Mama is LATE!!!

So, we got all dressed up for Halloween, you know we ENDURED the TORTURE. Then Mama puts us off and puts us off until finally today we are tying her to her desk chair and making her use her opposable thumbs to tell you all about it!

OK...so enough about the Mama on to the dressing up! This year I DID NOT have to dress up as a SQUIRREL!! But I did have a secret talk with the Mama about Jakey's costume....


"This year Mama??? This year??"


This year I got to be a PRINCESS!! It is my favorite costume....hardly any muss or fuss....weeeelllllll, except for that whole hat thing, but I did my best to try and shake it off!!.

Mama let me make the choice for Jakey's costume this year, "Don't worry Jakey, Maybe you will be a fierce lion!".....teehee

"I am not worried Dory, I see my Little Devil Costume from last year up there....I am sure that is what I will be! "Ooooookkkkkkkkk Jakey" teehee

"MaaaMaaaa...Why is Dory giggling at me???" 

Seriously Dory?????

Seriously Mama????


But Jakey got the last laugh.....

"Take THAT Squirrelly Costume"

I helped him out trying make sure NOBODY ELSE would ever where that squirrelly costume AGAIN!!

For those who are newer to my bloggy, you can go here to find out why I HATE that squirrelly costume too!!

These pictures actually were taken the day BEFORE Halloween cause Mama had to go to SCHOOL on Halloween and Daddy was busy trying to keep us inside and give out the candy to the kiddles.