The Kiss - Dory's Story

Dory: Bilbo, Arty and Jakey...I told you to just trust me, why didn't you??
The Boyz: We thought you were in over your head Dory, we were just trying to help!!!
Exactly what was going on??

 Dory: Well boyz....it all started right after Stanley got that "Dear Stanley" letter from Taffy......... 

Dory's Explanation.....

Taffy and I went to college together and were BFF's in our Sorority ANB. We made a pact that if either if us needed ANYTHING in the future we would be there, no questions asked!!

So when Taffy called and let me know how miserable she was without Stanley, I told her I would do anything to help!!

The day you saw me driving away...I went to pick Taffy up from the convent so she could meet Stanley at the park. The Mini Boyz saw me waiting for Taffy so I could take her back to the convent before the nuns found out!!

Boyz: Dory we are ever so sorry we didn't trust you, we should have known you wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the campaign!!
Dory: Thanks guys...I just hope that Taffy's Daddy understands that nothing gets in the way of true love!!!! 

Hopefully Taffy and Stanley can now live happily ever after!!


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The Kiss 5 - GOTCHA!!!

The Mini Boyz overheard Dory saying she was meeting Taffy at 
Alice's Restaurant....they hopped in their Mini Drone and rushed over
to make sure she was telling the truth....when they got there there was no sign of
Taffy, but Stanley was sitting in a booth all alone!!

They went outside called Big Bilbo and he, Arty and even Jakey rushed over to Alice's right away...
They all stormed in to catch Dory and Stanley.....

We finally caught you Stanley and Do.....ummmmm



What the heck????????

How did this happen???


How did we not see it coming????

Find out tomorrow 
The Kiss Finale
or All things Explained!!

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The Kiss Episode 4 - Intervention

I, Bilbo, along with Arty and Jakey (I, Jakey do NOT want to have anything to do with this!!)
OK...so I, Bilbo and ARTY decided to have an Intervention to see just what Dory has been up to...Arty and I think she has been meeting secretly with someone...and that someone MIGHT BE one of our Mayoral Dood opponents, STANLEY...this would NOT be acceptable!!!

Bilbo...I am not sure Dory is doing anything wrong....

 Dory...we are ever so ummmmmm...worried about you, is everything ok??? Are you meeting with 
doggies that you aren't suppose to???

 Bilbo...I am not doing ANYTHING I am not suppose to be doing...you just concentrate on keeping the campaign in order!! I have a photo shoot with Mama so I have to go. You need to trust me  and don't be so paranoid!!!!!!


Later that Afternoon....

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Black and White Sunday and a Reminder

I, Jakey, am practicing my smile for World Smile Day this Friday!!
Don't forget to post your favorite Smiley picture this Friday, October 3rd,  join up to the blog hop Sugar is hosting (and Dory and Oz are co-hosting) and see smileys from ALL OVER the WORLD !!

How fun is that???!! 

We are taking part in Black and White Sunday this week!!

Thanks go to Sugar and Nola for hosting!


The Kiss - Mini Mischief

Dory has disappeared again, and in his desperation to ensure that she has not been meeting with 
Stanley in secret,  Bilbo hires the Mini Boys and their new drone to try and find her. Although they want (in Jakey's opinion) WAY too many cookies for payment,  Bilbo agrees to their terms.

Wearing disguises, Mini Bilbo and his crew stake out the local park where Mini Bilbo saw on Stanley's blog  it is rumoured
Stanley was seen....lo and behold, there she is!!

The Mini's put their drone into overdrive and head back to report in!!

LATER....when Dory returns home......

Where has Dory been, has she been with Stanley??

What other mischief will the Mini's get into??

Will Bilbo EVER stop being so paranoid

Will Arty EVER get his cookie!!

Stay tuned Monday (Sept 29th) for the 
next episode of....
The Kiss!!!

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FFHT - The Princess and the Fur Stealers

Today we are taking part in Murphy and Stanley's
Fractured Friday Hairy Tails!! To learn more about F.F.H.T. click the button above or press

Once upon a time in a make believe land....sort of...lived a princess. make that a most BEAUTIFUL princess.

 She was a fair and understanding ruler of her servants Mama and Daddy and didn't ask for much in return. A small warm bed (not less than 7 feet long and 6 feet wide) where she even allowed her servants Mama and Daddy sleep  as long as they didn't take up TOO much room!! She also enjoyed many cookies and nicely cooked meals kibble!

 Then yesterday something most awful happened....she was taken away from her kingdom. Now usually being taken away in her carriage was a happy event, full of adventures, walkies and new friends.....but yesterday her evil Mama dropped her off at the FUR STEALERS!!!!  Now usually, the princess doesn't mind a bit of primping and pampering but twice a year her evil Mama has the FUR STEALERS take ALL HER NATURALLY CURLY FURS!! She was devastated......AND.... "Just when (I) she thought things couldn't get worse . . ." 

