Thursday Travel Tails - Kansas

Hi everybody and welcome to Travel Tails!!
This week, we are going to visit one of our most favorite states, Kansas!! We know, bunches of you out there may think Kansas is all cornfields and farms. Although there is lots of farmland, there are also rolling green hills, cool rocks, lots of trees and streams.
Best of all??
They have BUNNIES!!! 

Before we start showing you everything we saw in Kansas, we have a few Kansas/Blogville trivia questions for you. Write your answers down, and we will give you the answers at the end of the post!

he first part of the question is...

Which Blogville residents live in the Little Apple??

Also, there is  another other famous Blogville pack that lives in Kansas, can you name them??
For EXTRA points, can you name the Angel Lhasa Blogville Resident that ALSO use to reside in Kansas before he had to go to the Bridge??

Now...Let's get to the good stuff!!
Today we'll start with the hotel!
We stayed at the La Quinta in Salinas, Kansas for this visit and it was a nice LQ!
Mama here, the LQ in Salinas, was easily accessible from I-70. At the time we stayed there (June 2016) it was pretty new. They had clean rooms (not stinky), friendly staff and working(and clean) laundry facilities. The staff was friendly and helpful. It is right next door to a McDonalds (which can be good or bad :-). We give this LQ 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The rooms were comfy,  and Arty perfected his pillow snuggling skills while we were there.

We walked around the hotel and admired the flowers..

I think it's this way back to the room Mama!
(Bet you didn't know I could point!)

When we got back to the room, I fell asleep as soon as my body hit the pillows!

Kansas had the best Rest Areas out of all the states we visited (in our opinion), each one was like a little park!
Mama here, I just loved the Rest Areas.  Most of them were in park settings with paths to walk the pups on. All were clean, well lit and safe!

Thank goodness they were too, because the road can get pretty boring!!

One rest area was FULL of bunnies!!

If only we could trust Mama off of her string, maybe we would have caught one!!

Of course we took the time ask life's most important questions...

There were beautiful streams...

...and yes, even a few corn fields!

After awhile it was hard to tell the scenery apart from the Rest Areas!!


 Bridge trolls to hunt for...

 More pretty streams

 ...and what's that???

 ...a beautiful farmhouse!!

 We have to say, the scenery in Kansas was just beautimous!!
 Mama took a few "scenic drives" off the highway.

 We saw pretty clover....

 Horse farms...

 Even a couple of haunted houses!!

 Lots of hay....

 ...and even some oil rigs!!

Mama made up for some of the long "scenic route" driving with a french fry or two!

 Check out the rolling hills!! Aren't they pretty??!!

There were lots of beautiful stone fences!!

 How interesting....I wonder why they wanted to abolish the 
open range??? Where the Kansas Deer and Antelope play now???

 We even saw the world's largest Van Gough painting!!

We really enjoyed Kansas, and Mama says there is so much more we didn't get to see.
Maybe one day we will get to go back!!!

Now for the answers to our Kansas Trivia Questions!

Did you guess which Blogville residents live in the "Little Apple"?? 
If you guessed Sibes, Cammie and Maggie of the Ao4, you guessed right!!

The other pack living in Kansas are also Sibes and are
Ciara and Lightning!!

Give yourself extra points if you knew that Angel Tank also came from Kansas.... 

Thanks so much for joining us for Travel Tails this week.
Tune is next week when we share Missouri and Illinois!


Campaign Tuesday

As you might have heard, fellow Candy Date Lexi has dropped out of the Blogville Mayoral Race. She is such a strong, loving and honest candy date, and will be missed!

Today I am sending lots of peaceful POTP to her and her family.
You can visit Lexi HERE.

Lexi's boyfriend Noodles set up a Go Fund Me Page to help off set the cost of Lexi's cancer treatments. If you feel moved please consider donating by clicking HERE.

I'll be back next week with my regularly scheduled campaigning.


Bilbo's Black and White Selfie Sunday

 Bilbo here, Mama took me to the V-E-T this week 
for a follow up senior visit. They checked my eyes and said the Opptimune is doing it's work and I am making some tears!!

Unfortunately, the vet said the reason I haven't been making any noise in the past 4 weeks or so, is because I am not hearing much.Mama felt kind of bad, because she thinks I have always had "selective hearing" (which I may have had at one time but I'll never tell!).  I also got my rabies shot and they stole some of my blood.

The V-E-T also said something about needing to gain some weight and gave me an appetite stimulator so I will eat more...
I told Mama as long as she puts out my pumpkin cookies
 I will do my best to eat them all gone!

Mama helped me take this cool selfie while we were waiting for the dogtur. I think it shows my best side!!

Happy Black and White Selfie Sunday!

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Flower Friday - Flowers and Fllutterers

Happy Flower Friday!!
Today Mama has informed me that we are going to be showing you some pretty pictures from her trip to Wisconsin. Mama says she found the prettiest buttie-pillars there...

There are pretty buttie pillars in California too!!

Just look at this beautiful California Buttie-Pillar!!

Top THAT, Mama!!!

 This Wisconsin Buttie-Pillar looks awfully little Mama...

 Ummmm...ok, this guy is pretty...

 Oooooo...look he has a little bit of blue on his back end!

 ...and his handsome stripes!

 He even has stripes on his tummy!!

 What a cute little curly q on his tail!!

 He really seams to like those thistle-y flowers!!

 I really like this guy Mama

....that is just ONE Buttie-Pillar!!
What else did you see??

OMD...You saw this stripey-polka dottie,  Buttie-Pillar TOO??

Wowsers Mama, he is beautimous!!

 What?? You saw this birdie too??

He sure is pretty...

 ..and this Buttie-Pillar??

 Look all the blue...and the little orange dots.
Great find, Mama!

BUT what about flowers?? 
Did Wisconsin have pretty flowers too??

 Just look at the stormy Queen Anne's Lace!!

...and pretty purple cone flowers

They have pretty sweet peas up in Wisconsin too!!

Welllllll, I guess Wisconsin DOES have SOME pretty things,
thanks for showing everybody what you found!!


...and thank YOU for stopping by today!
Please hop aboard and show us the flowers blooming in your corner of the world (If you don't see the link here, please click HERE to go to our Hoppity page)!!