Mini Me Adventure - Flower Friday

We hope efurrybody has tons of flowers now that it is finally
starting to get warm everywhere!!

Mini Dory here, reporting from a wonderful place to have this week's Flower Friday, the New Orleans GARDEN DISTRICT!!

 Here I am on the fence of the house Anne Rice owned on First Street!

I want to let you all in on a little secret. The whole reason Mama wanted to come to New Orleans is because she just loves all of Anne Rice's books, especially those set in the New Orleans Garden District, and she wanted to see if the city lived up to Ms. Rice's description....Mama says, without a doubt, it does!! 

The houses in the Garden District have beautiful gardens, and look at those gas lamps, aren't they beautiful??? This house is VERY well kept because it belongs to Mr. John Goodman! Just look at all the greenery!

This house belongs to Archie Manning this is where Mama'a most favorite quarterbacks Eli and Peyton grew up!!

 OK Mama...enough of the houses, show us the FLOWERS!!

They have beautiful roses growing everywhere!!

These may be a sort of Jasmine...Mama isn't sure....

This is definitely Jasmine, they sure did smell good!

Speaking of smelling good....

Mama kept sticking her nose in these flowers....They grow on the Louisiana State Tree....

The MAGNOLIA tree....
we wish we had a smell-a-puter 'cause OMD they must have smelled fantabulous because we couldn't drag Mama aways from these flowers !!

We hope you enjoyed our Mini Me adventure, we sure had fun sharing it with you....Be sure to join us next month for our next adventure!!


  1. The Bank of Bad Habits?

    We could almost smell the magnolia, they are so beautiful. Our mama has read all of Anne Rice's books and was very excited to see the house.

    Happy Flower Friday,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  2. Our mom is too scared to read Anne Rice's books. The flowers are so beautiful! It makes Lady want to plant more flowers!

  3. Thanks for the tour. The pictures were wonderful. You could almost smell the flowers.

  4. what a totally beautiful place - and a wonderful vacation

  5. WooHoo You minis are on one fantastic trip. We love seeing all the beautiful homes and flowers.
    Mom read Anne Rice books years ago too. She had forgotten about them thanks for the reminder.

    Hugs madi your bff

  6. Wows, those are some beautiful mansions and blooms!!! Sounds like the Minime's have had a good time in N.O.!
    Ruby ♥

  7. We thinks the pink flower is a Gaura http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/37057/

    Your Mommy was very close to us, we live on the MS Gulf Coast only a few hours from New Orleans. We do our main gardening post on Thursdays but we had a few flowers in today's post. Walter & Millie sent us over. ~Tui & Family

  8. VEry beautiful, Minis. Our Dad is going to New Orleans in a couple of weeks, but Mom has to stay here to watch the grandkiddos who are now out of school for the summer. She really wanted to go too.

    Have a great time there.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. what a journey you took us on! Wonderful photos!

  10. That was so beautiful! Our mom misses the magnolias of the South.
    The mini-mes are doing a great job!

  11. hello dory its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow noo orleans!!! dada is reeding a buk rite now wot is set in noo orleans it wuz not ritten by anne rice tho so their ar no vampires or wotnot in it and nobody is drinking absinthe or ennything so to be onnest i am not shoor it is reely set in noo orleans at all!!! ha ha ok bye

  12. OH... I haven't gotten in a tourist trip of NO in years... Making me very homesick!

  13. Beautiful flowers, what a great place to go.
    Dip and Elliot x


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