Thoughtful, Thankful Thursday!

Today we are thinking of Rocky and how happy we are that he was united with his foster family and isn't lonely and scared on the streets any more. You can ready all about it over at Khyra's.

I am thankful for the good advice that all my friends and/or their Mamas gave my Mama about my early morning escapades...I just had my good boy visit and the doctor says I am one healthy pup AND I have been seizure free for over 18 months (WAHOO!!). We do have a doggy door that I could use, if I chose too, but it is much more fun for me to wake Mama and Daddy up every now and again to keep them on their toes.  I can't wait to see what Mama finds out over the next few months with her little journaling tactics.

Yeah Thursday!! That means Friday is right around the corner!!! We wanted to ask if you would visit Molly, she lives with her Mama across the pond and her Mama has written a wonderful story that can win a prize if you vote for her. You can visit Molly by clicking on her name and to read her Mama's story and vote for her  click here.
Don't forget that July 4th is Name Game Day!!! Go visit Frankie for more information!

Also...Don't Forget about the Fiesty Three and Sally at The Romance Puppy's 
July 4th Pawty!! 

Click Here for the 4-1-1
Mama needs to get her pictures to them NOW cause the pawty starts today and runs all weekend!
Happy Thursday!


Tuesdays with Bilbo - Bilbotude

So lately there has been rumors that I have been awake all night and maybe disturbing Mama and Daddy's precious beauty sleep.

It has all been for VERY good reasons!

(Mama jumped 3 feet off her bed...the amusement factor alone is so worth you all doing this at least once)
Mama: Bilbo what is it? Are you lost?
Bilbo: Lost, LOST?? I am sooo not lost...do you see that I do not have my lost toy in my mouth. I want to go outside!!
Mama: Are you thirsty (checking the full water dish)?? Do you have to go outside???
Bilbo: YES!! Let's go outside!!
Mama: Then GO...your door is open!!
Bilbo: But MAMA...I want YOU to go with me.
Mama: Puts on robe, grumbling a few HBO words better not said here.

So I take Mama downstairs so I can go outside and look around. Of course, I did not have to go potty...I would have just gone in the house if that was the case...I just wanted some outside time! I finish my outside time and decide I want some Mama time...Mama has other plans and goes back to bed..How dare she!!!

20 minutes later just as Mama drifts off...

Mama only jumps 1 foot off the bed this time
Mama: This is getting old Boney....
Bilbo: I want you to GET UP can't you see it is 3:30 in the morning...Time to rise and shine!!
Mama: GO TO SLEEP BILBO....grumblegrumble
Mama: sighs, puts on her robe to go down stairs where she will fall asleep on the couch with at least one, possibly two dogs trying to hog couch space....

Bilbo: This is how it is SUPPOSE to go Mama.....You should have just stayed up the first time!!

(from Mama: It seems like once a month, Bilbo gets a bug up his behind and wakes us all up in the middle of the night like this. I'm going to start writing the dates down, but I am hoping it is just during the full moon...He calms down if I go downstairs and sleep on the couch...
Anyone else have this issue ??)


This Week in My Backyard

Is it us...or are these weeks just speeding by???

So Mama has taken some "liberties" about the boundaries of our backyard this week to include our "virtual backyard" that she says includes anywhere from our real backyard, through our neighborhood all the way across the hill country  to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Seems that since it is SO DARN HOT nobody but Me (Dory) likes to be outside for anything more than 15 minutes at a time. Needless to say I live with a bunch of wimps. 

Anyway, if you see any of these...

or these...
please note that this isn't in MY backyard, but in our VIRTUAL backyard.

Leave it to Mama to make things confusing....
Enjoy the slide show!!

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Flower Friday - Crape Myrtle

Happy Friday and welcome to another edition of Flower Friday!!
Mama just loves this silly hat picture, whatever Mama...On to the Flowers!!

This week I asked Mama to take pictures of my most favorite Texas Flowers. Mama says it is really a bush or tree...what ever Mama, they are almost the only thing that has color in this icky hotness.
 Aren't they pretty!!
 Mama found some information on these for you if you want to read about it...if not, just scroll down real fast for more pretty flower pictures.


