Tuesday at the Movies


I bugged and pestered Mama until she FINALLY put together this movie of Me and Dory playing Tug!!

If you can't see it here, you can find it here  on You Tube


We are keeping busy.....

Mama has been WAY too busy with her school stuffles that she hasn't had any time for our bloggie or our friends!! We are trying very hard to find things to do to keep busy... Jakey-Toy 
Jakey stays busy with his toys.... Watching-Football 

and "watching" football......

While I do my best to engage Mama in activities...

Look how cute I am Mama...you should take a break, how about a photo


Mama, you look like you need to go for a walkie, let's put your string on and go 'round the block! 

And as for Mr. Bilbo.......


"I am NOT talking to Mama"


Happy World Smile Day!!



Happy Smiley Day Efurrybody!! 

We hope to see lots of Smileys around the internets today!! A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Miss Sugar for putting this together and letting  Maggie Mae and me be the co-hostesses with the mostesstes!! 

For World Smiley Days we are all going to mention what gives us the biggest Smileys!!


Bilbo here, not many things can make me smiley...but Naps on Fuzzy Blankets will do it efurry time!! 


My turn, my turn!! It's me JAKEY!!!! I love my balleys
you can find me wearing my bestest smiley when I am playing with my favorite toy de jour!!! 


Thanks for saving the bestest for last boys!!! 

Dory here, and my most FAVORITE THING to smiley about 
(besides greenie time hee hee)
is going BYE BYE!!!


Bilbo went on the pooter and found this picture of Mama and Daddy doing what gives them big smileys! 

Of course they smiley MUCH bigger when we they come home and see us doing our "Welcome home doggie happy dance", but Bilbo couldn't work the FLIPpie thingy...... 

So....what gives YOU the biggest smileys???? 

Make sure you link up so we can all hop over and see YOUR big smiley pictures!!!