Pink Flower Friday

Happy Flower Friday! 

Can you believe it is August already??  That means that there are only a couple of more Flower Fridays left! 

 This week we are going to show you a few flowers in my (Dory) most favorite color....

Here are some wild fuschia that we see on one of the trails we walk on!

Here is a close up shot of the light pink, don't they look like little helicopters???

Here we have a thistle flower!
I never knew they could be this pretty!! Usually Mama waits until they are all brown and thorny before she notices them!

and we saved the bestest for last....
WOW...now that is PINK!!!
This is our bougainvillea!! We are amazed that it grows so well here on the Northern California Coast where it only gets up to 70 degrees or so during the day....They usually grow in warmer climates!

Have a Happy Smiley Flower Friday!!


Thoughtless Thursday - Romeo, Romeo

Romeo, Romeo....

"Hey Dory, down here. It's Romeo-bear!!"

"No offense Romeo-bear, but I think you are a little small for me"
"But Dory, you are so pretty...and guess what I have???"

"SLLLURP, oh my goodness, are those COOKIES??"

Hmmmmm, what do you think, should I keep him???

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Tasty Tuesday Torture

Really Mama??
Yep, Mama is torturing us again....

You know this is doggie abuse Mama!
Seriously Mama???

Can someone call the tortured puppy police!

 (from the Mama: All puppies were rewarded handsomely  for their "torture")

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Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop this week!


Monday Mischief

Hmmmm, what's this?? "Sniff, sniff"

 Smells good....maybe a chicken latte???

or a pork mocha???

I know....it's a beef macchiatto!!!

I think I'll just take an itty bitty sip...
*sigh* it's just one of Mama's lattes....

I hope you guys at least find some tasty mischief to get into today!!!

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Black and White Sunday

 Tissues??? What tissues????? I am just sitting here looking cute Mama!

Happy Black and White Sunday!!
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Backyard Flower Friday

Happy Flower Friday!!
This week I, Dory, am going to show you the Flowers we have in the backyard!

Hmmmmm.....Mama, these need to be weeded
Here are our Fuschia and Geranium...

Pretty Red Geranium

The Fuschia are my favorite color!

These smell really good Mama!!
I am sitting under our backyard Jasmine bush,
we have a Jasmine bush in the front yard too!

 Mama says we have "Winter Jasmine," but it blooms all year round!!  

Mama, you have lots of weeding to do!!
Here are a few mini roses!

Little Yellow Roses

Mama says that this is an Easter Lily, ummmm
Mama,  isn't it a bit late for Easter??? OH, she says they are also called Calla Lilies!

Pretty purple Cala, Easter Lily.

We hope you have a pawesome Flower Friday!!!


Thoughtless Thursday - Ode to a Bath

An Ode To Baths

by Arty

 Oh Baths how I hate you.....

I really do....

Oh Baths I REALLY hate you....but

 Mama said I smelled like poo....

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Chewys Tasty Tuesday!

This week we are joining our good friends Sugar and Koly over at Kol's Notes for the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop!

Jakey here today to tell you about our latest box from Chewy.com!!!
Hey Arty and Dory,  what did you find??

We don't know Jakey, but it sure smells nommy!!

Oh man Jakey, it looks like Chewy.com sent us some Nature's Recipe Chewy Treats, what do you think Dory?

You are so very right Arty!!  They are Nature's Recipe Chewy Treats, the chicken flavor  with sweet potatoes and apple!!!!

Not only that Dory, they are made with REAL chicken and all natural ingredients so Mama will be happy too!

 Move over Arty!! 
I, Jakey, am in charge of taste testing today!!

MMmmmmmmmm, they smell sooooo goood!!!
And the taste Nommy too!!

Bilbo went next and he gobbled them right up!!!

We give Nature's Recipe Chewy Treats Sixteen (16) paws up!!!

 Hmmmmmm...wonder if Bilbo left any crumbles???

Happy Tasty Tuesday!!!
Be sure to visit Sugar and Kolchak to see what they are tasting this week!