Global Animal Blogging Event - It's Time to Start!!

It's Tiiimmmmmmmmeeeeeeee!!

So  today is the very first day leading to GABE, or the 1st Annual Global Animal Blogging Event.
What a wonderful idea our friend Twinkie came up with to help bring all us animals that blog together and help us get to know each other better. 

For those of you visiting for the first time, my name is Dory and I am a 6 year old Lhasa mix doggie. I live with my hooman Mama and Daddy. I am an avid squirrel hunter and the Queen and Ruler of my backyard.I love having fun chasing squirrels and snuggling with Mama and Daddy.

This is my silly brother Bilbo who is a 8 year old Lhasa (he sometimes acts like a kitty cat!). Bilbo is Mama and Daddy's manager and personal herder. I think he someday might want to rule the world....but he hasn't mentioned anything about that to me.We get along most of the time as long as he doesn't try to boss me around.


Enough about us..this is about CELEBRATING FRIENDS!!!
To celebrate both old friends AND hopefully some new friends we are having a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Here are the rules for the GIVEAWAY!!!
1. Leave a Comment on this GABE blog entry between now and 11:59pm CST on April 17th

That's it...that is the ONLY rule (I hate rules)!! On April 18th we will pick the winners, we will announce them on this blog entry (but will also announce them on our April 18th blog entry!)

Mama will use the randomness that is Daddy and he will pick three winners out of our doggie bowl (don't worry, I will make Mama wash it first!) and they will get PRIZE BASKETS!!!

"What kind of baskets? What will be in them?" you might ask.
First, and most important, we will donate $10 in the name of each winner (a total of $30) to Lifelong Friends Shelter and send you a copy of the card that we will be mailing
Mama will be making PRIZE BASKETS!!! These will contain all kinds of fun goodies that Bilbo and I will snoopervise help her make!

Mama will be posting pictures of the making of the stuff in the baskets between now and the big drawing! 

More information about GABE can be found here at Twinkie's!


Just Another Boring Monday.....

Mama was doing all kinds of stuff that did NOT include playing with me..This is not a smiley...This is a BIG yawn because I am bored!!

Not much else to do but to take a nap.


Weekend Security Detail

"Mmmmmm, free birdfood, my favorite!!"

"What was that sound...?"

"OH NO!!!! It is DORY the great squirrel HUNTRESS"

"That is right Mr. squirrel it is I, Dory, the defender of birdie food everywhere, you better skeedattle!!"

"Please Miss Dory, do not harm my cute little squirrel body! I am just ever so hungry, see how very skinny I am"

"I think you are a rather chubby tree rat and if you do not move along RIGHT NOW I will shoot you with my super secret ear rays!"

"I will leave for now Miss Dory, but I WILL be back!!"

"and I will be ready for you and any of your little rat friends Mr. Squirrel!"

"Birdie food is for BIRDIES not for SQUIRRELS!!"

"Be afraid squirrels everywhere in my backyard, I am Dory and I am NOT afraid of YOU!!!"


A Thursday for Thanking

I have so much to be thankful for this week!

When Mama and Daddy finally brought the mail in, I saw that I had a package! OK...So MAMA and I had a package. "What is it Mama?"

Mama reminded me that we had won a give away that Cole over at All the Small Stuff. celebrating her blogoversary! They are very cool note cards and my VERY OWN stamp from Expressionery.com!!

Thanks so much Cole!

And we wanted to thank the Stormy, Dave, Zim and Ammy (and their Mama)for giving Mama their Mama's recipe for Moussaka. It is so nummy that Mama is walking around the house saying OPA! 
 and wanting to throw plates on the floor!

and last but not least, thanks to Princess for the pawesome sunshine award. If you don't have this award yet, please pick it up on your way out!


Have you Heard About the Cool Event Twink is Hosting??

We interrupt playtime for this important announcement!

Have you heard about the event that the cool Twink (and her Mama) are hosting??

Twinkie and her Mama have put together this PAWESOME way to visit blogs across the world and have fun and/or win prizes doing it!! Twink has a whole page dedicated to how to go about participating in GABE, so go and read all about it by clicking the banner above OR the one on my sidebar.

Remember how Mama was going to do that craft chain thingy?? Well, after hearing what Twink was up to, she figured it might be a better idea to get  her friends to do this instead.  We will be in the "Active" group (cause Mama has those extra round tuits and has gone craft project crazy!) and will be having a giveaway. But you don't have to give away anything unless you want to, you can be in the "Passive" group. Regardless of what group you are in, it is all about getting to meet new friends all over the world!

Bilbo is snoopervising Mama and I so we put together our post  and get the link to Twinkie on the 31st of March.  But don't worry, you and your assistants have until 10th of April. Just remember the earlier you "Get the Link to Twink" , the closer you are to the top of the list that people will be visiting!

Thanks so much Twink for taking the time (not to mention sharing your Mama and her time) to get this all organized!!!

Now back to your (or my) regular playtime activity! For me it is tug between Mama, my piggy and me!


We're Home!!!

What a fun Spring Break we had! We played, we met knew friends and we even bribed them so they would "forget" to groom us before we left *giggle*. We were very happy when Mama and Daddy BOTH came to pick us up yesterday. It is nice to go on vacation, but even nicer to come home.

Here are some pictures of our vacation. It was the rodeo in Austin last week so we did lots of Texan type things at camp!

Here I am with one of my new friends Bevo. He is a Texas Longhorn but Mama says he does not play football. I don't get it, I think he would make an excellent linebacker!!

Here I am learning to ride horseback. I just love the feel of the wind through my fur!

