Chewy.com BBQ with Nutrish Burger Bites #chewyinfluencer

Jakey and I just love being #chewyinfluencers! Every month we get to choose an item from a list  of 87(or maybe 8 or 7) things Miss Natalie from chewy.com sends us! In exchange, we(and sometimes Mama) just give our honest and true opinions!

I(Arty) am here today to host July's review!
Feel free to use your magical imagination a bit, you may need it.

Ummmm....Looks like we may have a box conundrum here!
OMD...It smells like the chewy box may also be....could it be??

A BBQ???
Hey Arty, you better get Mama to open this box quick!!

Hop to it Mama, our moozles are drooling!

OMD...It's Rachel Ray's Nutrish Burger Bites! on a chewy.com box grill!!!
Life doesn't get much better than this!

Ummmm....Jakey....I don't think they will burn
Remember, we are using our imagination!

While Jakey is working on his imagination skills, I'll tell you a bit more about Burger Bites! 

Beef is the first ingredient...not just any beef, but U.S. Farm raised beef!

Grain free(so I can eat LOTS of them)!

A portion of all of Rachel Ray's products go to help animals in need, isn't that pawsome!!

Nutrish's Burger Bites are about the size of my(Arty's) paw and, although we do NOT recommend it, Mama says they are soft and very easily broken apart. They even LOOK like real, honest to goodness, BURGERS!!

Looks like Jakey may need more work on his imagination, but he does have a point Mama...

It took no time for us to persuade Mama to give us seconds...and we even tried for thirds!! Mama says these come close to Zuke's as our most favorite treat!

Needless to say, we give Rachel Ray's Nutrish Burger Bites 8 paws up and have already had Mama order us more! 
You can click HERE to head over to Chewy.com and order your too!! 

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Thanks to Sugar and Oz for hosting!


Caturday Art-y

Arty here for some Caturday Art-y. I decided to go with a smoky look today! I love the goatee it gives me! 

We are joining Athena over at Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty
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Flower Friday

Happy Flower Friday!! 
Arty here today to show you some of the flowers we found down by my ocean!

We saw these beautiful purple flowers while we were visiting the Trinidad Lighthouse.

We also came across these beautimous California Poppies!

Pretty wildflowers seem to be everywhere this time of year!

Mama got all artsy fartsy with this cute little yellow flower.

We always enjoy seeing lots of these sunny Carpobrotus Edulis(or Highway Ice Plants) when we walk through the sand dunes on the way to my beach!

Even these cute little sweet peas are happy to look out over the 

Last, but not least, are some Queen's Anne Lace flowers which seems to like the ocean, the woodsy trails and the marshy areas!!

Thanks for joining us for this Beach-y Flower Friday and we hope everyone gets a chance to stop and smell some flowers this weekend!!

Hop aboard and show us the flowers blooming in your corner of the world (If you don't see the link here, please click HERE to go to our Hoppity page)!!


Thankful for Brothers, Thursday

Arty here, on this week's edition of Brian's Thankful Thursday, to say how thankful I am for my most favorite brother,
(and not just because he is my only brother) 
He always has a good cover up plan!

 He keeps me company when I go to the dogtur....and even tries to tell Mama we have other, more important places to be!

He  always reminds me it pays to put a smiley on my face...

Although he may need more practice, he is quickly mastering the famous "Mamastinkyeye"!

Most importantly, he is the bestest sleeping buddy in the whole house!!
Thanks Jakey, for always having my back!!

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

Why yes Mama, we are handsome boyz!
Now, where's the cookie??

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Flashback Travel Tuesday - The Minis in the Caribbean!

Since Mama, Mini Dory and Daddy aren't due home from San Francisco until this afternoon, we thought we would show you one of our favorite Flashbacks of a previous Mini Adventure from their trip to the Caribbean in 2015!

When we last left the Minis they were about
to go looking for Mama and Daddy..... 

We had a blast under the sea and totally get why Ariel and Nemo love it so much!

Here is a movie Mama made starring some of our new friends!
You can also go to YouTube by clicking HERE to watch :-)


Thank you so much for joining us for the Travel Tuesday Flashback! Join us next week when Mini Bilbo shows us around Napa Valley!



Sunday Spa Day Selfies

I sure hope those are Zuke's in your hand Mama!

           Yeah Mama,  LOTS of Zuke's...
 You could let me get my jaws on this squeaky ducky
.....that might be even better than a Zuke's!

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Handsome Man-Caturday Art

We want to thank our Handsome Mancat Cousin,  Sorrell,  for being our 
Caturday Art for the past couple of weeks! 

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