Her evil Mama made her do a PHOTO SHOOT to SHOW THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! 

Her Mama told her that beauty isn't about how pretty your furs are it is how big your heart is!!! 

This helped a LITTLE...but she stayed mad at her Mama for the next 87 MINUTES or maybe the next 5 minutes until Mama offered her a cookie.

The End.....



The Kiss Continued - Things That Makes You Go Hmmmmmmmm

"They Just Wanna, they just wannnnna!!"

Jakey: Hmmmmmmmmm, I don't know but she sure looks happy!
Bilbo: It doesn't matter,  this is a perfect time to go out and follow Stanley...My sources tell me that he is over at Alice's Restaurant!

......We were lucky to talk to the same waitress that waited on him...
Jakey: Sounds like you were right Bilbo....Looks like Stanley may be Morally Deficient!!But who is this "Light Haired Ladypup"?? The only light haired ladypup I know is DORY!!!

Bilbo: Oh Jakey, don't say that.....it just CAN'T be Dory....We must keep following Stanley and catch him in the act!!
Arty: Miss Waitress lady...do you have any cookies on the menu???

OMD...What is going on in this campaign??!!
Is there a chance that DORY is also being morally deficient???
Will Bilbo catch Stanley and his ladypup??
Will Arty get his cookies???

Tune in Saturday to find out!!!

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Wordless Wednesday

Take time to smell the sunflowers!

Thanks to Blog Paws for hosting the 
Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!


Morally Deficient???

 I, Bilbo, was going over the footage on the debate with Jakey and Arty when I first saw it....

The "kids" didn't see it at first....


We need to go outside to discuss this...we don't want to bother
Dory with this, she is still recovering from the debate and is a bit out of it!!!

 Bilbo: It look likes Stanley may be "Morally Deficient" 
Arty and Jakey: What's that Bilbo??
Bilbo: Ummmm, I think it means that he is telling everyone that he DOESN'T have girls kissing him and he really DOES!!! 
I really think we need to get to the bottom of this.We need to see where he goes and who he talks to....after all
Blogville needs to know what kind of pup is really running for office!! 

 Bilbo and Jakey: Okay Bilbo....what do we do first??

Is Stanley Morally Deficient??
Was that really a kiss mark on Stanley's cheek??
Does Bilbo have a plan???

Tune in on Thursday for the next Episode of......
The Kiss

Visit Murphy and Stanley to learn what Stanley is up to there....

Visit BH & G to see how Bailey is handling the Stress

Visit Taffy to see how she is reacting to all the rumors


Suspicion Backstage Before the Debate

When I gave Dory the 30 second cue before the debate.....

...it was like she didn't even hear me......

Finally, I had to yell her name REAL LOUD before she finally answered!!!!!

She finally answered me...
I hope she can concentrate on the debate....

Head on over to the honorable Frankie Furter 
and WFnETV to watch the debate LIVE!

 OH and here are pictures of Dory in her dress that Mama took before we left the house....


The Road to the Great Debate - BBQ Pawty

Whew...what a week it's been and we haven't even gotten to the best part yet,  the DEBATE!! 
We invited Mayoress Madi and former Mayor, and Moderator of the 2014 Mayoral Debate, Frankie
Furter over to hang out before the big day. Feel free to grab some Angel Jazzi Tacos and Texas BBQ and relax with us!

So make sure to tune in tomorrow to WFnETV to watch the first ever Blogville Mayoral Debate!!
We will see you there!!! 

Check out how efurry one else is relaxin'!


The Road to the Great Debate - New Friends

 When we last left Dory and Jakey they had found the Murphy/Stanley RV broken down by the side of the road.....

 Mama has taught us that, even though we live in NorCal now, we are true southerners and should extend some good old Southern Hospitality. We offered to give them a lift to our place where they could rest, look for their missing friends and get the RV fixed!

 I. Dory, decided that since the debate was only TWO DAYS away, we should have a big ole  Texas BBQ the next day to celebrate!!

 We arrived at home and heard Bilbo being all Bilbo Bossy in the living room!!

Efurry started talking at the same time. Silly Bilbo thought that Murphy and Stanley's friends were SPYING!!
Silly paranoid Bilbo...

Finally, we got everything straightened out...Bilbo said he was sorry and efurrybody shook paws....I still think Bilbo is a bit weary of these guys, but hopefully we can keep him too busy to get in any trouble.....

 It was way past efurrybody's bedtimes so, after Gussie called a mechanic for the RV, I showed them the Guest Bedroom and said goodnight...

Stop  by here and to the links below tomorrow for the Pre-Debate BBQ!!!