Tongue Out Tuesday - Bunny Ears

Smilin' for Cookies!!!
I can't believe what Mama did to me today!!
Right in the middle of a perfectly good photoshoot....

She plopped silly bunny ears on my head.....

Ummm...Dory, those are some big ears you have HOL (honk out loud)!!
Even Ducky thinks I look silly, Mama!!!

Silly Mama, I am not a bunny!!!!!


They're Home!!!

Mama and Daddy got home last night!!!
There were happy dances and snuggles for all!!

...we can everything back on schedule now, right Mama???

We will be catching up and getting back to our regular bloggy routine this week, 


Black and White Pretty Girl Selfie Sunday

A gal can never have too much pink or too many diamonds!

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday



Thankful Thursday - Bilsha!

You are not going to believe what my darling Sasha sent me....

Mama put them in my room, so I would see them as soon as I woke up from my mid afternoon nap!

What a wonderful card...*sigh*
I am thinking of you too
Sweet Sasha!!!

My heart skipped a beat when I read the inside!!!

....and the most special thing she sent me was a mini Sasha to hang over my bed!!!
Now, even when I wake up from a dream about Sasha, she will be the first beautiful doggie I see!! 

I think I am the most luckiest guy in Blogville!!!


Wordless Wednesday - Waiting

Waiting for Daddy and Mama to get home......

We are taking place in the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop this week!


Teddy Bear Tea Party - Girlz Just Wanna Have Fun!

 Welcome Gals!! Get comfy, grab a cup of tea for you and your stuffy(ies) and relax!!

 Ciara is enjoying a "girl day" away from her brothers...
isn't that an adorable friend she has there!!

 Look, here is Walter's gal, Tuiren, sporting a beautiful tiara!

 Aaaahhh...Cinnamon is napping with her teddy bears!!

What a wonderful smiley Hailey is has on today!!

 Doesn't Molly look adorbs with her green snake friend??

Here is Maggiemae with a wonderful new hat perched just right on her head! 
I wonder if her mysterious BFF is here??? 

Isn't Scylia look beautiful in her flowery

 Bilbo just swooned when he saw this picture of Sasha!!
(Stay tuned on Thursday to see the special present Bilbo received!)

 We bet Princess Leah and her teddy get anything they want when they give their Mama that look!!

Fashionista Finley is looking pretty in pink!!

OMD...I wonder if Whitley's Mama makes all her Teddy's clothes too??
A well dressed family for sure!!!

 Stella is looking beautiful in her purple chapeau!!

 Baby is enjoying the Beach with her Teddy Bears!!

Former Mayoress Madi plays the perfect hostess as she sips tea with her bears!

We hope you had a blast at our Teddy Bear Tea Party!!
Make sure to take a few minutes and visit all the gals
taking part in the Girlz Night Out festivities!!!
(click on their names to visit them)

Whitley and Finley are hosting a cocktail party and Texas BBQ!

Madi is hosting Me-ssage Day!

Chef Sasha is having a cheese tasting and various other nommy foodables just for us gals!!

Miss Ruby has her Margaritas chilling!!

Hailey has invited us all to her place for some outdoor fun!!

 We hope you gals enjoy yourself!!

We are dedicating this Girls Day Out to our
furiend, and Casey's sister,  Cinderella, who left for the Rainbow Bridge this past Friday. We will miss you Cinderella....but know you are surrounded with so many of our wonderful friends!

From Mama: Thanks for everyone's condolences on the recent loss of Dory's Grandma. We will be in and out of Blogville while we honor her memory and travel to spend time with family.



Butter-Bear Whispering

Hmmm..is that a......


Paulie.....is that you down there!! 
Would you please put those SILLY BOYZ inside.....

Look Dory!!!! It is Cindy Butter-Bear!!!!
 I sent her a magic email to see if she could come to your Teddy Bear Tea Pawty.
If you put Arty and Jakey the Destroyer( *shiver*) inside, I'll go talk to her.....

Hi Cindy!!! So glad to see you!!!
*kiss* *hug*

Yes...Dory's Teddy Bear Tea Pawty is Tuesday
Yes, anytime you could stop by would be great!

Look for Cindy at .....
The 2015 Girlz Night Out is being held in
honor of Angel Cinderella!

Butter-Bear - A butter-bear is a magical creature that is both Teddy Bear and Butterfly