Happy February!!

Happy February!!!
We wanted to remind you to get your birthdays to us today or tomorrow,  if you haven't already.
Mama will be getting the list finished up and emailed out this weekend!

 Also, don't forget that the dead lion to get your parade pictures to Frankie and Ernie or the Crabby Girls is coming up real quick, get your pictures in by Friday, February 5th!!

Make sure to visit the Crabby Girls HERE or Frankie and Ernie HERE
to read more!


Black and White StuART Sunday

We are joining Ranger today in the 
"Inspire Your Heart wiff StuART" 
in memory of Stuart the Scottie


My New Hat

My bestest gal Mabel, sent me this most pawsome cowboy hat!

It has the coolest leopard print to match her new leopard jacket! 

Thanks so much Mabel, I just LOVE my new hat!! 
Maybe these longhorns will take me seriously now!!


Not Fair!

 Mama and Daddy went away last weekend...they SAID it was for their annual "planning retreat".  Seriously?  How long does it take to plan how many Chewy.com orders to place and how many walkies to take us on during the year?

  I looked on Mama's phone the other day and saw some pretty interesting pictures dated last weekend. Seems like the "planning retreat" included a trip to the Jelly Belly Factory!!


 That's right, Dory....they went to a jelly bean factory, WITHOUT US!!!  What's up with that????

 And the worst thing???
We aren't allowed to dead the stuffed jelly bean OR eat any jelly beans they brought back!! Mama made us take pictures with them though!!!

Sheesh, our Mama is cruel sometimes! 
(Note from Mama: They were paid handsomely with Zuke treats for posing!)

Do your peeps ever make you pose with souvenirs they bring back from trips where you didn't get to go???  


Surely you Shirley Know.....

This week, Murphy and Stanley are hosting a very cool event to introduce some of our furiends, to some of our other furiends that may not know them!!
Just for the record, our ancient Mama remembers 
the Shirley above... *sigh*

Shirley you have visited Maddie the Pug, Baby Belle and her Mama, the Military Wife over at Military Wife and Pug Life?  Mama has been known to spit out her coffee laughing at some of the movie reviews Mili Wife does, but I think Mama just likes the fact that Maddie the Pug's Mama is as Cuckoo for Marvel Comics as she is (she is doing recaps on Agent Carter right now!)!! I myself, like reading about all the things Maddie thinks are #prettykewl!!  

We also love checking in with Bunny, Flattery, Morgan and Kuster over at Tales and Tails. There is a bit of everything over at T & T from Search and Rescue Saturdays,  to funny pack stories told by Bunny!

 Shirley you remember I have an Angel Sister, Addie cat?? That's right, my Mama used to be a "Cat Lady" before she married Daddy.  Although we still aren't ready to bring another kitty into the house, I sure do love kitties and have a few kitty friends that you most surely should know,  if you don't already! You probable know Whitley and Finley (the cutest and best dressed terrier-ists in Texas), BUT did you know they have a bunch of BFF kitties that live with them?? Visit The Lone Star Cats to follow their escapades and to monitor just how much bacon they get!! We also love taking part in Selfie Sunday with the kitties over at The Cat on My Head and we never miss checking in with Miss Diva Madi!

Thanks soooooo much for putting this together Murphy and Stanley, we just love making furiends and can't wait to meet some of the friends you all share with us!!

Make sure you jump in the Blog Hop Oz is hosting!


Chewy.com Fun on a Rainy Movie Monday!

As you might have heard from all our complaining there has been bunches of rain in our area!

Just look what has been going on for the past three 87 days !!

Click HERE to watch the video on YouTube.
 It may sound soothing but it is WET....we HATE wet!! 

Just in time,  our Blogger Network box from Chewy.com arrived!! Guess what it had inside???

The Outward Hound Kibble Drop Puzzle Toy!!! 
Finally, something to keep us busy!!

 The treats go in the hole in the top and fall randomly into one of the compartments at the bottom!

 It's our job to find which compartment they fall into

 and then we get to eat them!!

I found two in this compartment!!! 
Double Nommy!!

Here is Dory with a short video showing how she uses our new Urban Hound Kibble Drop Puzzle Toy!

Click HERE to watch the video over at YouTube

We give this 9 out of 12 paws! 
All in all, this is a great toy!  Arty is still trying to learn just how it works but Me (Jakey) and Dory had figured out on the very first try!!
Mama gives it 2 hands up because it will keep Arty busy AND is very easy to clean!!

As part of the Chewy Blogger Network we received this most pawsome Urban Hound Kibble Drop toy in exchange for our honest opinion. We were not paid for this review and all of the opinions are either ours or our Mama's.


We are climbing abouard the Chewy.com Blogger Network Blog Hop!! Thanks Sugar and Oz for hosting!!


BWSS - Playing Librarian

I gathered some light reading for Mama and Daddy while they aren't feeling well!

We are joining Nola and Sugar for Black and White Sunday this week!!

We are also joining The Cat on My Head this week for Selfie Sunday


Stormy Sepia Saturday

 Mama has me fetchin' logs for the fire...

on another Stormy Saturday....

Our thoughts are with those experiencing heavy snow in the Northeastern USA...

We are joining Ruckus and Earl for Sepia Saturday
this week!!


The Verdict is in.....

 Jakey here today, from the comfort of my pillow fort,  to shed some light on Mama's "trick question" on Wednesday!
Was I innocent or guilty for deading a stuffy???
Why innocent, of course!! I am the best behaved pup in the house!!

 Once a month or so, Mama "gives" me a stuffy for my very own to ummmm,
"do with, what I will" is I believe how Mama put it.

 She does this under strict supervision because, while I do not like to eat stuffy guts or body parts that I ravage,  a certain sister (remember, I have only ONE sister) will swallow any stuffy bit or fluff she can get her muzzle on!

 I just the feel of ripping fabric and the feel of a bit of fluff between my toofers!

It usually only takes me 5 to 10 minutes (depending on stuffy size) and Mama says I get get a bit out of control.

Mama believes I may have more than a tad of terrier-ist in me (which I hope Finley will find endearing) because deading things makes me so very happy and proud of myself!
She says, I never ask for much, and I am usually so well behaved that a monthly deading isn't too much to ask for!

Remember,  Mama LET me do this, so I am not guilty this time!!
All that deading make a guy pretty sleepy though.....time for a nice nap!!

Do your peeps ever let you dead anything??


Mama....I'm Sleepin'!!!

 This better be good Mama, I was having the bestest dream!!
I was chasing squirrels with Mr. Bailey and we were about to catch one!!


Why didn't you say so to begin with!