TTS-Christmas Part Deux

Arty here to tell you all about our pressies from
Santa Paws!!
 I went first and closed my eyes then Mama put my pressie down
(or maybe Mama thought my eyes were open....silly Mama!)

 WAHOO, a new squeaky ball!!!!!
Squeaky balls are my favorite thing. 
Thanks Santa Paws!!

Jakey knows how to open his presents all by himself. Mama says he is a toy "motor-vated" doggie.

I guess that means he likes to de-stuff  his toys more than anything else! Santa brought him a new moose stuffy!
(it WAS a stuffy, now it is a rag toy...teeheehee)

Santa brought Dory a new game!! It is supposed to challenge her brains....Mama hides the treats and then Dory has to find them 

Somebody forgot to tell Santa when it comes to treats, Dory is a genius! She found all the treats WAY fast!!
(I found out the hard way it is best to let Dory do this all by herself...she does not like to share!!)

Santa gots Bilbo an IOU for a new bed that hasn't arrived yet....

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas and hope all of our friends did too!!


TTS-Christmas Pressies (Part One)!!

 Christmas morning we FINALLY were allowed to open the box from Precious, Jasper and Penny, our partners in Jazzi's Christmas Exchange this year!! First and foremost, we appreciate the work Jazzi and his Mamaput into this AND the Christmas card exchange!!!

Back to the important stuff....the PRESSIES!! First Mama wanted to show everyone the beautiful card they sent us!! Also, look at the beautiful ornament they gave us!!

Just look at all the pressies!!!!

We opened our presents from oldest to youngest this year so Bilbo went first!!

Just look at the beautiful blankie!! He already loves to snuggle in it!!

Next it was MY turn!!

Just look at the beautiful sleeping 
partner I gots!! 
I named her Pinky!

Next it was Jakey's turn....and he was WAY excited when he opened it!!

He started playing with it RIGHT away and couldn't even wait for Mama to take a good picture!!! Silly Jakey!!

Finally it was Arty's turn....he also was very, very excited!!

He started playing with it right away too!!
Silly Boys and their toys!!

Mama...we should REALLY try these Gingerbread cookies.  Can you help me get them open...

Bilbo LOVED them!
(which is CRAZY...cause he doesn't normally LIKE cookies!!)

Sheesh Mama, you didn't 
make Bilbo work for it...

Jakey can't wait either......

Mmmmmmm...I can smell how nommy those are going to be Mama, GIVE IT TO ME!!

Thanks so much to Precious, Jasper and Penny along with their pawrents for such wonderful pressies!!!


Happy Birthday Miss Dory!!!

 Dory Mama here...we interrupt this Christmas season to celebrate Dory's 10th Birthday!
Dory captured the hearts of my husband and I the first day that we brought her home. She suffered from a tummy issue and was pretty sickly for the first couple of weeks of her stay with us which led to lots of snuggles and naps held close to us. We can't be sure, but think that helped her become the friendly, loving dog she grew up to be.

She discovered modeling at an early age .

She loves to play dress up (ok, except for maybe in squirrel costumes...click here to read about that)

Since 2009 she has really enjoyed being the star of her very own blog!

She has the most beautiful smile and still loves a good game of bitey face with her brother.

Happy Birthday to our baby girl!!


TTS-Where is Santy Paws??

Arty, did you hear that?? Maybe you should go check and see if it's Santy Paws!!

He is not in the chimney Dory.....

Let me look in the backyard.....

He's not in the backyard either.....

Well Arty, maybe you should keep an eye out for him...you know, just in case!

Don't worry Dory, he won't get by me!!

We hope everyone is taking time to enjoy the season!!


TTS-We got BIG mail!!!

Look what came in the mail for us yesterday!
It is our very own PACKAGE!!

I thought maybe Santa Paws came early and asked Mama if I could open it. She said that I had to wait a few more days until Christmas Day, bummer! She told us this package was sent from Precious, Jasper and Penny who had our name in Jazzi's Christmas Gift Exchange!!!

Ooooooo, I think I smell other doggies!!
Jakey, come smell!!!

Yep Dory, I smell other puppies on this box too!!!

Stay tuned next week, we can't wait to open it!!!


Mini Me's!!

We don't know about you, but when it comes to buying presents for our Daddy we always get stumped!! This year we came up with the bestest presents ever! Do you all know Lynne and her doggies Bridget, Dinah and Elliot over and Dip-Dip and The Bridge??? Well Lynne makes the CUTEST little crocheted pups that look JUST like the doggies she makes them for!!! Soooooooo we had her create some "mini-us's" for Daddy so he could take them to the office with him every day!!!

Before he takes them to the office Mama wanted to keep them home so she could show efurryone what a wonderful job that Miss Lynne does on them!!

Here are Arty and Mini Arty! Wow, right??

She even gots the the little polka dots on Arty's feeties!!

Jakey is looking longingly at Mini Jakey hoping he can destuff him  admiring how much they look alike!!

She even gots his brown on his ears just right!!

We were surprised to see that Bilbo actually 
liked his Mini (and Bilbo doesn't like ANYTHING new or different!!)

You can't see it 'cause Bilbo has his sweater on, but they have the same little white spot on their chests and everything!!

Of course the bestest is last!!! Here I am with well...Mini Me!! Isn't she the cutest little Dory ever!!!???

Of course, she knows how to keep her pack in line too!!!

If you don't have your Mini Me's yet
go read more about them here
or click on the button below



TTS-Christmas Window & Happy Birthdays!

Today we want to show you our most favorite
Christmas Window......

It is beautiful don't you think???

....and not only because it is in front of this window that we get all of our cookies and cheese from Mama either....

We also want to say a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Daddy!!  He is getting a few very special presents we will share with you tomorrow!!

Us/Them Wordless Wednesday







TTS-Dory's Favorite Ornament

My favorite ornament isn't really an ornament...it's more of a......


I have had this Doryment since way back in 2009!! 

This is my favorite Doryment not JUST because it has my name on it.

I gots this Doryment from my friend Tank in the VERY first gift exchange that Jazzi ever had!! 
I even thought Tank was Santa Paws for a little while.....

Do you have a favorite ornament???