From Wikipedia:
The Common Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) from China and Korea, was introduced circaCharleston, South Carolina, in the United States by the French botanist Andre Michaux. In the wild the species is most often found as a multi-stemmed large shrub, but two hundred years of cultivation has resulted in a huge number of cultivars of widely varying characteristics. Today it is possible to find crape myrtles to fill every landscape need, from tidy street trees to dense barrier hedges all the way down to fast-growing dwarf types of less than two feet which can go from seed to bloom in a season (allowing gardeners in places where the plant is not winter hardy to still enjoy the intense colors of the frilly flowers). In Europe crape myrtle is common in the south of France, the Iberian Peninsula and all of Italy; in the United States it can be seen anywhere south of USDA Zone 6, doing best and avoiding fungal diseases in mild climates that are not overly humid such as inland California and Texas. In some parts of Texas, the Crape myrtle is also known as a Cuddle Tree.

Mama took all of these Crape Myrtle Pictures on our neighborhood walks this week:
 Crape Myrtles come in all kinds of colors...here is a white one. 

More pink Crapes...with a little Texas sky thrown in for Skyday

In this picture you can see the little green budlets!

Here is a pretty red one!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!


Thankful Thursday - One Year Ago today....

Today we are thankful for all the friends we have met over the past year!! That's right, today is our 1 year blogoversary !! If you want to check out my very first bloggie, you can click here. My very first commenter was Tank....which is probably why I have this on again, off again crush on him. That, and I can't resist the "bad boy" image!!

We have a contest brewing for our blogoversary and our 300th post which happens in a couple of weeks...Mama will tell you all about it on July 5th.

So today Jacob and I are going to do the "All about us" meme (or in this case, usus) that SOMEPUPPY  didn't let us play with him on Tuesday.....

The Basics
1-Name and Age
I am Dory...and I am the middle dog and turned 6 last December

I am Jacob, and I am 3 and am the baby of the family

 I am mostly Lhasa Apso, but we think I may have a little something mixed in!

We aren't sure what all I am...Some lhasa here, some poodle there, maybe some havanese, maybe some terrier. I am mostly Jacob.

Dory Girl, Dorable, Little Missy PooPoo , Baby Girl, Snuggle Buddy, Don't Eat that

Big Guy, Little Guy, Jake, Drop it, Leave it

4-Where do y'all come from
Bryant/College Station, TX - Land of the Aggies (Mama tries to deny this but it is true!)

Some where in the Austin area - Mixed Breed Rescue



I love both lots and lots!!

Funny Stuff
1-Worse Habit
  Ummmmm....Sometimes I sneak and eat Bilbo's dinner

  I bark at the next door puppy a lot....even if I hear him in the middle of the night.

2-Most Embarrassing Moment
 Ummmmm...Getting caught at my worse habit

I went to run out into the back yard through our door...and it was closed.....oops

3-Family Dynamic
Bilbo is in charge of the humans....I am in charge of the pack

Someone has to be the underling...I don't mind...Really!
4-Your human's favorite thing about you
I am always happy and always do what my humans ask me to. Mama says I can "read her", but it is all about the snuggles!

I am a rubber puppy and can be molded into any snuggle position. I am also pretty layed back and get along well with just about anybody.

Last, but not least we want to thank silveon4 for our wonderful GABE prize!
 Isn't it just beautiful!! It is a Bichon Candle!!
Thanks you silveon4!! 


Tuesdays with Bilbo

Mama was going to make me SHARE this meme that we saw over at Mango the RH's place with Dory and Jacob.  I DID remind her that it is Tuesday with BILBO and NOT Tuesday with every puppy. So she says I can do this MEME today and the OTHER puppies can do it on Thursday.  Good work Mama...See, humans can be trained if you just put your paw down!

The Basics
1-Name and Age
 Bilbo and I turned 9 years old on May 17th

 Lhasa Apso

 Boney Man, Big Guy, Boney Butt, BILBO NO!!, DOWNSTAIRS NOW BILBO!!

