Travel Tuesday - BlogPaws

Rosy here today to tell you my thoughts on the 
BlogPaws 10th Anniversary Conference! 
The conference was held at the Sheraton Crown Plaza Hotel.  I really enjoyed the accommodations but even nicer than the hotel, was all the wonderful attention I received from the staff! From the moment I checked in until the moment I checked out, I was petted, loved and told how cute I was in my pink stroller! 
Unfortunately, I should have got in in writing!! Now that I'm home, my brothers are not treating me nearly as nice!

On the first day of the conference, Mama and I went down to check in and get our name tags! I was a little hurt when I didn't get a name tag...
What's swag, you ask?? Think nommy doggy treats, toys and all kinds of stuff, JUST FOR ME!!

What's that Mama?? Share...with my brothers??
We'll talk later about that...

In the mornings, while Mama was getting ready to start the day, I would  look outside our window to let her know if she would need an extra sweater during our morning walk.

It was a bit windy and chilly for a couple of our walkies, but overall we enjoyed the fresh air! Kansas City is a beautiful city with just the right mix of parks and sidewalks! I enjoyed reading local peemail and even got to talk to a few birdies!

After our walkies, it was time to get to work! Every morning I hopped in my ride and we would take the elevator down to the Exhibition Hall!

We would start with a good breakfast, Mama even let me have a little bit of BACON one morning!

Then we would attend some sessions about bloggy stuff. Mama would learn...

...and I would take a nap!
A fair trade, I think!

 Learning napping sure can make a girl hungry! I think it's time for another snack, don't you, Mama?

We also spent some time walking around and talking to lots of nice folks from companies that Mama and I might want to do reviews for in the future! This was our very first conference though, and Mama was mostly keeping her ears open and I concentrated on being cute!

After all that PR work, more snacks were needed....thank goodness for Chewy!

One of our favorite parts of the conference was seeing friends that we know in Blogville, but hadn't met in the furs yet!
I can't believe I got to meet and hang out with Koru Bear from Golden Woofs!! 
Mama and KB's Mama have been friendly for almost 9 years now, but this is the first time they met in the furs! From what I hear, My Angel Sissy Dory and Koru Bear's Angel Sissy  Sugar both had beautimous Smileys!

I learned lots from the Emma's sisters(the original sassy gals), Madison and Bailie from My GBGV Life
when our Mamas hung out together. 

We even had the chance to meet this cute little guy!
Read all about his predecessors over at 
Healing Whiskers! Mama was very impressed with how sweet and well trained this furry guy was!

Not only did we see old furiends, we met a TON of new furiends too!!  We couldn't believe the variety of good natured pets in attendance. Mama said this was great for me because I could practice my socializing skills! 

Before I knew it, Mama said it was time to pack up our stuff and start the journey home. Mama sure did over pack, I sure hope she can fit everything back in the Rogue!

You made sure to save room in the car for MY SWAG BAG and my chewy, right Mama??

Goodbye BlogPaws...I'll see you next year 

Still wondering about the SWAG BAG, aren't you??
Don't worry, I'll show you what it looks like out of the bag tomorrow!

In the mean time, do you think I should share it with
Arty and Jakey or keep it all to myself?


Monday Minders and May Birthdays!

 Mayor Arty has rented out the Blogville amusement park for us to pawty in this Memorial Day!!!  We hope you'll join us and do a post of you having fun at the park and then hop aboard a special Blog Hop to show all of Blogville how you spent the day!

 You can share a picture of yourself riding the rides, filling up on junk food or just enjoying the beautiful day outdoors!

After a day of fun, we will be setting up picnic tables and bringing in a couple of kegs of Premium Beef Beer! Abby Lab will be on hand to cook some nommy treats and Ruby will have her Margarita truck full of refreshing summer 'ritas!! We hope you'll join us for some Blogville BBQ  fun! Mama will be using some of the pictures we have on hand, but to make sure you are a part of the BBQ send us any picture and we'll make sure you have a seat at a picnic table! Send your pictures to beth(at)llbpups(dot)com. 
(if you do NOT want to be included please let Mama know also)

Pawfessor Jakey will be holding a refresher course on May 18th if your assistant needs help getting you to the park!

  As a pawfect ending to a pawfect day  
The Diva Slippers and the Wizards will pawform in their
very first concert over at Madi's!!!!

We hope to see you all there!!!


Now...let's all wish our May Blogiville babies a very 
Happy Birthday!!

 May 4th - Lightning - The Chronicles of Woos
May 8th (Mother's Day) - Baby Belle - Military Wife and Pug Life
May 11th - Millie - Bird Brains and Dog Tales
May 21st - Freya Rose - Catflap Cavalier and Ark
May 21st - Addi - Oreo's Cookie Jar
May 21st - Lily - Two French Bulldogs
May 22nd - Roxy - Down Under Daisy
May 22nd - Finley - Finley's Fables
May 31st - Frankie - Frankly and Ernestly Speaking
 May 31st - Arty -LLB in Our Backyard


Handome Beach Boy Selfie Sunday

Nothing like the peace and quiet of the beach on a cloudy day.

I thought it would be the pawfect place for my selfie!

We are  joining The Cat on My Head this week for the Selfie Sunday Blog Hop!

#Chewyinfluencer Road Review

 Hi All!! Rosy here today with a special #Chewyinfluencer review, this one we did from the road! 

