It's My Birthday!

 Today is my 6th Birthday!!!

 This year for my birthday, Mama said we could have a Mama and ME day!!
We loaded the car with snacks and Mama promised a walkie, a photo shoot and a long car ride to see some pretty flowers! Then she surprised me with a stop at my ocean on the way home(those were the pictures you saw yesterday)!!!

 Even though it was cloudy at our house, Mama took me above the clouds in the mountains!! Isn't it beautimous up here?! I be we are 87 million miles in the sky...OH, speaking of 87, a very Happy Barkday to the one and only, Frankie Furter!! 
Today is his birthday too!

 Look at the very special pressie that came in the mail for me! I have to say, my little heart pitter pattered so hard when I saw Mabel's picture that I almost fell over!! Isn't she beautiful?!?!?

 Do you know it was the VERY FIRST MAIL at our new house. That's right, I got mail even before Mama and Daddy!!! I will let you know about it soon, but Mama says I can't open it until tonight...Sheesh, Mama is SO mean!!

 We have had lots of changes around here lately, a new sister and a new house, just to name a few. It was pretty hard for me sometimes. Mama says Life is an adventure, and I'm starting to think maybe she is right....

....and this year I am going to live each day to the fullest!!

Stay tuned tomorrow on Flower Friday to see more about my Birthday walk and flower expedition!


Allergy Season Sucks

  2 baths a week....

 Medicine time twice a day...

Allergy season is sucky!!


A BBQ at the Amusement Park

 Hi everybody!! We hope you are having a blast at the Blogville Amusement Park! I know Mabel and I have laughed and screamed as we rode all the rides!! 

Mabel and I were reminiscing on how it seemed like just yesterday we were sworn into office as the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Blogville, it's amazing how fast two years can fly by! As we enter the last few months of our term, please let us know if you are interested in becoming the new Mayor of Blogville! You can email our assistant at the email address
on our sidebar if you have any questions or if you would like to throw your hat into the ring!

Now, let's EAT!!

 Chef Abby and her assistant Frankie have their food truck set up HERE, make sure you stop by and pick up a plate of delicious foodables!!

Let's take a walk and say hi to everyone!
 Oh, YAM Aunty is teaching the secret "Cookie Dance" to some of the crowd! Wow, Madi can't take her eyes off of that cookie!! 

 Here we have a trio of Hawt Dawgs eating their hot dogs!!!

 Xena and Lucy have the right idea! We should all load up on the junk food while we can!

 Oh my DOG!! Hot dog that is...looks like Lightning, Misty and Timber joined Maggie Mae and Gussie at the food truck for some loaded up hot dogs AND corn dogs!! That Timber must still be growing to be able to chomp down two corn dogs!

 Now the pawty can really get started, Phenny has arrived and just look at those snausages he brought,

 Turkey legs and funnel cake..AND ice cream??
Tuiren, Walter, Millie and Fenris sure know how to...
WAIT, did you say SQUIRREL, Walter???
GET IT!!!!

 These kitties sure know how to relax! Travis and Crockett are enjoying some bacon while Scylla, Chimera, Yang and Yin seem to be looking for something with wings for dinner!

 Mmmmmmm, Phenny and Stanley have found some of Abby's delicious burgers, while Ruby's attentive fiance, Murphy, brought her a steak dinner while she takes a quick break. Make sure to stop by HERE to enjoy some of Ruby's
 tasty Rubyritas!!

 Hazel, Oreo enjoy a strawberry ice cream cone while Chester and Leah share a puppachino flavored cone...
OMD LEAH...you better finish that up, it looks like you need to get going.
The first ever appearance of the Diva Slippers and Wizard is about to begin!!!

Click HERE to hop over and hear the wonderful
sounds of the newest musical sensations....

 Make sure to travel all around Blogville today on the A Day at the Amusement Park Blog Hop!  See how everyone else is enjoying the day. 

Make sure hop aboard with your post of the fun you are having today!


Flower Friday - California Poppies

Welcome to Flower Friday Everybody!!
Excuse me for a minute...

 No Mama, I am NOT looking at the camera this week because you did NOT bring treats..AGAIN! According to Aunty Madi's demerit system, you should get 87 demerits!

 Sorry about that...now where were we???
This week we are going to take a look at the state flower for California, the California Poppy!

 Did you know the California, or Golden, poppy became the state flower in 1903?

Did you also know it is perfectly acceptable to give your Mama a razzberry when she does NOT bring treats on a photo shoot!

Here in California,  every April 6th is 
California Poppy Day!

 California Poppies are 2-3 inch cups can be orange, bronze, scarlett, terra cotta, rose or white.

 I'm singing the 
"No cookie, no lookie" song to Mama! 
She sure is persistent!

 California poppies grow in open areas, grassy or sandy slopes.

 The California poppy also grows in areas north to southern Washington State and east to Texas!

MAMA...using photoshot is cheating!
I hope your weekend brings photoshoots with 
LOTS of treats!

Flower Friday
Flower Friday here in Our Backyard is all about spreading cheer, while sharing a bit of your corner of Blogville! Just post a picture of flowers blooming, or any nature picture(with or without your pet) and hop aboard!!

Please click HERE if you don't see the linky below


Thankful For Nature Walkies...I think

 This week,  Mama took me on my very first walk at Arcata Marsh! I had a blast walking on the trails and trying to chase listening to the little tweety birds!

 I met this little guy along the trail...

 Mama says he is just your basic, everyday slug and not tasty at all. So I decided not to eat him...I did get a little lick in though, boy was he slimy!

 Mama tried to get me to pose in front of these pretty lupines...but guess what she forgot?
Yep, no cookies...and we all know the motto right??
"No cookie, no lookie!"
I did smile for her though, cause you know...she might stop by the cookie place on the way home, right?

 Then I came across this SCARY thing!!! Mama says it is a feather...I say it is EVIL and should be avoided at all costs!!

 Then things got REAL scary....this BIG GIGANTIC DUCK jumped out in front of me!! Mama thought I might go all barky on him...Not me, I am a good girl and tried to hide behind Mama didn't bark at all!

Mama directed a little video of my walk and scary encounters

You can also watch it HERE on YouTube

Thanks for joining me for my fun Nature Walkie today!
Mama and I are thankful we live in a beautiful part of the USA that is full of all kind of places for nature adventures! 
OH, and we are also thankful for the cookie place, where we are going now....Right Mama??

 We are joining Brian for the 
Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!