The Doodz New Year's Bash

OMD...What a fantabulous New Year's Eve Bash over at Murphy and Stanley's! 
 If you haven't visited yet, make sure to visit quicker than quick!
You will not believe the hijinks and crazy romance going on !!!

The Pawtographer was hard at work tonight and got some mah-velous  portraits! Please feel free to take yours on your way out!

Thanks Murphy and Stanley for the bestest New Year's Eve Pawty EVER!!! We just know 2016 is going to be a wonderful year!!!

Thanks to everyone who visited and were such good sports during Blogville's First Annual Howl-i-daze Hijinks!! We had a PAWSOME time putting it together!!


New Year's Resolutions

With the year coming to a close,  it's time again to think about New Year's Resolutions!! Haven't thought of any yet?? 
No problem, we'll think of one for you!!

I am going to help my Mama in the kitchen more!

This year I will fart even MORE than last year!

This year I will watch what I eat so I am a lean, mean, pug machine when I meet my Best Gal, Dory!

I will practice my smiley every day in front of the mirror
so it is perfect when I meet my Best Guy, Bailey, in the furs this summer!

 I pawmise to be even more unpredictable in 2016

 I will dabble in pawlitics this year with hopes of being the first Basset in the White House

 I will take my Mama on 87,000 hikes this year and to learn to swim!

 I will banish the Squirrel Cartel to Canada and then
 rescue a Princess in a Tower

 I will find a Tower, climb it and be rescued by a Handsome Chester-Dog

 I will eat more bacon

 I will make more time to snuggle with my Mama

I will learn to speak French

 I will learn to speak Canadian

  I will capture the Squirrel Cartel and ship it back to the USA!

I will catch 87 lizards

 I will rule our pack with an iron paw

 I will take lots of rides with Mama

 I will make sure we take 87 trips in our wheelie house and make sure it is ready to meet Jessie in the FURS at the BAR this summer!

 I will TRY not to chase bunnies in 2016

 I will let my brofur win a few zoomy races this year.

 I will have Mama build an indoor pool so I can practice pool ball all year long!

I will help my Daddy keep our yard safe from any and all intruders!

I will snuggle with Mona and Mama everyday!

I will supervise Mama's crocheting!

Head over to Murphy and Stanley's to see who else has their resolutions ready!! Now, everybody get a good night's sleep and get ready to PAWTY tomorrow night as we say goodbye to 2015 and 
HAPPY NEW YEAR to 2016!!!