4-Where do y'all come from
 South Austin, TX

 I have had this toy since I was a little tyke and it helps me find my way when I am lost at night.

 I am not big on snacks although I do like my 2 scheduled cookies...The first one when Mama takes a shower in the morning and the other before Mama leaves the house for the first time of the day. I usually won't eat cookies any other time.

  I am 100% Mama's Boy

Funny Stuff
1-Worse Habit
I go potty in the house...I don't know why it is a bad habit, but Mama seems to think there is something wrong with me going potty anywhere but outside. Mama...if you don't have to go potty outside, why should I??
2-Most Embarrassing Moment
 Going anywhere in public with my 2 silly siblings
3-Family Dynamic
I rule the roost!
4-Your human's favorite thing about you
Mama just LOVES when I wiggle my butt. You see, it used to hurt a lot to wag my tail but in the last few years I have learned how to wiggle my tail just enough to let Mama know I am happy to see her. I'll leave you with a video Mama took this morning when she came back from her walk.



This Week in My Backyard

Summer is definitely here in Texas. Time to wear my hat, sunscreen and drink tons of water so I can spend lots of time in my backyard!

 This week Jacob shows us how high he can jump....

More teenage birds beg for food...

 and of course we are still trying to catch you -know-who...

Here is our slide show (with bonus video footage):

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Happy Flower and Hat Friday!

In addition to Flower Friday, today is also Dory in a Hat Friday!
No way am I letting Mama have my bloggie to herself today. Do you believe she FORGOT to send the 
pictures of me in my most beautiful brand new hat to Miss Bella in time for Bella's most beautiful hat parade.
If you haven't seen all the beautiful hats, go see Bella right now (you can just click on her name) and vote for your most favorite hat.

Now on to Mama's silly flowers for the week.
 These are purple vine flowers that grow in my neighbor dogs backyard.


 These are pink blooms Mama took at Town Lake in the early spring

 This is a lilac covered  trellis at Town Lake from earlier this

TGIF Efurrybody, I am off to see if I can guilt Mama into some cookies!!
Don't forget to go vote for your favorite hat on Bella's Hat Parade!


Thinking, Thankful, Thursday

This week we are thinking about all our friends. We especially are thinking, hoping and praying  that Jazzi's Mama gets all the way better soon. She hasn't been feeling good lately. If you haven't already, go stop by and leave some get well wishes on Jazzi's Bloggie

Hi...efurryone it is me, JACOB and I get to do the thankful this week!!
Let's see...I am thankful that most of my friends said to CHEW on my toy...So I am taking their advice and chewing and squeaking and sqeaking...OH and Mama says that she is taking names of people I can visit this summer with my squeaky toy...I am pretty sure she is kidding about that one.

I am also thankful to my good friend and fellow Texan "The Luke". He gave me my very own AWARD. Of course Mama is VERY late in posting it because she had to explain to Dory that not EVERYTHING is ALL ABOUT HER...
[Dory says..."YES IT IS"]

Anyway...here is is....
Thank you so much Luke...I am suppose to tell you seven things about ME...JUST ME, NOT Dory!!
1. I like to follow Dory around...everywhere, she is my best friend (ssshhhh don't tell her)
2. I can jump into Mama's arms from the floor. 
3. I am a little bit needy and always need to be by somebody. Preferably Mama or Dory
4. I like sleeping with my head on Mama's pillow or Daddy's pillow
5. I like to run and play and bark with my secret friend behind the fence in the back yard
6. I think the blueberry treats that "the Luke and the Bleu" sent us are like the BESTEST TREATS EVER and will sit or beg to get one!
7. I do not like the flashy beast. I do not mind the clicky beast but if it flashes, I get scared...So you won't see many night time pictures of me.

I am suppose to give this to some new friends...but Mama thinks just about everyone has gotten it....If you haven't...please take it.

I guess it can be Dory's turn now....
First, I would like to say

OK, I am better now....
Today I am thinking and thankful to Frankie because he had an idea to do the Name Game for July 4th!!!

All you have to do is paw out how you got your names!! 
We can't wait!!