Thoughtless Thursday - May Day Fairy

This May Day I am channeling my inner May Day Butterfly Fairy skills

I am sprinkling Spring warm, calm weather dust 
all over the places that are still chilly.

With all the storms and snow that have been
happening in the US...

 I am sprinkling extra special "nice weather" dust!
I won't even take any treats for putting on the
special fairy costume!!!

TeeHeeHeeHee...who am I kidding

Where are those treats Mama??!!!

Thanks to Ruckus and Love is Being Owned by a Husky for hosting this  edition of
Thoughtless Thursday


Strolling with Arty

Mama and I took a stroll yesterday to the Marshy...Come on Mama, let's GO!!!

The Marshy is a very pretty place, even when it is cloudy and a little drizzly...

There are lots of pretty flowers and....

 Lots of great peemails!!!

Check out all the birdies they have!!! Mama was sad she left her "fancypants" camera in the car 'cause it was drizzly out.

"Hi birdies....Are you enjoying the Marshy too??"

We walked by a few more flowers before it started to rain and Mama said we had to go home.

Don't worry marshy, Mama says we'll be back real soon!!


Sepia Saturday

Bilbo hopes you have a snuggly Saturday

full of serenity

Thanks to Ruckus for hosting
Sepia Saturday

Flower Friday - The Texas Edition

This week Mama says she wants to show you pictures of the flowers that she took in Texas last week. We are not sure we want her to do that because um, oh yeah, SHE DIDN'T TAKE US WITH HER!!!

While she was in Texas, taking pictures of boo-bonnets....

...and more boo bonnets

We were home getting lots of cookies and having lots of fun with the puppy sitter  pining away and waiting for her and Daddy to get home.

While she was taking pictures and visiting with friends we were home...alone playing zoomies and biteyface without her and Daddy.

I guess that is the price that us doggies pay to have happy paw-rents..."sigh"...

Stop complaining boys, we went on more walkies with the Doggie Sitter than Mama has taken us on in a long time!!
Sheesh, boys are such whiners!!

Feel free to join us for Flower Friday!! Next week Mama is going to try and set up a Flower Friday Blog Hop, but you can feel free to just grab our badge and post you and your person's favorite Friday Flowers!!


Thoughtless Thursday

Arty here today, taking a minute out from gardening, to share this Thankful Thoughtless Thursday with you all. 

Today is a Thankful Thursday because we wanted to thank two of our furiends for giving us the YooHoo, YooHoo award! Both Sully and Hayley, Zaphod and their Lady were nice enough to give us this award! Of course, there are rules....we are going to stick with the first three and bend the last one....

Rule One- Post the award on your bloggie and thank the awesome furriends that gave it to you...THANKS Sully, and THANKS Haylie and Zaphod (and their Lady too!!). We love reading about your adventures...and if you all haven't met either of these fabulous bloggers, click on their name and jump over to say hi...we'll wait.......

Waiting........insert silly slow elevator hold music here

OK...are you back??  On with the post then...

Rule Two-Visit at least three of the bloggies that got this award with you. We promise to do this one as soon as Mama finishes helping with this post (we don't want to submit you to that silly elevator music again!).

Rule Three - Tell three things we have to celebrate....

1-We are celebrating that in the almost FIVE years (on and off) we have been blogging that if there is one thing you can count on it is the support of all of our fur-iends in  Blogville....If we ever need a smile, or  POTP or just a furry ear to talk to we know we can turn to you guys!!

2-We celebrate having our fur-ever homes efurry day!!

3-We like to celebrate having our own pack. Although it might get crazy sometimes, Dory, Jakey, Bilbo and I (Arty) don't know what we would do without each other!!

Rule Four - is what we are calling, "The Rule that Must be Broken" - pass the award on......
well it says to 7 other bloggers, but we are passing it on to anyone who hasn't received it yet!

Thanks to Ruckus and Love is Being Owned by a Huskie for hosting Thoughtless Thursday!

Wordless Wednesday - Anticipation

Dory &  Her First Strawberry Bloom


Tasty Tuesday in the Garden

Happy Tasty Tuesday efurrybody!! Arty and Jakey here to show you how things are going in our garden!!

We have strawberries growing everywhere!! These are the ones in the ground garden...they are just now starting to bloom.  

 These are the strawberries that are growing in the herbie garden..hopefully they will have itty bitty strawberries soon

 Here are the raspberries, they also have bloomies on them...Mama says they are taking over the garden!!

Look..they are next to me, Arty, and they are already taller than ME!

Do you know that berries can be good for doggies....just stay away from cherries and other berries that have pitts that could get stuck in your throat!

Many thanks to Sugar and Kol's Notes for hosting
 Tasty Tuesday


Happy Easter - Treat Hunt

 Early This Morning, Easter Bilbo Bunny went out and hid ALL the Easter cookies!!

Dory was out the door lickety split (she is a cookie monster)
...but Mama said she had to save some cookies for everybody else!

Hey efurrypuppy...here are some cookies over here!!

ARTY...you left bunches of cookies back here in our fort!!

We had tons of fun on our treat hunt!! Thanks to Frankie and Ernie for hosting!!