Mama has been Sicky


Mama had a bug in her tummy most of this week. Not sure what it was doing in there, but it was making her awful sleepy!! Bilbo and I took good care of her during the days while Daddy was at work.

I kept a close eye on her....

Then Bilbo took a turn and watched her very carefully...

Mama, cover those stinky feeties!!

I took a nap (have to rest up to be a good nurse!)


The best way to make sure your Mama gets better fast is to snuggle RIGHT next to her! Bilbo and I did this as much as possible to ensure double quick healing (Daddy doesn't fix us special pumpkin crunchies like Mama does!)

Mama-all better walkies
After a couple of days of snuggle nursing Bilbo and I are happy to report that Mama is feeling all better!!!
Walkies tomorrow Mama??


The Park!

Here is me doing a SQUIRREL look while practicing my sit/stay technique!

Saturday Mama took me to the park. She says we are going to need to spend quality time together because she thinks that soon she will have a REAL job again and will be going to a workplace FIVE days instead of just THREE. For now I just say whatever...just make sure to keep the walkies coming!

Let's play a game...It's called find the birdie.
Do you see it??? Keep Looking. If you don't see it, Mama will show it to you at the end of the post

More sitting, this time on a rock! Not real comfy Mama. HURRY!


Mama said that she is thankful to have me to go on walkies with. These poor humans must be in trouble because their doggies did not come walk with them.
What do you mean "not everyone has a doggy,  Mama??? Of COURSE everyone does!"
Sheesh....some Mamas...

Here is  proof .... LOTS of peoples with their puppies in the doggy park.

We walked around most of the lake and had lots of fun!!
Mama is trying SO HARD to help me catch up on all the bloggies and get us entered in the contests that are associated with Mr. RH's Mango Minster, but this whole WORK THING is cramping our style. We will keep trying though. I told my Mama to be just like the little choo choo going up the hill..

She thinks she can,she thinks she can.
Know that if you don't hear from us that we are thinking of you all!

NOW...did you find the birdie???
There he is!!!
If you click on the picture you can biggefy (or at least get to flickr to biggefy).


Sit and Stay..at the Park!!


Here is my entry to Tucker's Sit and Stay contest.  Mama took me to the park where, among many birdies and squirrels I sitted and stayed and even smileyed!!!

You can read all about the sit and stay contest here at Tucker's Bloggie.

This contest is a Mango Minster Sanctioned Contest!

More about the park tomorrow!


Pup Scouts and Awards!

Today was our first official Pup Scout Meeting over at Candy and Captain's (and their Mama Miss Martine) Blog, I Need a Sugar Fix.

Miss Bailey led us in our Pup Scout Oath, and we sang songs!!

This is a picture of me saying my oath.

We talked about fundraising ideas, what do you think about purchasing some Pup Scout Cookies?

We also had an educational talk about making sure we are always on our strings when we are out in public!

Bilbo and I are very proud to be members of this pawesome club!!


We also want to say thank you (along with sorry it took us so long to post) to Teddy over at Teddy's Tales . Teddy and his sister Sierra are beautiful American Eskimo puppies. Go visit Teddy to see what he and Sierra are up to! There are many icky rules for this one. I followed most of them too!!

As with every award, there are some rules that need to be followed:
1. Each Superior Scribbler (SS) must pass the Award on to 5 deserving blogger friends.
2. Each SS must link the author and name of the blog from whom he/she received the award.
3. Each SS must display the award on his/her blog and link to the post which explain the award.
4. Each SS is asked to visit the post which explains the award and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List.
5. Each SS must post these rules on his/her blog.

Since I have noticed that most of you have this one already, I am giving this to anyone who does not have it yet! All of my friends are Superior Scribblers!


My Parents are Geeks






Can anyone explain to me why those doggies are sitting up and barking at the big wall type thing??? Mama says it is something about space and an odd at sea...

Me?? I say my parents are just sci fi geeks....

Wordless Wednesday




Why I love My Backyard....

Squirrel fishing....Mama puts out bait for them...and then they magically appear

Birdie watching...



Squirrel Recon. I can overhear the diabolical squirrels as they tap out their nut code...they are just PRETENDING to eat those nuts



I think those birdies are wiggling code to the squirrels...that is why they are so blurry!!!

Sometimes there is a Squirrel du Soliel show that the squirrels perform.
Most likely as part of a covert plan to keep me occupied. I make sure to watch ALL the trees tho so they cannot sneak around!

But most of all there is sun for me to lay in to survey all that is mine!!!


Pup Scouts and an Award!

Today we officially became members of the Pup Scouts! Martine, who I think is Pup Scout Master and Captain and Candy's Mama over at I Need a Sugar Fix made this banner for us Pup Scouts.

Here are Bilbo and I saying our Pup Scout Oath:
Dory Bilbo_3- 08-16-09

On the Honor of Our Paw we will do our best
To do our duty to our fur and non fur community
And obey the Pup Scout Law
To help other pups and their people at all times
To keep ourselves in tip top pup condition at all times
Furry aware and ready at a moments notice

Thanks to Captain and Candy for letting their Mama make up this cool Badge!!

Martine and Coco also gave us this cool "Showing Some Love" award that the talented Purple Hatter made:

Isn't that Coco a cutie!!! You can click on the award to go over and say howdy to her.

I am suppose to pass this on to five friends...but Mama says it is past our bedtime, so I am passing this award on to you...if you don't have it yet!


Mango Minster 2010

I am sure that by now you have all heard that Sir Mango is hosting  Mango Minster, the dog show for all kinds of puppies, not just the high falootin' ones!! Bilbo and I are all packed and ready to go...

Let's go people!!
Bilbo here and I am entering the Herding Breeds....

You may ask, "Bilbo...why are you entering the Herding breed???"

Well, being the alpha puppy, I am in charge of herding my humans. I herd Mama through her morning. From her exercise time to her shower time (when I get my first treat reward) until she leaves for her work (and I get my second reward).

At the end of the day I am responsibly for getting my humans to bed. At around 9pm every night I will make sure that they know it is time to head up the stairs to the night night room!


I is a SQUIRREL!!!!!
Now on to ME!! I am entering the Sporting Breeds. As you can see, I am a VERY good sport because I let my Mama dress me up as A SQUIRREL last Halloween!! I also am a big fan of walkies and bye bye rides in the car!!

We want to thank Mango for missing many meditations because of all the hours of work involved in the show, and thank the Mango Mama for letting him put this together!!