Almost Wordless Wednesday-Wisconsin Sun Puddles

In honor of the new Mayor of Blogville, Miss Madi the Kitty...Arty finds sun puddles in Wisconsin....

ABA-Christmas 2012-WIGramma


Day 2 Arty's Big Adventure- Christmas in WI

Hear is another letter that Arty sent to us when he was on his big adventure to the cold tundra of W-I-S-C-O-N-S-I-N.....we made Mama promise to get these over with before it is NEXT Christmas!!

Dear Dory, Jakey, Bilbo and FS Bella,

We arrived and Wisconsin Gramma's house last night and went to bed early.  No snuggling with Mama and Daddy though, they brought my room...BOO!! But I was a good boy and slept all the night through!! Guess what happened???

ABA-Christmas 2012-WIGramma
Santy Paws came AGAIN while I was sleeping!!! 

Last Day-Way Home-3-2
Not only did he bring toys....he brought HUMAN PUPPIES!!!! This is one my cousin I opening his presents....

ABA-Christmas 2012-WIGramma
Here I am getting lots of lovin' from the human pups, they were very gentle!! Daddy is holding some of my pressies for me!!

ABA-Christmas 2012-WIGramma 

Here I am wearing one of my pressies from Gramma. It is a light that goes on my collar so I can go for NIGHTIME WALKIES (hint, hint Mama)!! 

Last Day-Way Home-4-2 
I am giving my cousin E kisses!! She is such a good girl and just wanted to play and play with me!! 

I had such a good Christmas Part Deux
 (that's part 2 ;-)). Mama is going to help me try and send you a movie of me and Cousin I playing for tomorrow!!


Special Foster Alert!

untitled-14 Since I am ever so tired from my rough weekend of sleeping and snuggling I am letting Mama tell you a little about our sickie foster sister Miss Fluffy Bella today.

"From the Mama"
Thanks soooo much Dory, and thanks for all the snuggles this weekend!!

The week before Christmas Fluffy Bella, who is a wonderful, loving 1-2 yr old female Westie mix, came to stay with us until she finds her furr-ever home. A definite snuggle-bug, she will sit next to my husband and/or I for as long as she can and loves to listen to us tell her about our day!

She came to us with what we thought was an urinary tract infection. It seemed that she had to urinate every 5 minutes when, in fact, most of these potty trips were in vain as she strained and whimpered with no success in getting the urine out.

We assumed that this was going to need further attention and  after a trip to the vet we found out that she actually had 2 bladder stones over an inch big each! This little girl is only 10 pounds, so you can imagine how these stones must have interfered with her potty breaks!!
Although it was a very expensive operation, Austin Dog Alliance is committed to doing whatever is necessary to keep their fosters healthy and last Thursday we took Fluffy Bella to have the procedure done (at Austin Dog Alliance's expense) and today she is a totally different little girl!

She is back to an ordinary potty routine after only 2 days!! Bella spent last night curled up in her crate with no accidents and a report from my husband of a long interrupted stream of urine outside this morning!! What a special and lucky little girl!! We are sure she will be placed in her furr-ever home in no time!!

Needless to say Bella owes her comfort, not to mention her extended life expectancy, to Austin Dog Alliance and we want to do our best to "paw it forward".  A "Chip In" has been set up to help reimburse some of the cost Fluffy Bella's operation, along with the funds required to help vet a litter of pups that were taken in by ADA from a retiring breeder.
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Please find it in your heart and wallet to donate anything, Fluffy Bella, the foster pups, along with the Austin Dog Alliance are so very thankful.


Small Doggie Snow Zoomies

You can let go of the string now Daddy...I is ready!!

Wooooo Hoooo!!!!!

I is zoooooomin' now!!!


Snow is FUN!!!


Arty's Big Adventure

So Arty went with Mama and Daddy to visit our Gramma in W-I-S-C-O-S-I-N or what Mama and Daddy call the land of snow!!! We received lots of letters from him while he was gone.....here is the first one...

Dear Dory, Jakey, Bilbo and Foster Sis Bella,

ABA-Christmas 2012-On the Rd
Daddy, Mama and I had a good time on the first day of my adventure. I spent most of the day sitting in the back seat doing this...

ABA-Christmas 2012-On the Rd
But sometimes Daddy stopped so I could stretch my legs and get a drink. We saw lots of cool things like this old factory.

ABA-Christmas 2012 - Oklahome
Here is a picture of Me and Daddy in Oklahoma.

ABA-Christmas 2012-On the Rd
Are we there YET??? 
Daddy drived and drived.....and finally we gots to the hotel. 

Last Day-Way Home-8 I did just what you said Dory and barked at everything that went by the room until Mama and Daddy FINALLY let me sleep with them!
Thanks for the great advice!

That was the first day.....I'll write more soon


Merry Christmas(Pt 2) and Happy New Year!!

Now where were we.......oh yes Santa Paws brought us this COOL
box from Sam all the way from Canada!!

So much cool stuff....where do we start??

Mama said we should open the card first....Aaaaaaawwwweeeeee how adorable!

Now...PRESSIES!!! Oh my goodness....this is GREAT STUFF!!!!

Arty and Jakey played tuggy with this toy.....look what it is....

A SQUIRREL!!!!! and guess what there are TWO of them, so we can share!!

Silly Daddy, that is NOT a squirrel hat...BOL

It CAN be used for Jakey fishing tho!!!

Hey guys...look, there is even MORE stuff!!!

 Nummy Jerkey treats...and sweet a tater fries and 2 more toys!!!
Thanks so much to Sam and his pack for some

OH....and Arty says HAPPY NEW YEAR from the great white north!!!
(more on Arty's adventure on Thursday!)