Me and My Bone

I love, love LOVE chewin' my bone

I could chew it all the time. For days and days...

Mommy says I am do not share my bone well with others...

Especially NOT Bilbo....I growl at him when he comes close to it and then.....

MOMMY TAKES THE BONE AWAY. She says I need to NOT growl at Bilbo when he comes near.

So then I fool Mommy into thinking that I love Bilbo and snugglesleep with him

Then silly Mommy, she will give the bone back and we start ALL over again

...Mommy never learns....


Where is it......???

Hi everybody...has anybody seen the squirrel that was in my backyard this morning????

I tore out my puppy door this morning and chased it up this tree....

He wouldn't come down so I decided to wait...

Then when I wasn't looking....he jumped to this tree...

So a warning to all dogs in Texas....been on the lookout for a crafty tree jumping squirrel. I'll keep looking in my backyard!

Happy Monday Smileys!!


Stick out your tongue Contest

So Lily, Piper, Carrleigh and Java over at Rockie Street Scotties are celebrating their 100th post with a "stick out your tongue" contest!! Big Conruffulations on the 100th post y'all!! Since Bilbo has the curliest tongue in Texas I thought I would "let him" have the contest entry. Not that I LIKE him or anything...but you know...he is my brother and everything...

So here he is with his silly curly tongue

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What a silly brother I have!
Happy Sunday Smileys!


Shouldn't it be All About ME?? or Meet my Stupid Brother Bilbo

My Mommy human says I HAVE to introduce my big brother today, All I have to say about this is,

I thought it was all about ME and MY backyard??? grumble...such a MAMMA's BOY!
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OK...so here are pictures of....
......His butt

His ear and tongue while he scratches his itches

His silly curly tongue

Uh oh....now he might cry...

Here is a good smiley picture

OK, so this is my big brother Bilbo. He is 7 years old and is a Llasa like me. Well, not like me cause Mommy says he was the "runt" and that's why he's so little and is different. He has hydro...ummmm hydro...well the scary vet man says his brain is just a little bit too big for his head. I think his head is pretty big because he tries to boss EVERYONE around, but when he tries to boss around Daddy or Mommy too much I have to growl at him! He follows Mommy human around EVERYWHERE and tries to lead her. She had to read that silly dog whisperer book to try and find a way to make him stop and let her be ALPHA
(good luck Mommy *puppy snicker*)

Don't get used to seeing him tooooo much, but I might mention him sometimes....

Happy Smiley Weekend to Everybody!


Daddy's Home, Daddy's Home!!!

It was late last night when I woke up to big door close sound. I was way tired, cause I usually don't let no one in the door with out seeing them first.

I looked up and wow, am I dreaming....Is that Daddy???

Oh my goodness, I was so tired that I couldn't even hardly open my eyes for a picture. I am usually very smiley in my pictures.

My Daddy Human and Me!

I made sure to welcome Daddy back this morning with lots of wake up kisses. I love to kiss the humans....Daddy ever so much because he lets me kiss lots and lots!!!


Daddy Human is Away


My Daddy human left yesterday and isn't back yet. My Mommy Human says that he is away "on business". I don't like "on business" away. I did my best to keep busy...

I watched over my backyard

I kept all the squirrels off my backyard

I hope my Daddy Human comes home soon.