We can't believe we have been #ChewyInfluencers AND Chewy.com customers for over 4 years now! We can tell you all about their fast delivery, lower prices and humungous selection, but the truth is Mama is always impressed with their customer service! They are available for questions 24/7 and Mama says the employees  always sound like they have big smileys on their faces!!

 Burt's Bee Products are some od Mama's favorites, so when she saw Burt's Bees Waterless Shampoo for Dogs as one of April's Influencer products, she couldn't wait to try it!! Mama knows Burt's Bees products have all natural ingredients and no sulfates! I like the fact that I didn't have to worry about getting a bath while I was at the BlogPaws conference!!

 When it was time to get ready for our evening out, Mama just sprayed my body furs and then toweled the excess moisture off with a towel and then brushed me out!
It was pretty refreshing but I was a bit disappointed I had to get a little wet, but at least there was no bath tub involved!! My hair was shiny and soft, but Mama was a little disappointed it didn't have a pretty scent. Our final score is 2 paws and one human hand. It is a great "refreshing spray" and helped keep my furs shiny for our formal Blog Paws evening, but not to really get me clean.

I did look pretty snazzy at the Nose 2 Nose Awards,  plus GUESS who I got to meet???

I gave her kisses and made sure to thank her and Chewy.com for giving Mama and I the opportunity to be at the Blog Paws 10th Anniversary Conference!! 

We were given a bottle of Burt's Bees Waterless Shampoo in exchange for our clean furred, honest and true opinions

 We are joining the #ChewyInfluencer blog hop!
Thanks so much to Koru Bear for hosting!


Flower Friday

Welcome to another edition of Flower Friday!
Can you believe this is the last Friday in April already?? Hopefully Spring is starting to return to your part of Blogville!

This week I'm going to show you some of the flowers we saw on my road trip! On our way there we didn't see too many flowers because that Old ManWinter was still hanging around! We even saw SNOW on the way there, how crazy is that?!?!

We did get to see some flowers when we got to Kansas City!

Like these beautimous tulips!

On the way home our brains were pretty full and Mama was thinking of everything she wanted to do with our blog AND with our new backyard so we forgot to keep a look out for pretty flowers.

Mama says this is the look we both had on our way home from Blog Paws!

We traveled through Kansas on the way home and Mama said, even though it was drizzly and chilly, we had to stop and get a picture in front of the Van Gough Sunflower painting in Goodland, Kansas!

If it looks familiar, it is probably because my beautimous Angel Sissy Dory and Handsome big brother Arty stopped here on their way home from the B.A.R. a couple of years ago.
You can read more about their Kansas travels HERE


 We saw some pretty tree blooms in Reno, NV

Aren't the middles a pretty pink?!

We saw more trees blooming in the Colorado Rockies!

They look like some type of dogwood or cherry trees, don't you think??

We'll wrap things up with some of the same type of pretty blooms we found outside our hotel room in Salt Lake City!

We hope you weekend is filled with sunshine and smileys!

Flower Friday
Flower Friday here in Our Backyard is all about spreading cheer, while sharing a bit of your corner of Blogville! Just post a picture of flowers blooming, or any nature picture(with or without your pet) and hop aboard!!

Please click HERE if you don't see the linky below


Stuffed with Love #chewyinfluencer

 Before I left with Mama to go on our big roadtrip, I wanted to do something nice for my brothers so they wouldn't forget me while I was away eating french fries, bacon and turkey
without them.

 Mama mentioned the MWBA(Man We Bark At) had left our #chewyinfluencer box at the front door earlier in the month and it might have just what I was looking for!

 OMD..THREE KONGS!! That is one for each of us!  

Good ole Chewy.com, not only do they have reasonable prices, autoshipping and faster than fast delivery, they also have a very big selection of Kongs to choose from! Big and small for puppies and senior dogs and 6 different sizes!

 Mama chose the small ones for us! 
It's always a good thing to have plenty of Kongs on hand because you never know when you will have a 
  • You could get bored
  • Or like some puppy who we won't name(Jakey) you might just want to chew
  • I had my very own pink Kong that Mama froze and it really helped with my teething

The bottom line is it can keep us out of trouble busy chewing for almost 87 minutes!

Note from Mama: Always snoopervise your pups when chewing their Kongs

 Now, more important than the Kong itself, is what it is stuffed with!
 Because I was short on time, plus I wanted to make sure Allergy Arty would be able to enjoy a Kong too, I asked Mama to stuff our Kongs with Peanutty Butter!
I snoopervised as she washed out the Kongs...

 ...and stuffed them to the brim with delicious Natural Peanutty Butter!!!

Then she put them on a piece of Parchment paper...

 ...and popped them in the freezer!! 

Although I wanted to give them out right away, she let them sit in the freezer for 87 hours(or maybe overnight)

Then came the best part, the slurping and chewing!! 
Mama made a short video of us enjoying our Kongs!

Click HERE to view it over at YouTube

It seems there are a ton of different things to use as stuffing for your Kong, I can't wait to find a recipe for our next Kong chewing session!!

What's your favorite Kong stuffing?

 We were given three KONG Classic Dog toys in return for our honest to goodness opinion
we were not paid any green papers. 

 We are joining the #ChewyInfluencer blog hop!
Thanks so much to Koru Bear for hosting!