the “Leave It, Find It” game with treats. She puts a treat down, says, “Leave it,” and I have to ignore the treat while we go to the next spot in the house where she does it again. Eventually, Mom says, “Find it!” and I get to use my excellent memory to find all the treats and eat them. If I grab and eat one while Mommy is still in the first part of the game, the game is over. So the hardest decision is to leave the treat so that I can have more or satisfy my immediate desire to eat it right then. Things always go better when I listen.
Arty: Hmmm, being just 4 years old, I haven't had to make many hard decisions except for deciding to resign myself to being an "Alpha in Training" under Dory. After living here for only a few months,  I decided she is the best girl for the job. Now I listen to (almost) everything she has to say! This has helped to give me the patience needed to be a good Blogville Mayor, and the ability to listen to others!
Christmas: My hardest decision? In my short life (I'm 2!) I haven't had many hard decisions to make, except for one EXTREMELY DIFFICULT ONE!!! It was to decide if I wanted chicken canned dog food or beef canned dog food for dinner one day. Can't you feel my pain? It was a very difficult choice, but I eventually chose the chicken. Where's the beef?

5. A good mayor has to use empathy and common sense. Give an example of when you have done either one or both.
Lexi: Empathy. I do that every time I stay home with Dad when he feels bad and give him therapy instead of making demands. I do that when I give up my front car seat to Piper because he gets car sick in the back. Common sense: Sometimes when I come out of work the sun is shining in my eyes. So, instead of walking out into the parking lot without being able to see, I wait for Mommy to leash me or pick me up. Mommy says that is smart; I think it is just common sense.
Arty: I always feel when my Mama or Daddy are upset and am right there fighting for attention to soothe them! Also, as a member of a pack of four, I have the common sense to get to our food bowls first! Can't have my brothers and Dory eating my dinner!!
Christmas: For empathy? Well, I always look out for my mommy. I make sure she's happy and I have lots of fun taking walks with her. In the show ring, once I got very nervous. I tried to back off the table in the ring where my mom stacked me for the judge (a stack is a way a show dog stands in the ring). I don't really know why, I was just nervous. Dog shows can be overwhelming sometimes. So
she picked me up and talked to me and made me feel better, and when she put me back on the table, I was calm and happy and let the nice judge look at my teeth and pet me. The judge chose us for first place because my mommy put her dog's needs first. I do the same for her. If my mommy is sometimes nervous in the ring or just in casual life, I like to lick her face or do one of my tricks to lighten her up!


I'm No Sissy!

Before I start my story today, I wanted to thank all of you who spoke up and let Mama know she should NOT have woken me up the other day while she was making the test movie on the BAR website. Sometimes Mama is soooo rude!! She comes up with silly excuses too. Like, "Bilbo, your hips are going to get too sore if you sit still too long". Doesn't she know I'm almost 14 years old and need my 6 hour naps!!

Lately though, my eyes have been getting VERY crusty. It was getting so bad late last week, that I could hardly open them. Mama called the V-E-T to make an appointment and they said Mama should soak my eyes with a warm damp compress.

 SAY WHAT??? OMD...I am not going to show you the 
torture that Mama put me through because it was just too horrible!!

 Now...my face is ALL WET!

 Excuse me, Mama

I think I deserve a double pumpkin cookie reward for this!!!

 Mama says getting old ain't for sissies. Well I'm here to tell you, I'm almost 14 years old and I'm no sissy!!

From Mama: Bilbo has a dogtur appointment on Friday for both his eyes and his hips and could use a little POTP that everything goes well


BWSS-Fashionistas Stick Together

Today, I am dedicating my mostly Black and White Selfie to my Fashionista Mentor, Whitley the Westie (her Mama made me this most beautiful dress)!! Whitley is having some really bad leggy problems and we are sending tons of POTP her way. But, not to worry,  she will always be the best dressed Westie in Blogville!! 

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday