Birthday Bash

Hi efurrybody!! Welcome to mine and Bilbo's Birthday Bash!! 
Look at this nommy four layer cookie cake Mama made for us!!

Here I is all ready to PAWTY, I am TWO today!!

Bilbo says the party is interfering with his nap time.
Arty:  Bilbo, it is ALWAYS your naptime!!
Bilbo: "Well, see how you feel when you are TWELVE years old you little whippersnapper!"

Awwwww, here is Jakey singing Happy Birthday to me.  Dory is NOT happy because she doesn't like Jakey's singing. She sure looks pretty in her fancy dress, doesn't she?!!

Speaking of fancy...look at the new shirt I got to wear to the beach!! Pretty snazzy isn't it??

Bilbo gots a new summer shirt too!! It is a bit big on him, but Mama says it is only for when his vest is in the magic clothes cleaning machine!

Anyone up for a game of tuggy??? This is one of the new raggy toys Daddy got for me for my birthday!

 Jakey!!!! No deading the squeaker until AFTER I get to squeak it for awhile!!

Bilbo:  We are sure glad you all could stop by for our Birthday Party BUT it's time for my afternoon nap!

 Please take some of this delicious cookie cake and a tuggy toy (or a catnip toy if you are a kitteh!) with you when you leave!! 

Thanks again for joining us!!!


Flower Friday - AND an Invitation!

We interrupt this edition of Flower Friday for a Special Invitation!!

As you  might know, two of our pack are celebrating birthdays this month....

In or Out Bilbo???

Bilbo turned 12 on May 17th....

and Arty turns 2 tomorrow!!!

 Tomorrow (Saturday) you are invited to a

to help

with us!!
There will be CAKE (Frankie :-)),
 party favors and 
fun for all ages!!

Please stop by and help us celebrate!!

  Now.....back to our regularly scheduled
Flower Friday


Happy Flower Friday!!

Jakey here to share the flowers I saw on my walkie with Mama the other day!!

A beautiful Primrose!!

Some pretty wild Daisies!!

and just look what Mama and I found, wild Irises!!!!

....and Bleeding Hearts!!

and even both of them together!!!

We can't believe how many different flowers we see everyday here in Northern California!!


Thoughtless Thursday - Hikin'

The other day Mama took me for a HIKE....she says a hike is like a walkie, but on trails...and a bit more rugged!

Ummmmm, Mama that is an awfully long way down.

It sure is pretty..I am sure I can make it to the bottom....

Ummmmmm...or maybe halfway down, then you can carry me, right Mama???

What is that Mama??? 
Mama says maybe will just sit here and enjoy the view, lazy Mama!!

Thanks to Ruckus and Love is being Owned by a Husky for hosting!!


Tasty Tuesday Review - Chewy's and NV-Prairie Treats

As all of you know, modeling is very hard work!

We also all know models that do such hard work deserve BIG rewards...

Thank goodness this came in the mail just in the knick of time!

We get to do our taste test review for Chewys.Com!!
We love Chewy's for lots of reasons; their prices are so very competitive, their shipping is free
and did you know that you can have your foodables or treats automatically ordered 
and delivered?? Mama has our Greenies sent every 4 weeks so we NEVER run out!!

This month we are  reviewing Nature's Variety Prairie All Natural Oven-Baked Chicken and Cheddar Cheese Biscuits.

Mama likes these because they are all natural!

 Arty: Phttttp....how come Jakey gets to go first???

Jakey: Nommmm, crunch...crunch, Nomm

Arty: That's more like it Mama....
Dory: MAMA....what about ME???

Dory: NOMMY...thanks Mama!!

Three happy doggies!!

...and what did our pickiest taste tester think???

Bilbo: Nommy...nom, nom, nom....

So as you can see Nature's Variety Prairie Chicken and Cheese Biscuits were
a big hit at our place! They are a bit big for training treats (unless Mama breaks them up) but will make wonderful "before bedtime" dessert treats!!

Thanks Chewy.Com for giving us the chance to give you our honest opinion
in exchange for these wonderful treats!!

Thanks to Sugar and Kol's Notes 
for hosting the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop!


Mischief Monday

Mama thought she was being "nice" when she bought this squirrel stuffy for me.....She thinks I MISS squirrels!!


Maybe if you gave me a cookie, I wouldn't mind him touching me.....

Mr. Squirrel: You know Miss Dory, you should get paid more than just ONE cookie. You know how Mamas like to get "the perfect shot," I think you could get at least 6 or 7 cookies as payment!
Let me handle this....

Mr. Squirrel: Mama lady, Dory says she will do this photo shoot for 7 cookies!!

Dory: Thanks for the cookies Mama!!

Oh and Mama, Mr. Squirrel will be negotiating all photo shoot payments from now on!!

Thanks go out to My Brown Newfies, Alfie's blog & Snoopy's Dog Blog for hosting
the Monday Mischief Blog Hop