July Birthdays on Flower Friday!

That is how fast June went, don't you think??
Happy July 1st!! 

Let's see who we have on the birthday calendar this month:
 Percy and Merci, both from Jan's Funny Farm are celebrating special days this month!!

Mr. Reilly from Cowspotdogs also has a big day coming on July 19th!!
Happy Early Barkdays to all and we think your assistants should celebrate the whole month with you!!
Do you have a birthday that we don't have on our monthly calendar? Email our assistant at 
bethblog(at)ebchristians(dot)com so we can get you on the calendar!

Not only is it the first of the month it is FLOWER FRIDAY!!
Happy Flower Friday!! Here in the USA, Monday is Independence Day! We hope your peeps get to stay home an extra day or two and you get extra playtime! We also hope that you get extra snuggles during the loud booms that sometime happen this time of year. Around here, we pay the TV and Radio EXTRA LOUD so Jakey doesn't get too spooked. 

Anyway, I thought, with Mama in Texas with Arty, I thought would stay close to home (so Daddy doesn't get worried) and show you our Hydrangeas today!
For some reason, they are blooming...and blooming..and blooming...well, you get it, there are tons of flowers!!

It seems as we have twice as many blooms this year than we had last year!!

...and just as one flower reaches maturity, another baby is born!!

They start out a pink color...then turn more blue
and then when they are fully mature, they turn purple!!

Hydrangeas are very interesting, don't you think??

We hope all those in the USA have a very safe and boom-free July 4th and everyone has a pawsome weekend filled with sun and fun!

Thanks so much for joining us for Flower Friday this week, feel free to hop aboard and show us what flowers you saw this week!!
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Jakey Meets a Friend!

Grab your pup-corn and chewies, it's time for my adventure!

Thanks for watching and don't forget....

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Million Dollar BAR Slide Show

Have you ever been with a big group of humans and pets together who think there are enough treats in the world to get a perfect photo of all their pets? You would think Blogville pawrents would know better....

If you have problems viewing the movie, you can view it HERE on You Tube!

Needless to say, we did a great job of keeping them on their toes!!


Luckiest Guy Ever!!

Behind every good Boy Mayor Candy Date is a Great Candy Date's Gal!!

This is double-y true for Me!!
That's right, I am the luckiest guy in Blogville to have Mabel! She has been sooooo supportive during the Blogville Mayoral Campaign. I know, win or lose, having Mabel in my corner has helped me be a better candy date!

Look at the birthday pressies she gave me!!!
 They will be sooooo helpful while I am on the campaign trail!!

 Mabel knew I needed to look sharp for my campaign appearances and gave me this pawesome new tie!!  I already feel like a Mayor with it on!!

To make sure I don't take myself tooooo seriously, Mabel got me a campaign sign that also can be used as a squeaky toy!!
(I will make sure Jakey NEVER sees this toy!!) 

  Thank you soooooo much for my pawsome birthday pressies, Mabel!!!

 I am going to be the best dressed Candy Date in every town I visit!!

It's so nice to have a gal that knows how to stay focused AND ALSO does the best zoomies in the west!!
Thanks Again, Mabel!!!

On the Campaign Trail!

 Mama and I hit the road this morning to head to Texas to see Gramma and Grand Dad on my Southwest Campaign Trail!! 

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We will be around Blogville, but maybe not commenting as much as usual (depending on sleepy Mama).

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by July 15th!

Napping for Bailey!

Today we are joining Christmas and celebrating the life of Bailey over at Sheltie Times, by napping in his honor!


Welcome to the BAR - Day One - Friday

Happy Sunday!! Today we are going to tell you about Friday at the BAR, or as we like to call it, "The Day Mama Should Have Taken More Pictures"!!
On Friday we got to meet and get to know sooooo many new friends!!

Here are Jessie the Lapdog and Casey (who is waiting his turn to be a lapdog!) they came all the way from Fort Worth!!

Zaphod is such a handsome man, we think Mama fell in love with him a little!!

We stayed in our comfy room JAIL while Mama was gibby gabbing and were not real happy about it!!


We let Mama know we could be "persuaded" to be quiet...But all bets were off if the "All Dog Alert" was sounded, which happened mostly when people tried to invade our shelter area!

