Blogville's 2015 Sadie Hawkins Dance

Hi y'all and welcome to Blogville's Sadie Hawkins Dance 2015!! It's a beautiful evening here at the Blogville ranch and I can see our guests are starting to arrive!!! 

Look at the flashy beasts,  the Mamaparrazzi is going wild!

Stan is looking very suave this evening as he escorts his beautiful date Stella (Pugs and Kisses) down the red carpet!!

Here comes the very handsome Mr. Bailey from the Idaho Pug Ranch, with his escort of the evening, Dory's Backyard's very own Miss Dory.

Lily Jane from Pugs and Purrs  is escorting the handsome Jaxzyn from A Day in the Life of Pugs !

Here we have Bentley, Blogville's  BFTB ace reporter,  being escorted by Miss Emma of My GBGV Life

Here come the fun couple Mimi Roo, from Pugs and Purrs and Webster from A Day in the Life of Pugs !!

Jakey and Bilbo are on the look out for a couple of cuties to dance the night away with!!

Earl and Ethel, from over at Earl's World,  are trying to shake off the jet lag after a long flight in from the other side of the big pond!

Arty and Mabel, are you two up to something?? You know how mischievous youngin's can be!!

Easy is ready to dance the night away. The guys better keep a close watch on their dates...Easy is looking pretty darn handsome and we hear he really knows how to shake his tail feather!!

OMD...Look at this handsome couple!! Casey over at LBR is being escorted by the most beautiful Isadora this evening!

We hear Casey is keeping a close eye on his beautiful sister Jessie as she  escorts the handsome and debonaire Mayor Stanley

Here is the dashing Raz being escorted by former Mayoress Madi! Hmmmm, Madi looks ready to do a bit of twerking this evening, don't you think?? MOL/BOL!!

 Hazel is escorting her good-looking guy, Oreo this evening!
Don't they look adorable in their matching red gingham!!
(Don't forget that this Sunday, October 4th is TACO DAY over at Oreo's place in honor of Miss Angel Jazzi!!! Click HERE to read more about TACO DAY!)

Weather gal Paisley,  from BFTB is escorting the mysterious Hooch this evening! 
Don't they make a stunning couple?!

 Bailie (Emma's sister from My GBGV Life)brought Pierre, co-anchor of BFTB News! We hear they are just friends...but you never know, right??

Daisy, from Daisy the Scottie,  and Ranger, from The Adventures of Ranger, are looking very glamorous tonight!!

The elegant Liberty has arrived with her wild and crazy guy, Gus!

Back off gals, the Hunk, Mayor Murphy is 100%  taken by Ruby!! She'll also be serving up some great dance drinks to get you in the mood to get out on the dance floor!!

 Sarge is looking very spiffy in his Arfmani suit as is his most beautiful escort,  Cookie!

 The snazzy Sweet William is being escorted this evening by the bonnie, Miss Bella!

Here is Princess Leah with her date for the evening, the debonair Chester

Following her BFF, Leah, is the beautiful Maggie and her guy Ryder!

The ladies are going to be standing in line to dance with Chester's hunky brother Joey!!

Ziggy will be fitting in a few dances between food orders.
Make sure you visit him HERE too and try some of the nommy vittles he'll be serving!

Addi and Bertie are ready for an evening of fall fun!!

As our guests head onto the dance floor,  head on over and get some of the nommy foodables at Ziggy's place, and maybe grab one of Ruby's famous Rubyritas! 

Wow, look at the dance floor fill up!!

 Wow, that Easy can dance!!
Uh oh...we better keep an eye on Mabel and Arty!

Looks like the Gus and Company have taken over the dance floor!! So much cuteness in such a small space!

Poor Madi, she is never going to live down that 
"twerking incident"! The crowd is calling for hr to take the dance floor......thank goodness this is the last dance!

Looks like Arty and Mabel filled the ceiling with balloons, what a great way to wrap up the pawty!!!

We hope you had a great time here at Blogville's 2015 Sadie Hawkins Dance, we just loved having you!!
Make sure you link up to the Sadie Hawkins Fall Blog Hop below! 


The Minis in San Diego (Pt 2)

Welcome to Travel Tuesday's San Diego Adventure with the Minis Part Deux!!

This will be our last weekly edition for the summer.  Look for Travel Tuesday on the Third Tuesday of the month starting in October. We REAL dogs finally put our foot down and let Mama know that from now on, on OUR blog Travel Tuesday will only include trip in which we REAL DOGS will be tagging along!!!
 Mama will be doing HER trips over on HER Blog,  where she shows people her boring pictures which usually DO NOT include us!
(From Mama: You can visit Living, Laughing and Loving Through My Looking Glass by clicking HERE)

Enough about Mama....let's go:

We took a nice trolly ride through the La Jolla part of San Diego!!

The water was sooooo blue!!

There was beautiful Spanish architecture...

"sigh" That Mini Arty....he just attracts trouble!

After we left La Jolla, we went over a REALLY big bridge called the Coronado Bridge that had the most beautiful view of San Diego.

Coronado has this really OLD hotel...

...but Mama didn't have time to jump off the trolley to get any pictures of the big hotel because she was in a big hurry to get  here....
We usually are not big fans of zoos, but the San Diego Zoo helps lots of animals and takes breeds that are endangered and helps them repopulate!!

Mini Dory REALLY wants pink furs!!

We will let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves....

Mama just loves San Diego, especially the Zoo,  but knows that even the best trips have to end and us REAL doggies were really happy when she and Daddy got home!!

Make sure to join us October 20th for the next Special Halloween edition of Travel Tuesday where Arty goes in search of BIGFOOT!!