Oh yeah...here is Bilbo competing in the Rodeo. Go Bilbo!!! He just loved being off from his supervising duties for a week! He really let his tail fly free!

Here we are relaxing at the evening campfire on our last night!

OH...and this is what Mama and Daddy did,
I don't know why they are so happy...they took like a week long BATH!!

Hope spring is springing at your house!! Mama is helping me catch up SLOWLY but surely on all the happenings and hopefully will be all caught up in the next few days!


Spring Break

Bilbo: Psssssst....Dory!

Dory: I am busy looking for squirrels Bilbo, what is it???

Bilbo: Mama and Daddy have their suitcases packed and look like they are going somewhere

Dory: I wonder if they are going to take us

Bilbo: I HOPE NOT!!! I mean we just got back from that icky road trip thing last Saturday. Enough already!!

Bilbo: Maybe I should just run away...that would teach them!!

Dory: Duuuuuude, relax!! You can't run away, who else would give you punkin EVERY night and who would supervise Mama and Daddy???

Dory: I will go ask Mama what is going on!

Dory: Mama says that yes, they are going to go away for a little while but we get to go see friends at Doggy Sleep Over Camp!!!!! Woo Hoo!! Friends Bilbo...and no one to supervise...we will have a BLAST!!!

Bilbo: Phhhllllllbbbbbttttt!!!! That is what I think of Doggy Camp but at least I am getting some well deserved time off!!

From the Mama:
Spring has Sprung in Texas and we are off to rid ourselves of our "Cabinet Fever" by doing some scuba diving. Since Dory and Bilbo have problems with the whole "getting in the water" thing they will be doing some well deserved relaxing at Doggy Sleep Over Camp!

We will be back in the blogosphere next Monday and hope everyone has an awesome week!!!



Awards and Where's Daddy??

Before we get the Spring Break Party started I wanted to show you a couple of awards that I got this week!

The first is from Miss Tiffy. She is the new sister to Miss Coco, and Miss Coco was wonderful enough to let Miss Tiffy blog AND show her appreciation for her new friends!!

The next award is from my buddy Dennis the Vizsla, once again...if you have not visited Dennis and his pack (Tucker, Trixie and Trouble) head over there RIGHT NOW (we will wait). Isn't he just the cutest and funniest Vizsla you have ever seen???Plus...he NEVER gives up...I mean NEVER!!

I am suppose to pass this on to five of my bloggie friends....I think I will pass it to 5 of my squirrel hunting buddies:

Tank just got back from trying to visit the wizard. Go see what he had been up to! 
Bijou is a tell it like is type pup, and Banjo, he posts great funnies every Tuesday
Is finally finding Spring!
Stop by Frankie's place and congratulate him on his engagement to TWO very fine girlie dogs!
They have a new foster sister named...well, I think it is Bonnie, but you will have to stop by to find out.

Of course, if you not have this award please, please, please feel free to consider yourself awarded!

And last, but not least, Martine, Candy and Captain tagged me for a photo meme...I am suppose to do:

1. Open my first photo folder
2. Scroll down to the tenth photo
3. Post the photo and tell the story behind it
4. Tag 5 more people
OK...since it is a fellow pup scout, here it is...
Once upon a time..Bilbo and I snuggled. Here we are when I was only 8 weeks old and Bilbo was a dapper young man of just 2 years old. The only time he would let me get close was when we sleeped!

The next five ummmm lucky ones are are:
1. Noir the Texas Kitty
2.Madi and her Mama,  my other Kitty Friend and her Mama
3.Ginger Jasper, my over the big pond kitty friend
4.The Army of Four....cause the are very kitty friendly
5.and Fiona, just because she needs some extra attention on account that her sister Abby is too darn cutesy!

And for your watching pleasure, here is me asking Mama where Daddy is (leftover from our road trip last Saturday!)


Our FUN FUN FUN Family Road Trip!!!

We went on a FUN FUN FUN trip last Saturday!! I know Bilbo has tried to tell you it was "scary" and "boring" and that Mama and Daddy kidnapped him....PAPHEWY! It was fun!! We got to spend the WHOLE DAY with Mama and Daddy in the Daddy's bye bye machine going BYE BYE!! Life just doesn't get much better!!

At first I wasn't sure why were up so early....

Mama put on my harness and my pretty pink scarf. Then she said the magic words that always make my day, B-Y-E B-Y-E. Oh yes, I can spell them too...

We buckled up for safety. As they say here in Texas, Click-It or Ticket!

Then we here on our way!!! The scenery was beautiful and the sun came out after we left Austin behind!

Uh Oh....looks like someone didn't "click-it" so they got a ticket.

I asked Mama if we could take a potty break and guess what??? She said YES!!

We pulled over and Bilbo and I got to go for a walkie first with Mama and then with Daddy TOO!!!

There is s sign Daddy, make sure to go towards Ft. Worth!!!

Almost There!!!

When we got there Daddy went in a store and Mama took Bilbo and me for a loooonnnnnggggg walkie!! Look, we are practicing walking like the A04 and the OP Pack!!

We wondered what a Police Store front was....Does anybody know???

Before I knew it we were back in the car and Daddy had hew brand new watch...he says it is just like the kind that Dirk Pitt wears....I don't care what kind it is, I love it because it is the reason for our FUN FUN FUN day!!

I sleeped most of the way home.....and when I opened my eyes, we were home.

So you see, no matter what a certain grumpy puppy says, we had a FUN day with Mama and Daddy!!!

Mama made a video of MOSTLY ME, and not grumpy pants Bilbo, to show you just how FUN it was.