Here I am with Flat Bailey, Mabel and Hazel (and their Mama too)

Christmas and Arty discussed Blogville Pawlitics!

Hailey and Flat Easy tried to sneak back in the woods a few ties, but Hailey's Dad get a close watch on them to make sure they stayed close!

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel....MAN were we exhausted!!

Murphy taught me this cool new sleeping position!!

Although it was over 87 degrees outside, Mama had the air conditioning on -87 degrees and that is why we wore jammies at night....

Don't forget, tomorrow is Nap for Bailey Day.
Christmas over at Paw Province is 
hosting a celebration of the life of Bailey at Sheltie Times. Bailey went to the Rainbow Bridge last week.
Just post a picture of you taking a nap in Bailey's honor on Monday!


Early Birds at the BAR OR Day Zero

Before we start today's post, we wanted to let everyone know about an event Christmas over at Paw Province is 
hosting for Bailey at Sheltie Times, who had to go to the Rainbow Bridge last week.
Just post a picture of you taking a nap in Bailey's honor on Monday!


Now....Today we are going to start telling you about our adventures at the BAR!

Don't worry, we will tell you all about the Road Trip part of our trip in a Travel Tuesday series starting in a week or two!

We didn't EVER think we were going to get to Indiana...
Between Mama stopping to take pictures and us stopping
to take walks it seemed we were on the road for 870 days!!

Finally, after five sleeps in hotel rooms, INDIANA!!! 
We finally made it to the hotel and guess what?? We saw Madi's Mama and Daddy right after we checked in!!

Now Mama and I, being of a certain age, were ready to take a nap when we got to our room. But Arty was soooo excited, so we decided to go for a ride and make sure we could find our way to the park where the BAR was held!

The park is in a beautiful area in Brown County, Indiana, and it took about 20 minutes from the hotel to the park!

Mama stopped so she could take a picture of the Covered Bridge
at the North Entrance of the Park
(Frankie and Ernie, cover your Mama's eyes!)

When we came back to the hotel, we met up with Madi's Mama, Oreo and his Mama and YAM Aunty for a little while. While we were in the lobby talking, Casey and Jessie's Mama checked in!!
We all agreed to meet a bit later outside to watch the sun go down!

We decided to go for a nice long walkie in the big field behind the hotel!

A pup could walk for miles back there!!

I spent some time on YAM Aunty's lap while Mama gibby gabbed for awhile and then we headed back to our room, put on our jammies and....

fell fast asleep!!
It was a great "Pre-BAR" afternoon and evening!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Friday at the BAR!


Flower Friday - Flowers from the Road

TGIF and Happy Flower Friday!!

Today, Arty and I are going to show you some flowers we saw from all over the USA on our recent BAR Road Trip!

It didn't take long for Mama to start taking flower pictures, this was taken about two hours from our house by the Trinity River!

We saw this pretty buttie-piller at the rest stop just outside Weaverville, California.

Here I am with a little yellow flower close to the border of California and Nevada!

Mama took this "wayyyyyy tooo early in the morning" sunrise picture of a rose when we were in Reno, Nevada!!

Here I am with another rose in Reno!

Did you know Kansas is the Sunflower State?? Well it was a bit early for real sunflowers, but we saw this sunflower statue at a very pretty Kansas rest area!

Here are some flowers from Indiana, we took these during our 
evening walks after the BAR at the Red Roof Inn!

We found these itty, bitty daisies right at the entrance 
to the shelter where the BAR was going on!!

Look for Arty and my BAR highlights coming up starting tomorrow!

When we were in Indiana, we took a few "scenic" routes and saw lots of pretty daylilies!!

On the way home, when traveling through Kansas again, we saw and smelled these flowers. BOY Mama really liked the way they smelled. They look like some sort of clover and we were wondering if maybe Cammie and Maggie or Lightning and Ciara might know what kind of flowers they are??

OMD...Look at these sunflowers in Goodland, Kansas!!!
This is one of the World's Largest Van Gough Painting and Easel. 
Mama wants to say she was VERY impressed with Kansas, there is soooo much more than just cornfields to see!!

The prettiest flower I saw during the whole trip though, was the most beautimous flower Mr. Bailey gave me when we visited him!!

Thanks so much for joining us for Flower Friday this week, feel free to hop aboard and show us what flowers you saw this week!!
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