Tasty Tuesday

Mama FINALLY remembered that Tuesdays are Sugar's Tasty Time...so this week we are going to showcase Mama's NOMMY Doggy Cookies!! 
Ohhhhhhhh...Mama says they were originally our Golden Friend Samantha's Cookie Recipe that Mama used for our 2010 GABE Gifts....Thanks Sammie!!! That makes it even MORE suitable for Sugar's Tasty Tuesday!!

Here is the recipe card.......Mama is sorry if it is fuzzy, let us know and we will have the Mama email you the recipe...
Samantha Cookies

These are very NOMMY cookies...and let me fill you in on a secret....If you attend any day of our Squirrel Class 101 you will be entered in a drawing to win a cookie treat jar FILLED with these cookies!!!! But we digress...

These are some DELICIOUS cookies!!!!

I promise!!!!


Weekend Walkies!!

First of all thanks to all my furry friends for signing up for my Squirrel 101 class. If you haven't signed up, you can still sign up by just letting me know in my comments...we will be taking roll each day! You don't have do do anything by signing up except stop by and participate(you know...like guessing an answer to questions that are asked in the class)!

Look for the Syllabus to be out Friday...on Saturday will by Squirrel Chasing for furries (INCLUDING KITTIES) who live in the country or have their own backyards. On Sunday will be class for City Furries (INCLUDING KITTIES)! There will be a final exam and Grades will be posted on Monday!!
(Watch out everyfurry...Mama has been taking TOOOO many classes and has trained me to grade TOUGH!)


Well, this weekend was MOSTLY boring, cause Mama is back inside her books and we don't get to see her too often...I did talk her into taking me for an early "before study" walk!! I read lots of peemails...FINALLY got to finish Tank's book and even saw a squirrel AND a KITTY!!!!  Let me take you with me.......

I had SOOOOO much fun!!! Mama says that we can go on walkies if the tempature is below 80 in the morning on the mornings she doesn't have Doga. But we will have to take Jakey too...bummer!!


PEE ESS....our crossed paws and prayers are with all of those (human and furries) that were effected by Hurricane Irene.


Squirrel Chasing 101 - Sign Up Now!!

Hey all you furries!! As you know, there is a big Labor Day BASH next weekend, where efurrybody can help celebrate the end of summer (which hopefully will mean COLDER weather for us)!! AND  celebrate the beginning of another school year!!

As pack leader of the Dogkateers, I am in charge of training activities....


 Thanks to my extensive training, Jakey has REALLY excelled at squirrel chasing. Because of this, Mama asked me if I would like to teach EFURRYONE about squirrel chasing....after much thought (ummmmm, like a half a second) I said OF COURSE!!


Next Saturday and Sunday I will be teaching a squirrel chasing class.  I am hoping on having a very special and HAWT guest speaker, but don't want to jinxie it by mentioning his Lhasa Dali Lhama Squirrel Chasing King name. But I wouldn't be where I am in the squirrel chasing world without his careful mentoring!! I am hoping this very pretty picture of me will help persuade him to speak at less than his normal "per speech rate."


(This is a Washington DC squirrel..does anyone else's Mama take pictures of SQUIRRELS while THEY are on vacay??)

This class is open to all furries EXCEPT SQUIRREL SPIES!! We will be on the lookout for imposters...so beware!! We know that kitties also like to track those sneaky squirrels, so all kitties please feel free to join in the fun next Saturday!!


Class participation will be a big part of your grade, so let me know if you want to attend, PLUS I may need to ask the neighbor if we can borrow HIS backyard too!! Just tell me in my comments if will be stopping by!!

For more info on what other classes are going to be held, and parties that are going to be happening, go visit Sarge by clicking on his name...or clicking HERE.  We are going to have a photo shoot later this afternoon so we can get our pictures out to the various parties...better hurry cause time is running out!!


But we may have to have Mama take a picture or two in his "Professor Bilbo" sweater!!

PeePeeEss.....Go over and visit Tank 

 or Checkers

and find out how to help puppies find homes and keep them fed in Tennessee AND at the same time help Linus FINALLY get to see the Great Puppykin (or maybe Pumpkin?)


Grateful Thursday


Today we are grateful for Lifelong Friends Pet Adoption Center! They are a great place that finds furrever homes for puppies and kitties that need it!

