Saturday-Birthday Review

 I had a beautimous day for my birthday!

Thanks to everyone for all the pawsome birthday wishes yesterday! A special thank you to Madi for this pawesome birthday card.

 Mama took lots of pictures...

 Seriously Mama???

 Mama even took me to Petco!

 WOW...now that is a humungous ball-ey!

 I talked to some kitties!

 Then we came come and I played outside....

 I came in and jumped on the couch and before I knew it...

 Daddy was home!!
 We played some birthday tuggy!!!
Then Mama and Daddy gave me my Birthday Pressie!

 My very own sissy!!!

 They said if I get along nice with this sissy we will talk about getting me a puppy sissy next Spring!

First Birthday Flower Friday from Sequoia Gardens!

It's hard to believe I am a whole year old today!! It's been a pretty pawesome year, finding a furr-ever home with two very cool brothers, making lots of new furiends here in Blogville plus, becoming the hostest with the mostest of Flower Friday!

Speaking of Flower Friday, Mama and I thought this would be a great week to show you the first dahlias at Sequoia Gardens!
Just look at all the beautimous colors!

 These flowers make the pawfect ending to my pawesome birthday week!

Just look at all the different flavors of dahlias!

Mama says they are prettier than any fireworks display she's seen!
Since we actually did this photo shoot last week,  Mama says I can do whatever I want to do today for my birthday! Hmmmmm, let's look at some more dahlias while I think about that...

I think maybe I will have my Mama and Daddy take me and my brothers on a family walk! Then, when we get home, we can have pupcakes and play chase, bitey face and maybe some tuggy! 

Mama also says I am allowed have whatever pressie I would like for my birthday....Hmmmmmm
I'm going to have to think about that too....

How about a baby sissy of my very own Mama??


What do you mean you have to think about it? You said I could have anything I wanted!!

I know, I'll ask Daddy! I bet if I give him my "I want" eyes and "tiny tongue look" and he'll give me my brand new baby sister!

Stay tuned over the next year to see if my birthday wish comes true!
Thanks for joining us all week to celebrate my First Birthday, you know how Mamas can sometimes go overboard BOL!

Flower Friday
Flower Friday here in Our Backyard is all about spreading cheer, while sharing a bit of your corner of Blogville! Just post a picture of flowers blooming, or any nature picture(with or without your pet) and hop aboard!!  
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Thankful for Little Sister and Cake, Especially Cake!

 Because you only have one First Birthday, we decided we would do something special(and yummy) for Rosy this year!

 Mama had a banana mix in the pantry and I added an egg, some oil and water and mixed it all together to make her some pup cakes!
 I must have mixed it for 87 minutes(or maybe 3) to get it all blended together.
Thank goodness Mama was there to help!

 Mama, can you use your thumbs and pour the batter into the pupcake tin?

 Good job Mama...now let's get them in the oven!

Jakey had to take a nap after all that hard work!

 I couldn't sleep tho, because the house was filled with the wonderful smell of baking pup cakes!!

 Another 87 minutes(or maybe 20) later the pup cakes came out of the oven...and THEN Mama said they have to cool for ANOTHER 87 minutes!

 FINALLY, after they were cooled, Mama put some yogurt icing on them and Jakey and I got to decorate them! I know how much Rosy LOVES her HALO Salmon Liv-A-Littles. Well, we had some of the powder and treat bits Mama was saving for a special occasion and I decided to sprinkle some on top of the frosting!

 Jakey knows how much Rosy enjoys her peanut-ty butter so he used some delicious Peanut Butter and Honey Cesar Softies on top of the rest of the cakes!

 Then it happened, Jakey just couldn't help himself, he HAD to taste one of those nommy looking pup cakes! 

Mama said he was soooo cute that she didnt have the heart to say no.
(Good job Jakey!)

 Needless to say, if Jakey got to taste one, I had to taste one too!

Of course, after all the commotion, the almost Birthday Girl walked in and caught us taste tasting! It was only fair that we went ahead and let her taste one too!
 She REALLY enjoyed licking all the icing off!

 ...and the look on her face as she ate her pup cake was all the thanks we could ask for!

Today we are very thankful for our little sister on her almost first birthday

...and for Pup Cakes too!!!

 We are joining Brian for the 
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


Rosy - A Year of Firsts

 First picture...

 First Blogville friend...

First day home...

 First Halloween...

 First Christmas...

 First #ChewyInfluencer Review

 First Valentine's Day

First St. Patty's Day

First Mama and Me Road Trip

First Summer

First Independence Day....

Time sure does fly by!
Only two more sleeps until my very first BARKDAY!!
Stop by tomorrow and see what surprise my brothers are cooking up for my big day!