June Birthdays!!

  Make sure to stop by and wish a Happy Birthday to Blogville's June Furkids!
June 6th - Tegan's over at Gardening with Wyatt

June 17th - Edgar from Calamities

June 20th - Miss Angelique over at Lone Star Cats  


Happy Fifth Birthday Arty!

 It seems like only yesterday I came to live with Mama and Daddy. I was just a wee lad then, only nine months old!

 Here I am on my second birthday when Mama through me and Bilbo a joint Birthday Pawty!

 For my third birthday, Mama and I went on a cool walkie in the woods!

 ...and last year, for my fourth birthday,  I went to the B.A.R. AND on a trip to Texas with Mama!!

This year I was proud to be elected Blogville's Mayor which was the best birthday present a guy could ask for!!
PLUS, I received a very nice smelling package from my best gal Mabel that Mama is going to let me open later today!! Mama and Daddy also took me for a pawsome walk on the beach by my ocean!!

Today is also another famous Blogville Mayor's birthday, 
I want to wish Mayor Emeritus Frankie Furter a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Last but not least, thanks so much to Madi and Tuiren, Fenris, Yin, Yang, Chimera and Angel Socks for these very special birthday cards they sent!!



TT-Rainy Days and No Vampires

Happy Travel Tuesday!!
 Arty here this week to tell you all about our drive up the Washington coast (Ocean City State Park and Forks).  As some of you may know, this part of Washington State contains a rain forest making it one of the rainiest parts of the USA.  So this part of our trip was pretty rainy and Mama couldn't take her big camera on too many walkies.

Things got pretty boring for awhile when the rain was real heavy.
Seems Mama and Daddy don't like the idea of muddy paw prints in the wheelie house so we didn't get out for any fun walkies. We passed the time checking our email. I  also checked in with Mabel to make sure Blogville was running smoothly while I was out of the office. I am such a lucky Mayor to have my best gal Mabel as my VM! She did such a great job making sure everything got done!

But still, it didn't take long before we were REALLY bored! 
After about 87 hours, the rain let up enough and I thought a walkie was in order even if it was still drizzling. Daddy and Mama agreed, so we headed out for a short walk through the woods until we found my ocean!

I just loved the feel of the wind in my furs. Jakey seemed a little hesitant to head out in the rain at first, BUT

But after a few good sniffs of ocean air, he was hooked!!

We both agreed, rainy day walkies CAN be fun...although Mama and Daddy insisted on cleaning our pawsies and "undercarriages" every time we came back in...that wasn't so fun.

We spent a lot of time driving in the wheelie house for our ride up the Washington Coast. Usually you could find us like we are above. Well, until that time Jakey poked me and we had that little "discussion".  

Mama thought maybe we should be separated for awhile after that.

We saw lots of green, green, green hills and beautifully textured gray skies too!

We traveled next to quite a few lakes and rivers!

The crawling low clouds were very pretty!

Mama was lucky,  she had me sitting behind her! I kept asking her if she needed my help navigating, but she assured me the silly Siri lady was helping Daddy get us where we needed to go!

Ummm...Mama, this looks like a dirt road!

Should have listened to us Mama...

Take the fork on the right to get to Forks, Daddy!!

When we started driving through Olympic State Park we started keeping our eyes open for Vampires and Werewolves!! You know how they love dark scary forests!
Unfortunately they must have all been at a convention in Vegas, 'cause we didn't see any of them!

After 87 hours of Vampire hunting, we thought we would finally get to see Edward, Bella, Jacob and the Cullen's in their hometown of Forks...We kept our eyes open, but didn't even get to see Jacob!!

We did find a very cool RV Park though!  Mama said this was our utility stop, she did laundry and she and Daddy cleaned up the muddy paw prints 
Wheelie House!

This park looks like a really big trailer parking lot surrounded by humungous  trees!! 

They had grassy areas for us to go potty, but Jakey said he wanted to go for another rainy day walkie. Daddy thought that was a great idea, so off we all went!

I posed on a tree stump but Mama didn't have any Zuke's with her and Dory taught me not to even look if Mama had treats!

Before we left we did some shopping at Forks Outfitters where Bella(from Twilight) used to work. We didn't see her though.

Before we knew it it was time to hop back in the wheelie house and head to our next destination!! 

Join us next Travel Tuesday as we make our way to Dash Point State Park and the Puget Sound!


Happy Memorial Day!

 Today, here at the DB and all around the USA...

 ...we are taking time...

...to remember all of those who have lost their lives to protect and serve our country!

Memorial Day 2017


Unauthorized Mamaparrazzi Selfies

Seriously Mama??? Do you all see what we have to put up with???

You are lucky you are so cute, Mama! 

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Sepia Snuggle Caturday Art

Wow Arty, I think Mama may be a bit out of control with this art stuff...
I know Jakey, I can hardly even tell this is us!!

A bit of sepia tone, texturing and fairy art over at Lunapic with a quick frame over at PicMonkey resulted in this piece of Modern Art by Mama!

We are joining Athena over at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty
for the Caturday Art Blog Hop!


Rhododendron Flower Friday

Jakey here today to wish everyone a very Happy Flower Friday!! This week Mama and I wanted to show you the different Rhododendron blooms in the area! Mama has a special mad crazy obsession love for these pretty blooms!

Mama admired this small rhody that she found in the nearby Arcata Town Square.

This beautiful Spring pink bloom is one of our backyard blooms!

Our backyard bushes don't look too healthy this year, do they Mama?? You might want to pay a bit more attention to them this year, just sayin'...

Although the bushes aren't doing well, we did get some pretty bloom clusters...Here is one of our dark pink blooms.

...and a curly rhody bloom glistening after a rain shower.

Our white rhody bush has a few different bloom clusters that look much better thank they did last year!

The sun has even come out so we can get out and enjoy all the pretty blooms!

These are Mama' s favorite yard rhodies, she loves the splash of orange in the center.

Let's wrap things up with a closer look....

We hope you enjoyed our rhododendrons!! Make sure to join us next week when Arty and Mama show you the beautiful Lupines in the area!!

We also hear Mini Dory is with Mama in that Lost Wages place this weekend enjoying all the pretty casino flowers! They will feature them in a Flower Friday coming soon!

Hop aboard and show us the flowers blooming in your corner of the world (If you don't see the link here, please click HERE to go to our Hoppity page)!!