This summer has been very, very , very, VERY hot outside and they have had to spend a bunch more green papers on keeping the puppies and kitties that are staying with them. Mama is going to donate 50 cents per comment to help them to keep the puppies and kitties cool during this long string of 100+ degree days!! If your parents want to help too, they can click here and donate, or just tell your friends to come over and comment!!


Outake Tuesday....

Mama took LOTS of doggy pictures last weekend getting ready for fall and our Squirrel Class coming up (More on that on Friday)! Us dogs, of course, did our best to NOT cooperate with the plans. Here are some of the FUNNY TAKES of our weekend photo-shoot....

What do you mean not JUST me Mama...???

Jakey...Stay STILL!!!

Mama...Jakey's eyes are closed!!!

Dory...could you NOT sniff my BUTT while we are doing a photo shoot???

"PPPPFFFLLLTTTTTT" That is what I think of photoshoots!!!

Another fun photo-shoot with the Tree Dogkateers!!


Weekend Fun....

So, today is Mama's first day of school and her first time going back to school FULL TIME in a million years. So we let her relax, of course her idea of relaxing is taking her camera out and going crazy....



Even candles!!!

What about US Mama????? What????  You will do our photoshoot out-takes tomorrow?? I SUPPOSE that will do..


Weekend Fun!!

This Saturday Daddy RAN a 5-KAY!!! Yay Daddy!!!!

Mama, Jakey and I went too, but we walked (something about Mama being A-L-L-E-R-G-I-C to running unless being chased).

We had a really fun time and met lots of new friends while getting lots of exercise!! Enough talk, come with us and watch!!

Even if we had to have a footie bath, it was soooooooo worth it!! We came home and did lots of this:

and this:


Bilbo spent the day lazing around. Mama says a 5-KAY is too long for him to walk all at one time, and it was too hot to carry him :-).

We hope efurrybody had a happy weekend!! 

 The RH Mango  got an boo boo this weekend. Stop by and send him some happy thoughts if you have a minute.


Found Her Friday

Mama...Mama...Get the Camera!!

What is it you two???

It's the MAMA POSSUM!!!!




Remember we saw baby possum a few weeks ago??? Hopefully now the Mama will find here baby!!


I am trying to see how Mama Possum is staying up on the fence...

LOOK DORY....she has cute little toe-sies that hold on to the fence!!!!!!

Note from the Mama: Don't tell Dory, but I think this might be the same baby possum that we saw a few weeks back and now she(or he) all grown up.


Grateful Thursday!

Happy Grateful Thursday Efurrybody!!!


Today we, the Dogkateers, are grateful for the Austin Dog Alliance!! They do all kind of things to help other doggies AND peoples too!! Here are some of the things they do, Mama says it is their mishun statment!
  • Promote the valuable role of pet therapy in our community
  • Implement animal assisted programs in nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation centers
  • Enhance student reading skills by utilizing Bow Wow Reading Dog pet therapy teams at schools and libraries
  • Provide a variety of fun and educational programs designed to build self-esteem and teach children to love and respect dogs
  • Provide programs for children and their families who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special learning needs
  • Provide professional and positive dog training classes
  • Carefully place rescued dogs into forever homes


The most important thing that we are grateful for besides all that stuff up there is that they had a fundraiser at this place.....where Jakey and I got to go and meet new friends and I got to do AGILITIES!!!


Here are Me and Jakey headed out...YAY for bye-bye!!!


We met some VERY big gentle giants like these two beauties.....

Jakey made friends with this pretty girl, a GSD just like Anna!!!


..and we met a puppy that looks just like Teddy Bear and Sierra

and this is Moby a most beautiful Labradoodle!! Moby has a nose JUST LIKE JACOB...but his is lots smaller. That is because Jakey is part poodle like Moby and part Lhasa like me!!

But the most fun OF ALL was.....
I got to do AGILITIES for the very first time!!!

It was a little bit scary at first....


Daddy gets kisses for keeping me safe!!


The tunnel was a little scary but after a few treats....
TA-DA Easy Peasy!!!! I am a pro at it...Mama says it is amazing what a few cookies do for my courage!!

We had a great time!! Jacob didn't so much want to do agilities with me. Mostly because he is shy, but he had fun making friends!  Thank you to the Zoom Room and Austin Dog Alliance for hosting this FUN party!!!

Before we left we wanted to wish our friend Sugar a very Happy Barkday (it was yesterday). Mama did NOT write it in the bloggie book and forgot to post our Birthday Smileys for her....so here they are today...

Happy Birthday Sugar!!!